6 Hot Places to Find Great Blog Ideas and Attract Huge Traffic

People who are new to blogging ask me many questions. And the most common question is how to get blog ideas. They actually want to know which topics are in demand and how to get blog ideas to write on those topics. For this reason I’m writing this article.

Here I will share some  hot places from where you will be able to get blog ideas. By getting the blog ideas you will be able to write content which really attracts users, and which people love to share.

Why these places are hot? How can they bring more traffic?

  1. You can know what people want at that very time by going to this places.
  2. You can get blog ideas and cool information  to write your next blog post.
  3. Your next blog post goes viral because you just wrote what people want.
  4. People will recommend your content to others as it’s the current hot topic.

So here are some hot places where you can find great blog ideas:

1. Google Trends

Google Trends shows the top terms that people are searching on Google currently. It’s a great tool to find what is hot on search engines. It shows how many searches of those terms took place is the past few hours. Google trends shows mix kind of terms, You can pick the terms that matches your blog’s niche and write blog posts on them.

If you visit Google Trends, then it will show the things that are being searched in US. If you want to know what people are searching in your place then visit Google Trends and select your country from there. Google has also integrated Google Insight for search to Google Trends so that users can get more sophisticated and advanced search trends data.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is not just a place for finding and pinning incredible images, you can also use it to get post ideas. You can check what’s popular on Pinterest, and it will show you the images which are popular now.

What you see on Pinterest can be an excellent indication of what kind of content people are looking for. You can  also browse the categories that matches the niche of your website and also use the search bar with the keywords matching your site’s niche. You can really get Good Ideas for a Blog post from Pinterest.

3. Bottlenose

Bottlenose is a social search engine. It allows you to find out what is trending in social media in real-time. It has various categories that lists the trending topics under those categories. You can use its search bar where you can put keywords related to your site to find out what is trending in social media. In the search results you will get trending links, trending blog topics, recent comments and images. Here too you can get good blog post ideas for your next blog post.

4. TweetChat

I guess you already know about it. People love to chat with each other on similar topics using hash tags via TweetChat. Generally it involves questions, answers, facts and opinions. You can find hash tags related to your website’s keyword using twitter. And when you search for that keyword you can get the most recent tweets related to that keyword. From there you can take inspiration and find blog subjects and ideas for your next blog post.

5. Topsy

Topsy is another social search engine. You can type in your search topic and Topsy will populate a list of topics. You can filter the results by time, links, and type of social network like twitter , Facebook, Google+. Topsy is a great tool for finding trending topics and get blog ideas for writing good blog posts.

6. Answer sites.

There are so many questions and answers sites available online. They are great places to get cool blog ideas. If you know what people are asking you can write blog posts to provide them the answer. There are so many questions being asked in such answer sites and you can really get great traffic if you can help the people by giving correct answers through your blog posts. And if you own a fun blog then you can also get Funny Blog Ideas from such answer sites, as sometimes people ask very funny questions. 😀

Some of my favorite answer sites are:

  • Quora provides blog ideas.
  • Answers.com is another popular site.
  • Yahoo answers as we all know is very cool.
  • LinkedIn Answers is also a very good source.

Final words: You spend a lot of time to think a blog name when you create a new blog. You bring up many ‘Blog Name Ideas’ in your mind to give your blog a brandable name. Then why not spent time to think blog ideas?

A blog will not bring traffic, but the posts will. So we need to spend more time in searching for good blog ideas and write high quality posts to help our readers. Again we should also spend more time in doing keyword research and optimizing our posts for the exact keywords so that the content ranks well for that keyword. Of course you can use SEOPressor to optimize your blog posts and get high ranks in SERPS. :)

Finally, I hope the above sources will help you in finding great blog ideas to write your next blog posts. And if you know any other good place to find blog ideas then do share with us…

About the author:

This article has been written by Abhishek. He is a blogger and he blogs at Techifire.

31 thoughts on “6 Hot Places to Find Great Blog Ideas and Attract Huge Traffic

  1. Just wanna say that I am shocked. I was not knowing about these sites…felling so bad.. :(
    Thanks for writing about it. :-)

    1. YOu will be more shocked if you will subscribe some bloggers on google+. ;). It is now on of the fastest growing social media and their signals are very much liked by our own google.

  2. Ohh god! I’m in love with bottlenose. I’ve been playing around it for about half an hour now.
    Great findings Avi.
    Loved them all!

  3. These are great compilations, its just like directly answering people’s question and turning them to your visitors. I also use Google to follow the latest trend in my niche category, following other great blogs in the same niche can also give an idea of trending topics. Kudos Abhi.

  4. I already use quora, yahoo answers and google trend for getting blog ideas and they are good. Never heard about topsy, tweetchat and bottlenose. Are these sites new..? or it is just me that wasn’t aware of!! Thanks for sharing @Abhishek Shukla

  5. Wow! This article is totally awesome. I appreciate the time and the efforts of SEOMOZ. I am new to SEO and I open to learn everything I can to make me a SEO guru!!

  6. Its just Pinterest I have heard before, but I am planning to work out a lot on google trends. hope it pays me good results. Got to know something very new on seo. keep going Abhishek. keep blogging always Avi.

  7. Hi Abhishek,
    This is a very nice list that you have put together.I will surely check these sites and use them.

    Thanks and Regards

  8. Very nice ideas Abhishek, I haven’t used Bottleneck yet, must visit that one. I also use AllTop as well and Google alerts on a specific niche. Thanks for sharing these.

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  11. I have never heard of topsy and bottle nose before. I will definitely be trying them out. Thanks for the very informative blog post!

  12. It is becoming more and more obvious as I’m really missing out on some cool things. I actually get newer blog ideas when taking my bath. I’m not on any of the above list not even on pinterest which is something many people say come in very handy.

  13. Google Trends is always handy to get some refreshing ideas. Apart from that I never tried other services mentioned in this list. Its time to check them all.

  14. Informative and useful post! All of these services are very useful ,especially Google Trends. And agreed, answer sites (especially Yahoo answers) are also great source of traffic, so if one can provide answers to the questions by leave a blog post in the source field. Thanks for sharing and tweeted :)

  15. Among all the places listed here, answer sites have been my best place for blog ideas, i see prople’s problems i seek solution and write about it.

  16. Thanks for sharing such a useful information with us. I have used Trend its simply awesome and now going to try remaining five two which you listed.

  17. Besides that read a lots of blogs every day. These methods suggested by you will lead yon on the trending topic, but i am afraid it will not help you to write something new or innovative.

  18. Hi, wow this is a very useful article. There are lots of ways of getting blog topics ideas. Apart from the ones listed above, i make use of comments i get from my blog and other blogs i visit to get topic ideas. I also follow trends on social media to know what people are really talking about.
    In short, there are many ways of getting blog topic ideas. Thanks for sharing these hot places of getting them.

  19. Google+ is the best place to get ideas. It is the fastest growing social sites used by most. It also give you real time information from other bloggers and users. Great Post!

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