How to Make up Your Mood And Comeback in to Blogging?

Comeback in to BloggingSometimes it just happens, we lose our mood and don’t feel like blogging any more. It’s natural. We shouldn’t think much about. Rather we should find some ways to gain our interest again.

Many bloggers face this kind of problem and they slowly lose their interest in blogging. Sometimes it gets worse as it becomes hard to make a comeback in to blogging. And it’s true that this problem may also become a reason to make one think about quitting.

They quit blogging? It’s bad, right? No, it’s not. If they don’t have any interest in blogging then leaving blogging is not bad. And if they have the interest but they are slowly losing it, then they should really do something to gain their interest again.

Here are the some tips by which you can solve your problems and comeback into blogging:

1. Read others blog to charge up your mind.

If you want to be a good blogger then you should read others blog. Reading blogs can charge you up and help you to comeback into blogging. Here by blogs I don’t mean that you should read only the blogs that belong to your niche, you can read blogs in different niches too. Some blogs can really motivate you to make a comeback. They may not have any kind of motivational quotes but still you will be benefited in some way.

2. Check Your Analytics and try to improve it.

If you’re not writing for sometime like a week, you’ll see a decrease in number of visits to your blog. This may depress you but rather feeling depressed you should work harder to increase the visitors by coming back in to blogging.

3. Talk to a person who is doing well in blogging.

Yes, that helps in many ways. If you go and talk to some other blogger who is doing well then you can learn many things from him and get motivated in your way. You can ask them for some tips to develop your blog and do well in blogging.

4. Go out and join a blogger’s community.

When you’re not writing on your blog you can go out and join some good communities. You can then promote your old articles there and meet some other bloggers in your niche. You can register on Inbound, BlogEngage, Tagza, Bloggers, Blokube or BizSugar and follow people in your niche. You can share their work and start engaging with them to gain some connections. Believe it or not, but this will surely help you to do better in blogging.

5. Listen Music to make up your mood.

Listening music really helps a lot. When you’re not feeling like writing anymore, sit back, relax and listen to music. This brings peace to your mind and it just feels good. After sometime you will be able to change your mind, forget the depressions and concentrate on blogging once again.

6. Find great ideas to write on your blog.

Writer’s block, that’s what bloggers call the situation when you run out of ideas to write about on your blog. Well yes, it’s true but that can be overcome easily. But if you’re unable to overcome then it’s bad because Writer’s Block may be the reason why you’re losing your interest in blogging. If you’re going through this then you should really try to find some good blog ideas.

There are many other ways to make up your mood and comeback into blogging, but the most important thing is that you should always keep yourself motivated. You should always believe in your work and in yourself. If you don’t believe in your own work then who will you excel in your field? Think about it!

I hope you liked my article. But I’ll be glad to know what you think about this. Let me ask, what do you do when you start losing your interest in blogging?

48 thoughts on “How to Make up Your Mood And Comeback in to Blogging?

    1. Yes In this blogging journey sometimes we come through failure and the win comes finally.Very nice lines to chage the mood.Thanks

  1. Music works for me most times, whenever my mood is down and i listen to music i always get better and start writing again, in fact most times i write with my favorite music on.

    1. Yes, it is. Music help us to generate more ideas and wrap them up with an exclusively exciting vocabulary that interest the readers.

  2. Hey Pulkit I like your idea of joining blogging communities and interact with other bloggers to know how and what they are doing to improve their blog.Great Tips shared.

  3. It’s always good to make a comeback by making our mood. This helps us to concentrate on what we love to do. Yes, we shouldn’t think much about this. Rather we should find some ways to gain our interest again. This is right !

  4. That’s good, let me follow your words when i get back.Hope thus tips will help me to make me more charged :)

  5. Hey pulkit such a nice article.This happens with me lot when i am writing post, i got bored and i do step 3 and step 5 to fresh my mind, it help me lot to come back again in blogging.

  6. Blogging is just as fun as we make it, therefore it’s always important to get our mind, body & spirit together for what’s ahead. I do tend to follow 90% of the above! Another thing that keeps me relaxed is listening to some soft, jazz it always calms me down & keeps me motivated.

  7. Easy and executable tips are listed here when a blogger’s mood went off.

    Yeah, sometimes i too used to have the same, few ways am already following to enhance my mood to do better blogging. Surely will follow the missed ways soon.

    Thanks for sharing this nice post Avi :)

  8. Pulkit and Avi,

    I use each tip to raise my energy when I feel down. Awesome stuff here.

    I just checked my stats recently to improve my blogging energy. I get annoyed at times if I feel my growth is slow – or I am impatient 😉 – but solving any problems or making improvements based on my stats feels good.

    Thanks Guys!

    1. No problem sir. We’re happy that we’ve shown some contribution towards your work. :)
      keep it up with your work.

  9. I really loved this article. Point no. 4 is great by the way with some important links to great communities. thnx 4 this post. :)

  10. Blogging is really boring if it does not return the expected for quite some time. However to be successful, you need to be smart, consistent and have a huge patience. It does work but you need to find out how it works.

    Thanks for this inspirational article for all of them who may be thinking blogging just sucks!

    1. Yeah, the main motive of this post is to make blogging fun. Everyone has its own way of entertainment. So I shared all the most common steps.

  11. Hey! really awesome post i just liked point no.4 which we can join the community and get engage with other bloggers. And also that I have a question, do all bloggers help us to develop? as you have mentioned in point no.3. But i prefer not all, only few can do that job.

  12. These are some inspirational and helpful tips for newbie bloggers or bloggers who gave up. Point 4 is completely true in many cases

  13. That’s awesome Pulkit. I’ve come across your article very first time here from my side. Well in some cases me too feel some dullness regarding my blog. However your suggestions are very powerful.

    I hope they work effectively like hell for me personally. Simply outstanding tips dude.

    Amrik Virdi

  14. Hello Pulkit,
    What a great article. What you did covers it all bro. I always take a stroll out to visit friends when ever i am feel i don’t have what to write. This idea have been keeping me up and staying up to date with my blog. Thanks

  15. Great tips to get back into the blogging spirit. I think we all have hit a wall at times when it comes to blogging. It isn’t always bad to take a small break or mini vaca to get back to your normal self which will help your mood and your ability to write.

    1. Yeah it is recommended too. Because you can never consistently work on your blog and produce a great content. We all need some break and motivation too.

  16. Wow awesome post,

    well no doubt every blogger feel dull some times which forces them to loose consistent updating of their blogs.

    My tip to overcome this issues is ” i usually read inspirational stories or watch movies which strengthen and make me motivated.

    Thanks for the tips.

  17. Well said Pulkit, when I feel bored, I read other blog’s article to learn their writing style, that helps me to overcome my laziness and gain some knowledge. Terrific Post, Thanks once again.

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