3 Type of Bloggers the Guest Writers Encounter While Submitting Articles

bloggersWe all have been in the position of looking for good blogs to contribute our guest posts. We may be doing it for any reason. It may be to get paid from others, to get links or to get exposure. In each case we need to go through the following steps:

  1. Going around and searching a good authority blog in our niche.
  2. Contacting the blog owner for the permission of contributing.
  3. If got permission, then asking for the type of posts he want.
  4. Coming up with a article of his choice to submit in his blog.
  5. Sending the guest article to the blog owner for review works.
  6. Finally, getting your guest article accepted for his blog.
  7. Lastly, a little bit of waiting till the guest article is published.

And of course, a lot of mail exchanges…

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If everything goes well till step 6 then we get very happy as our post will be published sooner or later. But in most of the cases the process get stuck at step 5, we don’t get a reply after the article has been sent.

And if the process gets stuck at step 3 then you can just try in other blogs as blogger may not be accepting guest posts then.

But, if you get stuck at step 5 then? You’ve wrote an article for his blog as well. But no reply! :(

So, depending on all these cases I’ve written this article to introduce you with the type of bloggers we encounter while trying to contribute guest articles in their blog. Plus, I’ve also added some tips to get replies from the blog owners. So here we go….

The Mysterious One 😯

The better word for this blogger is vague. They may be accepting guest articles but there doesn’t seem to be any information on their site about it. They are categorized by the email back to you saying “Send the article over and I will take a look at it”. This can be followed by days or weeks of silence only to be broken when you follow-up with the blogger to which you get the response “Sorry, this isn’t the type of article we are looking for.”

How to deal with them?

  1. Try to get most of the information out of them when you email them for the first time.
  2. Make sure you have a list of questions that you would like to ask them.
  3. Completely confirm what type of articles they want and write only after that.
  4. If you feel like they are not interested then just leave it and go for another blog.

Most of the time these bloggers only look for paid post so that they can make money by accepting posts. So, even if your article is good they may not accept it as they can’t make instant money.

Hot then Cold :(

This blogger responds you within the hour you contacted them. They seemed like they were online, every minute responding back to your emails. They give you relatively quick and thorough answers before you send them the content or they give you the process. Then you get stuck at step 6, no replies after the content is sent.

How to deal with them?

As stated before, these bloggers seemed to respond very soon for the first couple of times they were contacted. But they don’t reply afterwards. No they may not be ignoring you, but they may not be getting time at this moment. The answer to this is to reach out on some kind of social media such as Twitter or Facebook.  Also, make sure to give the blogger a couple of days to respond because you don’t want to seem annoying. Again, the blogger has a life of their own. But, there are chances of getting your articles accepted in their blogs after a lot of effort.

Straight Shooter :)

This is self-explanatory, but this blogger is the kind every guest blogger wants to encounter. Their site has guidelines that are very extensive and does not leave you with any questions. If you do have a question, they are prompt with their response and offer any help or examples to answer your questions. When you send in your post for review, they take a look at it and give you a yes or no answer. Of course they may be very busy and sometimes you may need to mail them as well, but sooner or later they reply you. They either accept your article or give the exact reasons of not accepting. You then work accordingly if you wish and get a post live in their blog finally. Avi is a good example. He was really prompt and even gave me reasons and suggestions to get my article accepted. He also gave me examples of posts he would like to have on his blog.

How to deal with them?

Stay in constant contact as this is a relationship that you would like to have flourish in the future. If a post gets rejected, this type of blogger give a good reason of not accepting. They even give suggestions and finally you get your post published in their blogs.

I’m a guest blogger but I’m not taking the side of guest bloggers in this article. I know that guest bloggers work very hard, go through many steps to get an article accepted. They also work hard with the content so that it gets accepted. But many a times they too fail to come up with the type of content an authority blog wants for their readers. Again, a blog owner is not a free man. He is always busy with online works and has a personal life too. So he may not be able to reply every time you mail them. But they will, if you’re very good at your work and come up with what they want.

From Avi Jit:

Some quick tips for the guest bloggers to get their articles accepted most of the time.

  1. Pick up the blog which is constantly accepting guest articles in their blog.
  2. Always read the important guidelines for guest posting in that blog.
  3. Contact the blogger via email if you have any important question.
  4. To get more attention you can try to meet the blogger in social sites.
  5. You can also send links to some of your previous works as samples.
  6. You can write some good article headlines and send to him as well.
  7. You can also ask the blog owner for blog ideas and post suggestions.
  8. If everything goes well submit the type of article he wants for his blog.
  9. Never write things which has been said a number of times already.
  10. Write new & unique articles ,and always try to stand out of the crowd.
  11. f not unique, try to make a masterpiece by researching more on the topic.
  12. Write the article in a unique style by adding points, paragraphs and quotes.

These are some points which I think are effective and always helps us to get our guest posts accepted even in the big sites out there…

Read what your fellow guest bloggers know, but you don’t.

Thanks for adding those cool and effective tips Avi. :)

So friends, in this marketing world guest blogging is a very good way to establish ourselves. By guest blogging bloggers can get links, exposure and traffic. Again, the writers can make money through guest blogging. So it helps in many ways, and hence we need to know how to play with it and get our articles accepted in those big sites.

21 thoughts on “3 Type of Bloggers the Guest Writers Encounter While Submitting Articles

  1. Great read! I loved the topic itself and read an article in merely five minutes.
    Yes, the last type of blogger is the one who is loved by every guest blogger.

    1. Absolutely, the easiest type of bloggers or people in general are those who let you know their expectations from the start.

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  4. Great tips for guest posting Chris and I love your take on the bloggers.

    There is the other side of the coin. I have received messages from writers asking if I accept guest posts. I reply quickly with my guidlines for guest post to see if they can comply and we usually get to the point of agreeing a title. After that I often hear nothing more. I even search my spam folder just in case and email them aksing if they sent me anything. I never get a reply. It works both ways.


  5. Writing guest posts wasn’t my kind of thing until I tried it recently with shoutmeloud.
    I was overwhelmed with the response I received after my post was published.

    It’s just fun.

  6. I think it is all about the people that you deal with when it comes to blogging. Thanks for the great tips! I like you style of writing, like a narration of an old friend)

  7. Hey Chris,

    Nice points for guest post. Many of writers contact me for guest post. When I reply with requirements they stuck. For me it is hard to find loyal writer.

  8. Avi, I think, Straight shooters are Quite effective for some niche of Blogs.
    Although they can not write Long Articles but, they are very Effective in Telling the things perfect way.
    What you say?

  9. Submitting articles is no longer easy! Writing good articles is really hard! So in order to write good good articles you have to be skillful in writing !!!

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