5 Things That Bloggers Can Learn From Small Kids

baby“What can I really learn from small kids regarding blogging?”

Did you get a similar thought after reading the title?

I know that most of you will think in a similar way after seeing the title. But I am sure that you will agree with me that there are really many things to learn from little kids after reading my article.

Here are 5 things that bloggers can learn from small kids:

1. First walk says ‘Never give up’.

Have you ever seen a child’s first walk? Those moments are really awesome to watch. Although their cute legs shake and make them fall every time, even then they stand up and try to walk once again. They never give up until they becomes able to walk properly. It’s all about continuous efforts which makes every kid walk. It’s their believe on themselves that they can do it.

Same applies in blogging too. You can’t build a better blog without consistency or self believe. Thousands of blogs are emerging each and every day, but only very few of them are getting success. The reason behind it is that many newbie blogger are quitting blogging just after facing some small hurdles, that too in frustration.

Starting from Bill gates of Microsoft to Steve Jobs of Apple, everyone faced problems and failures in their initial stages. They are successful in their own fields just because of their continuous efforts to overcome hurdles. You can’t simply climb the ladder of success unless you wear the costume of failure. It all about continuous efforts which will make you and your blog successful. So, never give up.

2. Not getting distracted while working.

Normally kids won’t get distracted while they are working on something, because they won’t care about tomorrow. They just love to enjoy the present moments. They won’t have any metal tensions or stress to stop them from working, which makes them not to get distracted and stay focused.

Though we can’t stay focused while working on our blogs all the time, we should try our best to stay focused. We should never bother about our personal problems while writing a blog post, otherwise it will definitely affect your work. If you’re not able to concentrate on your work, then try to meditate often. This will work like charm and will help you to work without any sort of distractions.

3. Curious attitude to learn new things.

Kids are curious about everything they see. Normally it’s seen that grown up kids ask tons of questions each day. I still remember those days of my childhood when I used to ask hell lot of questions to my father. He used to answer most of them and of course, sometimes he gets irritated because of my silly and nonsense questions. 😀 

Kids love to explore new things and also like to know more about those things. In the same way we blogger should also try to spend some time in reading others blogs and learning new things. You might be good at something, but you can’t be good at everything. So try to learn as many things as possible.

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. ― Albert Einstein

Learning new things daily will boost your confidence level. But don’t blindly follow all the suggestions of others, but try to experiment them on your own. At times you may fail, but definitely you will learn a lot from your mistakes and failures.

4. Kids are Frank at everything.

Normally kids won’t lie. They say what they hear and tells what they know. The does what elders do and answers what they know. They have a very frank behaviour.

A blogger should also be like that. He should always provide genuine information because only then he will be able to create a loyal circle of followers. Even a single false information can leave a bad impression of his in front of his readers. A blogger should always give more preference to his readers than search engines. Just for the sake of attracting visitors they should never try to convey false information.

5. Love for their own things.

You already got it. Like the small kids love their things we should also love our blog. We should not do things which can harm our blog. We should not think it as a money making machine but should love it for what it provides to us. Our blog teaches us many things and if we love our blog then we can do even better works for it’s development.

Final Words

Not just kids, there are many things around us which teaches us something. It’s all about how you receive it. You should always try to see the positive side. Even the rose plant has thorns in it, but if you bother about the thorns then you will not be able to enjoy the beauty of it. In a similar manner, if you fear about failures then will not be able to enjoy the happiness of success.

I hope you liked my article. Please share your views. :)

photo credit: Sergiu Bacioiu

25 thoughts on “5 Things That Bloggers Can Learn From Small Kids

  1. Hello Sai,
    I have to say it is indeed a very unique and well-crafted article 😀
    The 5 points you have mentioned is found on all kids and I really liked the way you fused it with blogging :-)
    I would like to add one more behavior of small kids, ASKING TOO MANY QUESTIONS 😛
    I think that can be related to blogging too, isn’t it ? 😀

    1. Glad that you liked my article :)

      yeah bro, kids ask lot of questions, i covered that point saying “Curious attitude to learn new things” :)

  2. Hi Sai,

    I think that this is the best blog post I’ve read for a while! I was intrigued by the title and yes, I wondered what we can learn from a little kid regarding blogging.

    The points that you present here are so very basic, yes childlike, yet their simplicity is what makes them so powerful. We can sometimes make things unnecessarily complicated for ourselves and so we overlook the most simple of things that should always be present in our blogging.

    If a blogger keeps these steps in mind and doesn’t deviate from them then it’s going to make the journey much easier, profitable and worthwhile. In fact, I’m going to print out a copy of these points and keep it by my work area to ensure that I remain focused and never forget them.

    Thanks for sharing such an awesome post! :-)

    Kind regards,

    1. Hey Glen,

      Comments like this always inspires me to blog better, actually i hardly write an article on blogging niche, Just to get interacted with fellow bloggers, i started guest posting. Glad that you liked my article :)

  3. Haha this post is cute..!!
    Must share …A unique way to tell all the bloggers that keep the hopes alive and get a never say die attitude..The day is not far behind when you ll earn good money from these blogs..!!

      1. Keep writing such cool stuff. We barely get to read stuff like that online…!!
        It kinda relaxes your mind too…!!

  4. Hi there,
    The post is awesome and none of us, at least not me and the people I know, ever thought that there are some really good things that we can learn from the kids.
    I personally liked the first two points – “never give up” and “don’t get distracted”.
    These two things are quite important, not only in blogging but in every other field, if you want to succeed.
    Awesome post mate :)

    1. Glad that you liked this post :)
      Thanks for your appreciation. As i said not only from kids, there are many things around us through which we can learn many things. Its all about the way we receive

  5. Another great piece of writing. Attitude to learn new things can make us a perfect blogger. I was completely unaware that we bloggers can learn things from kids too. Thanks for the share.

  6. he he Wow, such a unique article. 100% agree that Bloggers can learn a lot from children. Yes they are frank, their creativity is 100 times more than ours.
    I like this post.
    Good Work Sai.

  7. I never thought about this. It’s one of the unique blogs I’ve read. But it’s possible though. Kids are the most honest person ever! :) Thank you for sharing this.

  8. Hi Sai!

    We have so much to learn from kids, but most of the time we dismiss their teachings! Being curious and having an attitude to learn new things is key to succeed in Internet Marketing. This is a very good article that I’ve just retweeted.

  9. wow, !!
    it was amazing post. nobody never thought about this…
    thnks Sai fr such a wonderful post .!
    really like that one keep blogging this kind of post’s…

  10. I never ever thought about this kind of. It’s among the distinctive information sites I’ve understand. Nevertheless it’s achievable however. Kids are the almost all honest man or women ever before!Thanks for sharing…

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