Top Secret Tips to Attract Genuine Blog Advertisers


Nowadays, advertisement is a common strategy for depending on the blog’s quality factors and the time for how long the campaign will run.  So there’s huge incomes for the popular blogs. But many bloggers are still suffering and are not good in this way of making money. They have no idea of what to do so as to attract genuine blog advertisers for their blogs. So this post is for them. :)

What Type of Blogs do The Advertisers Like?

Advertisers see a lot of things like, search rank of certain keyword, search traffic, page views per day, page rank, domain authority, alexa rank, social activities etc…

Here are some points explained in brief:

#1 Having Good Amount of Daily Visitors

Visitors are the foremost requirement of a blog. It is obvious that there won’t be any visitors without great content. Previously, it was possible to get visitors through low quality or spun contents. But now the search engines have become very smart in filtering the low quality contents. So, only the best quality blogs will be getting visitors. And that is what the advertisers are looking for, a quality blog.

#2 Leading Good Interaction

Visitor’s interaction means how the visitors are interacting on your blogs. The popular blogs always lead to better interactions. So, it is also an important requirement of the advertisers. The active visitors would really enjoy the contents as well as the ads. Through that, the advertisers will be benefited a lot. There are higher possibilities to get good amount of targeted traffic from them.

There are more things such as blog design, ad placement, brand awareness and so on. These are the requirements, they exactly look for. Let’s see how to fulfill the requirements.

5 Proven Tips to Get Blog Advertisers

#1 Increase Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is always the best choice of all. There are many sources and methods to generate traffic. But these are not high quality as expected. Do you believe that an automation bot can sent thousand of visitors in a matter of seconds? If anyone is going through this process, I should assure him that he is doing well, but in wasting time. lol. That’s of no use.

The best source of traffic is search engine. So, we should try hard to get traffic from search engines. The advertisers love a blog with higher search ranking and traffic.

#2 Make Brand Awareness

Brand reputation is the thing which could insist the top advertisers to have a try on your blog. Let’s make it easy to understand. Just think, a brand has been featured on Technorati or TechCrunch. It is sure that the featured post will be going to get millions of readers. So the people who do advertisement are bound to contact the brand owner for promotions. In this way, your blog could get a lot of genuine advertisers.

Please make sure that it’s not that you’ve to get featured on popular sites like Technorati, TechCrunch to get more traffic, there are many other ways too. Just start where it is possible. Guest blogging can be an effective strategy to make brand awareness within short time.

#3 Improve Ranking

Ranking is another important element what is also measured by advertisers. The main ranking factors seen by the advertisers are Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank, Compete Rank and Quancast Rank . I think these four are the top where we need to work.

#4 Offer Exclusive Advertisement Package

Many of the advertisers look for exclusive offers where they could have advantages within affordable prices. It is true that there is a huge amount of blogs which are awaiting for new advertisers. So, which one they would choose? I think they probably choose that one which will offer best services within affordable prices.

So, make sure you are offering exclusive packages to them. I think, the best packages will make them bound to advertise on your blog.

#5 Use Advertisement Programs

There are many trusted programs such as BuySellAds, PublicityClerks  which play an important role to connect advertisers and publishers. They collect information from them and get them contacted with each other. The most important thing about these programs is that they can be trusted. So the advertisers won’t be depressed about investing money.

My Final Words:

Attracting blog advertisers would be easy for some bloggers as they easily get people who would like to advertise on their blog, but the same thing seems difficult for some other bloggers. But failure doesn’t mean to apply black hat tricks. I think, you should try really hard to get blog advertisers as the other bloggers simply don’t get advertisers but their blog have some potential; and if you can build up a blog which can reach audience and promote something then surely the advertisers would love to spend money on your blog. And once you get your very first advertiser, you will keep getting more and more. So my advice will be to work on improving your blog and contents before searching for advertisers. I can guarantee, the blog advertisers will run after you when you will have a rocking blog.

About the author:

Abrar Mohi Shafee is an young entrepreneur from BloggingSpell. He is interested in blogging and seo. He has recently written a post about google adsense approval. You can learn more here. Besides this profession, he is a freelance worker.

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Editor: Avi Jit

Music Addict. Blogger. Editor & Founder, SkyHiT BloG. Co-founder, 10on10 Designs. Catch me on Facebook , Twitter & Google.

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  1. Cool tips…
    I must say.. Everyone needs to increase traffic, as most of direct advertisers are landed to your site through this organic traffic.
    Apart from that, Site Design plays major role too….. Having premium design can definitely attract attention of advertisers

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    • Yep, you are right buddy. The foremost thing is visitors for which the advertisers will be looking. Then one has to give priority to others as I tried to explained.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

      Post a Reply
  2. Another great post. Attracting advertisers is not an easy task. One should keep in mind all the points you have mentioned in your post to attract advertisers easily. I think ranking is one of the most important factor to get advertisers.

    Post a Reply
    • I also think, attracting genuine advertisers will be the toughest work. Because the advertisers always want to make advertisement from top blogs. Nowadays blogs are numerous. So, the most popular one will get advertisers first.

      All you have to make your blog popular and there will be flood of advertisers for sure. But this is one of the toughest work I suppose.

      Post a Reply
  3. Nice Article. Yes. Traffic, Traffic, Traffic is MUST. Each blog/site needs traffic. Without traffic your blog is getting ranked or good amounts of readers to your blogs. So, Traffic is the main element in the Blogging world.
    You have described the all points in the article. That is mostly desirable. Thanks for sharing this valuable info with us. We would definitely like to put this points into our blogs or sites.

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks Shailesh for your comment. Yeah, traffic is the major element of a successful blog. So without much traffic, a blog is nothing. But we have to think about traffic keeping up the site’s quality. Invaluable site with a ton of traffic is also worst in this situation.

      Post a Reply
  4. Hello Abrar,

    You are doing very well in this field of blogging. You get the right point that if you are not going to write quality content search engines are going to hate you and you are not going to get any of the advertisers..!!!
    I am new in this field and this would be the first comment of mine on your blog. BUt really bro Advertising is the fastest way to get money but without visitors it is totally waste..

    Post a Reply
    • First of all, Thanks Rohit for inspiring me to write more and more. And you have got another important point. The days are gone to write for seo purposes. Now it’s the time to go with quality and I am sure ranking will run after you.

      All the best with your brand new blogging experience.

      Post a Reply
  5. I loved your tips. I can assure that most of the bloggers are dying to find advertisers and sponsors but they fail because of less efforts. The points you showed will help all to attract genuine blog advertisers.

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks Jany. I am amount them who suffered for advertises. But finally I have come round of it. And these are the tips which I was following. I hope, these would help you as mine.

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  6. I really got some good tips from this article. Advertisers basically see the ranks and engagement in a blog. So we have to work on that to attract them and sponsor our blog. Very truly written by you. Keep it up. :)

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks for commenting on my post. Yes, the advertisers mainly look for ranking and genuine engagement. If they found it well in these positions, they would be interested to choose it for their advertizement purposes.

      Post a Reply
  7. Hello, Abrar

    Wow. nice tips. thanks for sharing.

    Post a Reply
    • You are welcome Harikumar bro… :)

      Post a Reply
  8. Really awesome tips to attractive private visitors just really helped me in my blogging carrier thanks for sharing

    Post a Reply
    • Thank you Aamir for your comment. I am glad that my tips helped you in your blogging carrier.

      Post a Reply
  9. I believe that when a blog reaches a height where everyone loves it and see it’s potential then anyway the advertisers will also notice it and will love to sponsor it.

    Post a Reply
    • Yep Deepa, when a blog goes viral, it will automatically get attention of the advertizes. So we should be looking into the ways to make a blog go viral. But for that we have to get ranking and engagement. So that’s the point.

      Thanks for your comment Deepa. :)

      Post a Reply
  10. Nice tips to follow to grab the attention of advertisers to a blog.

    As it is mentioned, daily traffic and various ranking of a blog are more important to get good advertisers. I am following some of the methods which have listed here, will follow the misses ways.

    Yeah, it is really true that low informative content gets low of no. of visitors and it would spoil the Alexa rank too.

    Thanks for the useful post :)

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks for your informative comment, Nirmala. I am pleased that you are gonna try out the rest of the tips.

      And yes, low quality contents are worse all the way. There is no advantage of low quality contents. I think avoiding low quality contents would be the biggest advantage.

      Post a Reply
  11. Good tips :)

    Name : Prashanth

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks Prashanth…. :)

      Post a Reply
    • Thanks Prashanth… :)

      Post a Reply
  12. Nice article Abrar. The points you explain will help all to attract genuine blog advertisers.

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks Jery… I hope, these tips have helped you…

      Post a Reply
  13. Good tips, hope I can apply these tips and attract some good blog advertisers on my blog.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Rahul Sharma recently posted…WIFI HOTSPOT SOFTWAREMy Profile

    Post a Reply
    • Thank you Rahul for your comment. Yeah, I hope so. From my experience, I can say these tips would help for attracting more advertisers.

      Post a Reply
      • Do you know what I just followed your some steps and one with which I was having talk just approved my blog and has been ready to pay very good amount too.You just made my day..! Thanks
        Mohit recently posted…Easter Poems for AllMy Profile

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