Use Google’s Disavow Links Tool to Avoid Link Building Penalties

Google Webmasters Tools Is your blog suffering from page rank updates or google algo updates? It’s going to be worse if you don’t take any action by now. These problems occur when you’re engaged in improper planning of building links to your site. Not everyone plans link building works but still sometimes you need to think about it. You need to see whether you’re linking from good sources or not. You may be sometimes linking from some low quality sources. Again, some low quality sites may also link to you to decrease your ranks, which may effect your blog in future. And when your blog is effected you start realising the fact. You then go around to find ways to recover from it.

So how to recover from these effects?

Prevention is better than cure.

Yes! Prevention is better. If you work accordingly in a genuine way then your blog will never be a victim of these updates. So here we will talk about some preventive tips to save your blog from such updates. We will also show a way to recover your blog if it’s already effected by an algo update.

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So here are some tools to avoid link building penalties:

As the time is ticking, more and more people are joining the virtual world of web with the hope to make money out of it. The competition is increasing, and as a result, it’s becoming hard for a particular website to shine in the top search results for any particular keyword. To maintain the quality of web, and to provide the best search results to the users, the search giant Google is becoming strict day by day. Google has been continuously removing the spam websites from search results, by rolling out the Panda and Penguin updates. Google gives a very high importance to the quality of backlinks that any particular website has, and use it as major factor to decide the quality of that website.

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Long story in short, if you want to  see your website ranking high for your targeted keyword, then you must build high quality backlinks. Of course, it requires hard work and patience to do so. If you catch any shortcut for this, then it’s most likely that you are doing link spamming. On detecting it, Google may send you the ‘unnatural links’ message in the Google Webmaster Tools.

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If you ever find any particular spam link pointing to your website, then you must take immediate action, Tell Google that you are not who built that backlink, and therefore, it should be ignored. Thanks to Google’s Disavow Links Tool that let us perform this task with ease.

What is Google’s Disavow Links Tool?

In simplest words, Google’s Disavow Links Tool is a tool to inform Google about ‘spam’ backlinks pointing to your website. This way you can tell Google to ignore those backlinks. This tool is quite easy to use. If you are curious to know about its use, then just read out the next section.

Using Google’s Disavow Links Tool:

Other People linking to You1. Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools, and there, look for the option ‘Links to Your Site’. It lies under ‘Search Traffic’ section. Find it!

2. Head over to ‘Who Links the Most’, and then to ‘More’. Now download the list of pages that are linking to your website.

3. Analyze the backlinks and separate the ones that appear as ‘spam’.

4. Contact the webmaster of these websites, and tell them to take the backlinks down.

5. If you don’t get the backlinks taken down, then make a list of them, and head over to Google’s Disavow Tool.

6. Upload the list of backlinks that you want Google to ignore.

7. Rest work will be done by Google.

That’s it. :)

Want any further help? Drop a comment in the comment box below with your queries.

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  1. This is pretty awesome feature. I know there are few people do bad things to their competitors (such as do spamming their link) to drop their ranking. By having this tool, this gives web owner more control about any harmful link building.
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  2. No doubt, Google disavow tool is awesome tool for bloggers. Haters can try to harm our blogs via negative links. Earlier we don’t have such tool to escape from such situation. Now with Google disavow tool we can remove the bad links that we don’t want. Thanks for sharing this tutorial.
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  3. Thanks Pradeep for Great post about Google’s Disavow Links Tool, I am new blogger and try to learn more about blogging. Just use Google’s Disavow tool to remove few spam back links.
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  4. Thanks, for this post and specially telling about using Disavow tool. I never used this tool because I was not sure How I should use it.
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  5. I’ve heard about this Webmaster tool but don’t know how to use it. Thanks for the detailed post about Google Disavow tool
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  6. Really Prevention is better than cure and this tool provided by Google is very useful BTW Nice Post bro :)
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  7. Hey I.G Pradeep and my friend Avi,
    I’ve read thoroughly and got the whole concept to disallow these links. Its just like we upload to Robots.txt file to tell Google not to index the things that ain’t useful. Just, I want to know a thing that how to know which links are spam? I didn’t understand that.

  8. disavow feature is really an amazing tool. there are so many spam links and they can become really irritating eating out one’s blog. thanks for sharing this post.
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  9. Hey Pradeep
    great article this is.. i never used Disavow tool, but heard about it from many friends.. i seen many bad links for my site in webmaster.. Thanks for sharing this great article to get avoid from Bad links.. :)

  10. Tauseef Alam

    I’ve a personal experience with Disavow Tool. On August 14, one of my website were hit by the Google update and my traffic drop from 3000-3500 visits to 800-1000 visits per day. I immediately open up my webmasters tool & checked for the spammed linked. I select 25 suspicious domain names & submit the file to Disvow. Now i’ve recovered more than half of my traffic. On the same blog now a days i’m getting 1700-2200 traffic daily.
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  11. I heard lot about Google Disavow Tool. But I have not tried the tool till now. Surely I’ll try it in near future. Thanks for the share.
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    • Thanks, If you suspect a site with poor quality and it is not related to spamming. Contact them to remove your links from their website. Because using Google Disavow can also affects their sites too.


  12. Thanks for sharing this article really liked it. Even I was not aware that I can also get rid from unwanted backlink :)
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  13. I heard about Google Disavow Tool. But I have not tried the tool till now. Surely I’ll try it in future. Thanks for shairng this article.
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  14. Guys, with the lot of amendments and amputation going on Google is seriously making the Internet Marketers think seriously about what they do and how they do. To avoid penalty Matt says to use Disavow Tool, but its good to use even if you do not have any penalty. Safety comes first. Cheers to Blogging!!
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  15. thanks for sharing i bulid some of strong backlinks and save from spam thanks for sharing
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  16. You explained a good information about the a Google’s disavow tool. But I find this tool difficult in use. What are the others think?? And thanks for the post.

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