Here’s How Bloggers Can Steal The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social-Media-MarketingEven if you have a huge traffic attracting blog, you may not be called a successful blogger. A successful blogger has many qualities on it’s own. He not only gets good rank on Search Results but also gets good recognition in Social Media. Many people follow him, work on his words and keeps an eye on what he does.

Today here we will talk about the social media part i.e. how social media marketing can help bloggers to achieve success. But as said, success doesn’t come in a day or overnight but comes with time after a lot of hard work you do day and night.

The increasing importance of social media for bloggers can be seen very easily and you should know the various reasons for it.

Are you not trying out your best to bring traffic from social media sites?

I am mentioning few reasons which should immediately make you motivated to get traffic using the power of social media marketing:

1. Interaction with other bloggers and your readers is important

As a blogger you need to engage with other bloggers as you can get more knowledge by interacting with them. On social networking sites you will meet bloggers from different countries who may be writing on different type of topics on their blogs. Social networking sites will help you in becoming friends with some good bloggers which will definitely help you out in your blogging career. Blogging is all about interacting with other bloggers as well as readers and that’s why you need to be on the best social networking sites.

Check out the 3 types of bloggers you meet while asking about guest posting.

2. Social media sites can be your blog’s main traffic source.

If you are not able to get enough traffic from search engines then you shouldn’t give up. Bloggers who don’t get good traffic from search engines start believing that blogging is very difficult but actually it is not. You can get a lot of traffic easily from various social networking sites but for that you need to learn social media marketing and immediately develop some marketing skills. You must also share great quality content which can engage people. Some bloggers get huge traffic from Stumble Upon and Facebook, so you must also choose a good platform. If you’re not getting much help from them then you can also for pay for advertisement and get some extra attention from interested people. One of my friend has written a great article on how to post classified ads on Facebook. You can just check it out.

3. Get the readers who are really interested in reading your blog posts.

People have different interests and if you want readers who are interested in reading the stuff you’re writing then definitely you will find them at social networking sites.

For example: Everyone may not be interested in reading articles about blogging. It is that’s why necessary that you need to have people in your friends list who understand the term blogging and always looking forward to read useful stuff related to blogging.

4. Social Media Marketing helps in improving ranks on Google search results.

SEO is changing and search engines now definitely love social media sharing. If social media sharing is increasing then definitely you can expect increase in organic traffic too as Google takes this as a signal to give ranks to a particular site. You should definitely install social media sharing buttons like Facebook sharing button, Twitter and even a G+ button so that your readers would be able to share the posts which they like very easily.

Social media marketing matters a lot now for few bloggers. Some bloggers believe that their blogging success is only because of their social media marketing skills. You need to spend time at various social networking sites and build a large following which should take time, but your time spent on social media marketing will definitely increase the traffic and readers base of your blog.

About the author:

Mohit Chabria is a freelance writer and a guest blogger. He generally writes articles related to social media, marketing and technology…

Editor: Avi Jit

Music Lover. Blogger. Dreamer. I've co-founded → 10 ON 10 DESIGNS. Talk with me on Facebook | Twitter | Google+.

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  1. Loved your graphic on this post – pinned it before reading all the post.

    The #1 point is so critical, one must interact with others as we can not be islands in the internet universe. We all need one another to grow our blogs. Social media helps bloggers get more attention and links. Finding the best ones for you can take some time and trial and error too. By connecting with similar interests you will gain loyal readers like me :) Have a great weekend.
    Lisa recently posted…What Is A Social Media Manager Today?My Profile

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    • Even I found the graphic awesome and so added it to the article. Glad you liked Mohit’s post. I agree that and so I always advice my readers to engage with their nearby people and expand their reach. It’s a very important part while you’re in the online world. Making good connections is important. Have a nice weekend Lisa. :)

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  2. Cool post Mohit! Yeah these days if you use social media right (add value) you don’t even need to get on the first page of the search engines. The good news is that if you get enough social interaction on a blog post then it’ll gain more authority in the search engines and rank higher in the search results anyway. Gotta love a Win Win situation like that!

    -Eric Out-
    Eric recently posted…Best Prospecting Strategies – What Would Batman Do?My Profile

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  3. Great post man ! You’ve said it all …I’m left speechless.All that i can say is that people should never neglect the sources from which you can get traffic,leads and visitors and social media sites are amongst the top resources.

    Pramod recently posted…Intex Cloud X3 specs,features and priceMy Profile

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  4. Social Media Marketing a most important aspect that bloggers today must abide just not to promote themselves, but get a separate recognition among the huge crowd of internet marketers. It helps you to reach the vast prospects (one who might be interested to read your post other who might feel; interested once reading it). Thanks for sharing such a great post.
    Moumita Dasgupta recently posted…Breaking News – Google Is Updating Panda….SSSSHHHH it’s Hidden This Time!My Profile

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  5. Mohit is Alway’s a creative Writer.
    Social Media iS Alway’s my favorite Source to Bring Traffic as, we can easily Bring traffic without HardWork. Apart From That this Audience is Highly Targeted and loyal to your Blog.
    Thank’s for Tis Awesome Post Mohit. Looking forward to see you AS gest author on other Blogs TOO.
    ARPAN recently posted…6 Best Free Keyword Research Tools for Effective SEOMy Profile

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  6. Bhanupriya you are definitely right..Social media has started dominating a lot.Everything is changing online and the power of social media is increasing day by day…I am that’s why looking forward to write more article regarding social media marketing soon..Stay tuned…
    Mohit recently posted…Best Quad Core Android Smartphones within Rs10,000My Profile

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  7. Gilbert Samuel Thanks for appreciating my work..You will be surprise to know that it is my first guest post..I was mainly writing SEO content for a company from last 3 years but finally now I want to write blogging related articles for my clients.. Thanks to Avi Jit for giving me this opportunity…..You will be seeing more guest posts soon…
    Mohit recently posted…Best Quad Core Android Smartphones within Rs10,000My Profile

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  8. Well written Mohit. I couldn’t believe that this is your first guest post. Congrats bro. Okay when coming to your post I agree with your points. Social media is a great source to grab visitors for your blog. Thanks for sharing.
    Suresh recently posted…Make money from your images with LuminateMy Profile

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  9. Haha Suresh I never thought of writing guest post until now..I was writing SEO content for a SEO company from 3-4 years..Now When I have got good knowledge about blogging, social media marketing and other things I thought to write this one….I hope to see others too commenting at my first guest post….
    Mohit recently posted…Best Quad Core Android Smartphones within Rs10,000My Profile

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  10. Social media is one of the biggest seo factor, and is ignored by most newbies. THanks for sharing such useful information.
    Zaid recently posted…Naruto Ninja World StormMy Profile

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  11. Thanks mohit, for sharing your idea, your first guest post is quite unique especially the 3rd point. I completely agree with on this, we must have some valuable reader for our post as the main goal of blog writing is to attract the reader who actually want to read the informative and innovative blog.
    John Smith recently posted…How a Humble Panda and a Penguin Changed the Online WorldMy Profile

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  12. John Smith thanks for appreciating the hard work I have done for my first guest post..Usually I don’t write guest posts as I prefer doing paid writing for my clients..If I get so much appreciation for my guest posts, I may try to write more soon….
    Mohit recently posted…Plume for Twitter – Best Twitter Client for AndroidMy Profile

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