Business Development Steps That You Should Take to Survive in 2013

Business Development for 2013The Year 2012 turned out to be a quick year in terms of online business development. Yes, there were some business developments but we didn’t saw any drastic change. We thank the year 2012 as we enjoyed it a lot, but one must know what the upcoming year is bringing for us, where the business holders could put their maximum into and how they can make sure that they have up-dated themselves to the maximum extent.

It’s only over when you quit.

See the deep meaning in the above quote: Business development is all about persistence. If you quit, you will never be successful. When you get a lead you need to be persistent. Be well prepared before you meet a prospective client, this will not only help you to impress him/her, but will help you to do better business…

Very Very Important:

In this post we will talk about the changes or business developments that we will see in 2013.

These are the Business Development steps that every online company should take in order to grow their business and survive in 2013…

The expansion of online retail.

What was evident from the year 2012 was that online retail business will expand even more from now. The developing countries too will not just sell their products online but will also be a major part of purchasers. Plus, online retailing will more expand in terms of locality. So while doing business you must keep in mind the type of product you are selling. If you provide home services etc. then you must have a strong presence in the locality.

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The increase in influence of social media.

If a business has still not developed its accounts on the major social networking websites it’s the time they should make it or else they might lose some valuable customers. Social networking websites might not provide direct landing of customers on your website but they help you a lot in building your online presence. And as people buy what they see so it’s necessary that they can find your business where they spend most of their leisure time.

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Leaving promotion and organizing events.

In social media websites the business owners should make sure that not all of their posts are related to their products for their own internet business income. Sometimes general posts regarding festival or event give you more marketing than had you been just promoting your business. The rule social websites is that they must be engaging and people can relate to them, after all they are social websites.

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The greater merger of social websites with business.

The year 2013 will blur the boundaries of your business and your social networking page even more. Social media websites want you to sell your products through their page as that will generate revenue for them and for that they are devising ways through which a user can completely finalize the deal and check out without leaving your page. For example: Facebook this year introduced deals, where you can post a deal from which Facebook gets revenue and you can easily sell your product right from your page. So, social media can help a lot in your way to business development and making internet sales.

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More dependency on smartphone.

In the year 2012 we saw some major smartphones and it is clearly obvious that sooner they will be a necessity for everyone. In that case it is necessary that your business must have apps on various mobile platforms so that users can easily engage through you. Or at least your website must have a mobile view and you must devise strategies to advertise your business through that. This will increase your exposure and your products and services will reach to more and more users.

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Videos and pictures will matter more.

In 2012 we have seen that videos making a better impression on viewers than texts. Similarly, a text in image is better than plain text. This will increase more in the year 2013 and almost every kind of business will be needing professionally made videos that summarizes their business or explains anything new that you bring out.

There is one thing for sure in this fast tracked technology world; if you don’t keep up the pace and continue the business development steps to update your strategies, then you won’t be there in the race anymore, you will be out. And the most difficult thing to do in this world (which has now became global village with competitors increasing many folds) is to make a comeback. So, start updating yourself and taking the business development steps now…

41 thoughts on “Business Development Steps That You Should Take to Survive in 2013

  1. Having a mobile app for your business for every class of phone has become a necessity today and is as important as customization your site for mobile format is.

    The sub-title “Leaving promotion and organizing events.” must be rephrased, you can’t leave promotions on a whole, it is true that readers must engage in an activity, but unless you won’t promote how will you attract some worthy readers…!!

    1. A mobile app is an excellent idea to further your business goals, creating a facebook app which goes viral on facebook are additional ideas that you can test

      1. Don’t you think that having an app for the business blog can cost very much for this….. he can invest that money in the other means of communication to make his business popular rather than spenting money on such business app….

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  4. Well, These where the changes were we need to concentrate ourself in 2013 to develop our business. As you have promoting the stuff has becoming a spam all around. Everyone is promoting in all the ways they can and spamming the internet. And also as you have told Video Contents are good way to attract people.

    Finally it all about how unique your idea is to attract people to your business..

    Thank You

    1. very true, I am part of so many fb groups where bloggers promote themselves but everyone is so busy promoting themselves that no one clicks on others links…

    2. Agree with you shathyan, unique and useful idea is something we should try for . It is something that can really change the fate of a business.

  5. Moreover it’s basically awesome. One have to make different steps for the upcoming time regarding blogging. Whether you may call it as a resolution or a revolution but simply you have to follow it for a better blogging world. :)

  6. You won’t believe i am planning on a startup..just waiting for Angel investors.
    I have read many articles on Business development and Entrepreneurship and this is one of them which is going to help me in future.

    1. Yup said it true. Always sharing textual content can bore your audience so its all advisable to share something different from regular to kill the boredom. of your audience.

  7. Organizing events,cost money,which new bloggers don’t have normally

    And yes i agree about “putting VIDEOS AND PICTURES” because it speaks THOUSANDS WORDS itself

  8. Yes i agree that always talking about our business alone is going to bore people out of it. What we need to do is share interesting and relevant content by other people to make it exciting

  9. As far as blogging is concerned this is the best thing to do. Interesting content will increase the engagement of readers and ultimately help in increase the growth of the blog

  10. Yes social media is the key for content promotion in 2013…Social media loves Videos and pictures than just a text so creating interesting and engaging contents wil lead to more success on coming days.

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