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WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Can Copy Encrypted DVDs in Just 5 Minutes

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

Have you ever tried to copy a movie disc and failed? You may fail because many original DVDs have copy protections. But no more now, as we have the best software to unlock all boundaries… Presenting: WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, a software that takes only 5 Minutes to copy your encrypted disc. Basically, it is[Continue...]

5 Ways to Make Your Awesome Content Go Viral #Infographic

5 Ways to Make Your Awesome Content Go Viral

Do you think you can write anything and make it go viral?  Great, if you think so. You can create content that may go viral if you really research what people want or what people would really like. People like things which are unique and related to themselves in someway or other. No one can just[Continue...]

Grab a Free Copy of MacX Mobile Video Converter #Giveaway


Here I’m with the news of a giveaway. What is the giveaway all about? Today I’m promoting this giveaway on request of the product owner. The product is really awesome and I use it personally. So far I’m enjoying it and it’s really useful for those who regularly works with videos and music. The giveaway is[Continue...]

The #PromoteYourBestArticle Contest Winners of the Month


PYBA winners of the month January and February. Many of you might be aware that I’ve started a contest where I promote other bloggers articles all across the social media platforms through my own social profiles and pages. The contest started back in the end of December,2013 and is still going on with huge success.[Continue...]

Marketing Automation System: Way to Become A SuperHero Marketer #Infographic

marketing automation system

Today we are going to talk about something which can be very beneficial for companies and new startups. We are going to talk about automated marketing systems and we will talk about it’s benefits as well. According to wikipedia, Marketing automation refers to software platforms designed for marketing departments and organizations to automate repetitive tasks. Marketing departments, consultants and part-time marketing employees benefit by[Continue...]

Giving Your Customers a Voice: The Return of the Suggestion Box


Suggestion box, What is that? A suggestion box is a place where customers can give their reviews about a product or provide feedback. These were once a common addition to the tables and desks of brick-and-mortar companies. The ability of customers to reach out and share their thoughts and ideas both helped the customers and the company. The customers[Continue...]

Introducing teliad: Where Advertisers Promote & Bloggers Make Money

Advertisers and Bloggers

We are bloggers, The Publishers. Some bloggers say that they don’t blog for money. They just do it to share their thoughts and experience. But when there is an easy way to earn with your blog, I don’t think you will want to miss that chance? I blog about what I know and love to share that with[Continue...]

What are the Benefits of SMS Marketing? #Overview

Benefits of SMS Marketing 2

Today we are going to talk about the benefits of SMS Marketing i.e. how short SMS (Short Message Service) can help  marketing campaigns. They are very short but very easy to market a service or product at the same time if done correctly. The benefits are very note-worthy: Reaches the Audience that you target. Compatibility Issues[Continue...]

TurboCharge Your Site: Setup Google PageSpeed Service To Make Your Site Load Faster

Charge Up!

PageSpeed Service is a free service provided by google to the webmasters to help their sites perform better and load faster. After submitting your site, it fetches the content of you site and rewrites your pages by applying best practices and serves them to your visitors via Google’s servers across the globe.And so when an user visits[Continue...]

Rock Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day #Infographic

Social Media

Getting support and attention on social media sites  seems to be an awesome thing if you’re running a blog or an online business. This means that you’ve some people around you who knows your work, gives you feedback and praises your work. I’ve literally seen many people (like some start up singers and musicians) who[Continue...]