Many Sites Are Making Millions By Posting Fake Nude Pictures

Picking Pics from Facebook and Making Them Nude Pics

Have experienced a lot of cool photo editing apps which are really developing with time. These apps can do anything with your pictures. They can even change an odd looking pic to an image that will blow off your mind. Really, editing images with these stuffs gives a new life to the images.

But with the advancement of these apps, no doubt we are able to do many things with our pictures but don’t you think an Image Editing Software can also be used in performing illegal works?

We all know that every advancement in Science & Technology has its cons and pros. Technology can be used for conservation as well as destruction, but it is we who need to choose the right path.

Technology when used in good purpose brings much betterment to the human society but when used in a wrong way can end up everything.

In the same way, when the ‘Image editing stuffs’ are used for wrong works they can ruin one’s life, bring down one’s respect in the society.

Just some months ago, I was going across a Facebook page and there I got a link to see images of new gadgets; but when I clicked it the link took me to an adult site. In the sidebar of the site I saw the names of almost every Bollywood & Hollywood film actresses. I was shocked seeing their names in an adult site. And when I clicked on their names what I saw was OMG. There were many fake nude pics of actresses. But, the nude pics were fake for sure as I can see that they were edited (not properly). Probably you may have also seen on Facebook that the original movie posters are edited and some other faces are fixed on them. This is a very easy work with the use of a free image editing software.

Now what I want to say about those actresses is that they are surely not having any photo shoot or something like that; but the dirty minds out there are doing this illegal work. They do this to attract visitors and earn money from ad programs.

Now the people who are doing this wrong work can’t even be caught, as again technology helps them. Their locations become untraceable. So, thinking to catch them is not a solution now.

Again, if you say that youngsters can also protest. They can also change the world then you are right as we can. But, before protesting we have to create awareness to bring out many other voices who will also speak up for the betterment of our society.

What I will suggest to the ad click programs is:

The ad click and earn programs should stop approving requests from publishers who have such type of illegal materials (nude pics) in their site.

What we can do?

We Can Take Action..!!

We can report those sites as spam to the search engines. Go to this page and report Google about those sites so that at least they don’t appear in Google Search. By seeing Google other search engines will automatically join the list.

At last if I take Stop Online Piracy Act in mind then what I think is:

Each and every site bearing illegal materials should be banned, so that the Internet can be a cleaner and better place for the kids. It shouldn’t carry such sites which enables anyone to watch illegal videos just by clicking the ‘I am above 18‘ button; rather that type of sites should be closed and the internet should become such a place where we can get lifetime access to free learning sites like Wikipedia.

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Editor: Avi Jit

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  1. These things are really important and nice lines. Google should ban fake nude pic site. Thanks for the post skyhitblog..

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    • Thanks for your comment Neek :)
      These lines are not only important but also true.
      It should be spread to the world in order to create awareness. I think it’s time to do something for our society..!!

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      • I’m impressed Avi Jit.!! I totally agree with you..

        These type of sites are meant to banned / deleted from the net. ^_^

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        • Good to see you here Yuuki.

          You’re right absolutely right. These sites should be banned forever.

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    • Yes bro, Google can’t ban these type of sites, because Internet is free to use and any one can make any type of site.

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  2. These kind of websites and people create risks for people on social media websites and this is the reason that today in this modern world still a girl think twice before posting her pics.

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    • you’re right chap. These things shouldn’t exist in modern world.
      It should be thrown out from roots..!!

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    • Agree with you bro, Social Sites are not safe, Mostly Facebook is not so private. There are chances that any one can see your posts and Pics.

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  3. As far as I know,, Google Adsense has a strict rule against these thing.. isn’t it?

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  4. I’ve never read such an awesome article. Bro you are a great social worker. You are working for the society, to make internet a cleaner place for the kids. Hats off.

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  5. Thnx for sharing such useful post Avi..Such people need to be stopped somehow..such people should be actually punished strictly.

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  6. It’s not an easy task and it’s not the job of search engines to support the adult sites.

    That is the main reason why search engines do not show explicit content until and unless you ask for it.

    Even though search engines crawl the sites for content, they put them on a lower priority so that they do not show up when a little boy is searching for ‘big bang’ kinda keywords.

    BTW, a very good article there. Good to see someone motivated enough to start a petition. I am signing that petition.
    Suneel recently posted…Part One: Keyword Research For Bloggers and Internet MarketersMy Profile

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    • Well said Suneel, It’s the best a search engine can do, give low priority to adult content. I mean they can’t deindex an adult site having their own content(Video, Images) after all it’s a legal business in some countries and a part of society do ask for this content, that’s why these companies are making profit, isn’t it? For an instance, lets assume that Google will deindex all these websites. What do you think will happen next? someone somewhere will create a new search engine just for this purpose or another alternative to reach these websites. I mean to say if something is publicly available on the internet than somebody will access it. The roots of this problem is within society, so a working solution needed to applied their.

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    • Agree with you sir, this is not a job search engines and search engines crawl sites only for content. If sites has only pics then it has not much Rank in search engines.

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  7. I really think that all search engines should do something on this matter. They should deindex the illegal sites.

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  8. Hi aviJit Thanks For sharing your experience with us about such sites…..well i guess Adsense don’t allow running ads on such sites…. their account will be disabled soon :)
    Topin10 recently posted…Top Ten Smartphone’s for the Year 2012My Profile

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    • Yes bro, these types of sites can’t use Adsense but there are other ad networks that allow these type of sites for advertisement.

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  9. Great article buddy. These sites really need to get banned.
    And peoples running these sites should be dealt strictly.
    Ajay recently posted…How to buy a Domain name ?My Profile

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    • haha.. I’m not yet blogging to make money, just blogging as a passion. My blog is more or less Ad free…

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    • None is buying but they are selling someones reputation, really a concerned topic.

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  10. Something like this so wrong. I wonder why they do things like that. They have no self respect and neither of the society they live in. They are criminals and they should be reported to the police. Thank you for telling us how to deal with it.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted…Funny Indian picturesMy Profile

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    • Agree with you, but these types of site owners keep their identity hidden from the public.

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  11. Thanks for sharing such an awesome information Avi. I’ve never ever listened about such sites, making money using girls pics. We can’t describe them in words as the words may feel ashamed of them.
    AjayUdayagiri recently posted…Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version Free Download For PCMy Profile

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  12. Talking about the article, you are really cool in writing the current happenings. The situation is getting more worse in India. All these illegal things should be banned, more than that the person running those should be strictly prohibited.
    Manual Joseph recently posted…We Will Be Live On 31 Dec 2012My Profile

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  13. I think this is impressive! But, don’t you think posting this you are indirectly telling all these girls not to post your images on FB, and stay out of FB uploading process?

    I’m not suspecting your intention on publishing this article but, this is what I got in mind when I read your content.
    Irfan Siddiqui recently posted…Facebook New Privacy Settings: Much Easier with ShortcutsMy Profile

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    • I’m not actually against uploading pics but Facebooks reporting feature is not that good that it will take down the images from a fake profile. Again, taking down a pic from a site is also not easy, so there should always be a limit. Girls can upload pics but they should keep their accounts secured. They should lock their pics from public users and should not accept unknown users requests…
      Avi Jit ( recently posted…Is it Really Profitable to Invest Time to Make Money Online?My Profile

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      • Agree with you bro, girls should keep their account safe from third person and they have to use full privacy settings in Facebook.

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    • Agree with you bro, but instead of this they should use Privacy settings for their Facebook accounts.

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  14. Very nice and unique post bro, everyone should add some privacy to their Facebook accounts.

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  15. this is only the weak point or we can say a biggest challenge for the social network that people take the personal pic and make there wrong use……….

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  16. This image morphing and pornography is very highly spread in social networking. In present days so many girls are post their personnel photos in social networking and it is visible to every one because they set their status to public. so by this loop hole every one who visit particular persons profile will also see all of her personnel photos and download that photos and do morphing. To stop this morphing first of all the attitude of girls were changed.First of all they have to confirm that which photos are uploaded and which are not.

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  17. These are the things which makes internet dirty…but we can’t remove them from the net.

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  18. Nice write up. Thanks for telling us the ways on how to deal with it. One of my friends was also a victim of this although non-nude but yes she reported to Facebook.

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  19. Very nice article, just what I wanted to find.
    morphing and pornography is very highly spread in social networking.
    thanks for giving knowledge

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  20. hai sir These things are really important and nice lines. Google should ban fake nude pic site. Thanks for the post skyhit blogger ,thanks for sharing post ,waiting for awesome post from you soon,
    vinay recently posted…Nasha movie songs download|Nasha movie songsMy Profile

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  21. This image morphing and porn is incredibly extremely unfold in social networking. In gift days such a large amount of ladies area unit post their personnel photos in social networking and it’s visible to each one as a result of they set their standing to public. therefore by this loop hole all World Health Organization visit specific persons profile also will see all of her personnel photos and transfer that photos and do morphing. to prevent this morphing 1st of all the angle of ladies were modified.First of all they need to verify that that photos area unit uploaded and that don’t seem to be.

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