10 Very Effective Ways to Get More Twitter Followers


Get More Twitter FollowersWe all know the importance of Social Media in Blogging Success! Social Media is as important as SEO for any Blog’s future and its chances to stand out in the Blogosphere!

It’s the Online Presence & ‘Quantity and Quality’ of the Audience you have in the Social World which makes your blog bigger. For your Blog to get VIRAL on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, you have to get a number of genuine audience already following you!

Twitter is one thing which has proved itself, a great way to get your content noticed and reach out to a vast audience. To get your Content noticed by a large number of People, You will no-doubt need a LARGE number of Followers to your Twitter account. Well, getting them isn’t really a tough task.

There are some simple but proven ways to get more twitter followers! Here I am with the best ones! Take a look. 

1. Follow More, Get More!

It’s the simplest way to get more twitter followers. Follow more and there are great possibilities that you will, in return also get more of them! It doesn’t mean that you’ll follow the famous celebrities who already have a Million followers and they’ll follow back. No! That isn’t going to happen! Follow the people who work on the same niches as you and are ‘HUMANS’ meaning the guys who engage with others and are not like those who only Tweet and sign out (The famous ones) :D

2. Engage with more people.

You can engage with more and more people and create good relations with them. They’re definitely going to follow you. Re-tweeting, Mentioning and Replying to others tweets create a good engagement and relation which is really going to help you to get more twitter followers and become a STAR. ;)

3. Use Hash tags.

This is also a proven and effective way reaching out to more! Using proper Twitter handles (@) of people you are Re-tweeting, Tweeting about or want them to engage with you, answer you or those whom you think your Tweet relate!

You should also use proper hash tags (#) about the main topic you are Tweeting about. These are like keywords that we use to dominate SEO. If I am tweeting something about WordPress bugs, I should write it as #WordPress bugs as It is a very vast topic and possibilities are people searching for it may get your tweet in notice.

4. Tweet more!

Tweeting more and more really makes your audience interested in your content. Regularly tweet about the thing of yours! Do not tweet more than needed. Just try not to break your consistency!

If you are a on Tech niche, regularly Tweet about the latest Technology News, Revolutions, Latest Releases all! People will be delighted to follow you and suggest others to do so :)

5. Add Twitter widget to your Blog.

This is definitely going to help you a LOT! Adding a Follow button or a full Twitter tweets widget onto your Blog will make your readers notify about your Twitter account :) If you have quality content on your Blog and receive a good amount of traffic then you will also get more twitter followers.

6. Promote your Twitter handle everywhere!

Promoting always help! :D Promote your Twitter handle everywhere like on your Blog, on other profiles of yours, especially where you already have a Good Presence. Some unique ways of promoting are – Writing your Twitter URL on books, school desks etc. Ask others to follow you and follow them back. Just help each other. :)

7. Mention your Handle in Giveaways.

I am sure many of you know about Giveaways and Punchtab! While conducting Giveaways on your Blog, make Twitter follow step necessary so that in the tempt of winning the giveaway and earning an extra entry, will follow you and automatically you will get more twitter followers.

8. Watermark your Images.

You can watermark the images that you use on your Blog with your Twitter handles. It’s natural that the People who visits your Blog will notice your Twitter handle and will follow you :D

So those were my tips. But here are 2 extra tips from Avi to get more twitter followers:

9. Be the first one to put up an important news.

This thing always work. When you’re the first one to reveal or put up some important news then your tweet gets more attention and it gets more and more exposure due to more retweets and replies. In this way you can get more twitter followers.

10. Make your profile look professional.

How can this be done? You can add a good profile pic of yours, a header image and a very cool bio which reflect who you are. And if you’re a starter with twitter then you will not get much followers as people don’t like to follow you when you have less followers or no followers at all. So get some free twitter followers or buy twitter followers at the starting time just to increase the count. You can get them easily from sites like twiends.com. And when you will have some followers you will get more attention. Anyone who finds you on twitter would likely to follow you as they will find that you’re somewhat popular and since you’ve some followers already so you must be a good one to follow.

That’s the end! I am sure after reading this, many of you are going to become Twitter SUPERSTARS :D

Have some other great ideas to get more twitter followers? The Comment Box below is eagerly waiting for such comments. :)

About the author:

Vishesh, a Young Blogger who loves to write about WordPress, Blogging, Technology, Make Money, SEO, Affiliates etc… On his way to learn Affiliate Marketing, SEO Domination, Promoting Blog effectively. Owner, Editor, Author of TechBin.

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Editor: Avi Jit

Music Addict. Blogger. Editor & Founder, SkyHiT BloG. Co-founder, 10on10 Designs. Catch me on Facebook , Twitter & Google.

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  1. I think buying twitter followers is black hat and a dangerous game. These companies are often slated for having robotic/false accounts and you vastly increase your chances of being spammed or hacked.

    Build followers through your own efforts is my recommended course of action.

    Use Tweepi to find and follow people. Also sign up to Triberr and find people in your niche. If influential people in your niche are sharing your posts through Triberr you gain kudos and it helps to naturally generate some followers.

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    • ‘Buying’ Twitter followers is Black hat but somehow, In the beginning, It’s important to ‘get’ or ‘buy’ some Followers. As Avi mentioned, It reminds one that It’s a good Twitter account and they’ll love to follow you then :D

      The communities you mentioned are really good. I agree! :)

      Thanks for Commenting :)

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  2. Oh you just won a follower for life. This is brilliant and there are so many good things i dont even know where to start. Number 8 is a genius point i never even considered and yet it is so true and number 9 would be even great for my blog but how do i make sure I get the news first. Any tips on alerts

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    • Oh and I just did number 5 too.

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    • GLAD! Good to know someone appreciates my Post :)
      The #8 is a creative thing to do! It’ll also, somehow, make you stand out.
      #9 is also helpful, to get the updates, Just follow the Best Blogs/Websites/Media in your Niche :D
      BTW, My Twitter handle is @techbinblog :D

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  3. Those are some great tips Vishesh. I really like them.

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    • Thanks for reading and commenting Vukasin :)
      Glad you liked it!

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  4. Very useful. By using twitter everywhere it will leave impressiona somewhere on user’s mind and they definitely going to follow then.

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    • Yep Sanket, you are right :)
      Thanks for dropping-by.

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  5. Hi Vishesh,

    Nice tips here. I noticed using hash tags increases the followers quite amazingly. If you learn to tag your messages correctly, it will bring in the targeted followers quite sooner.

    Similarly, replying and encouraging twitter conversation also increases followers in quite faster pace. I joined a few of the twitter chat sessions and if you can perform well, you’ll get a good number of followers increased instantly. And the good thing about twitter chat session is that, all of the followers are highly targeted and from same niche.

    Post a Reply
    • Hi Suresh!
      You are absolutely right :)
      Hash Tags, for sure, increases the chances of getting more Followers. The only condition, they must be used wisely :D
      Replying, Encouraging, Conversation also is very helpful for getting more Followers.
      Thank you for reading and commenting :D

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  6. Retweeting some big names in the society, retweeting with some eye-catchy, useful tagline would be a great way to get more Twitter followers.


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  7. There is a program called SocialWax, where the user enters keywords into the program, which then favorites a certain number of tweets a day. It’s a good way to gain relevant followers (as opposed to buying followers in bulk). If you’re are targeting keywords that relate to the content you are sharing, you will almost immediately see an uptick in followers and RTs.

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  8. Vishesh, thanks for the great tips. Using Twitter and gathering more followers is crucial for many reasons too, such as helping your web page show higher in search, or building, boosting or repairing your online reputation. Thanks for the article! Steven

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    • Hi Steven!
      Exactly. Having a good Presence on Twitter is helpful in many things :)
      Thank you for dropping-by :D

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  9. Hi Vishesh,
    useful article!

    I found out that engaging with other users is my best way to increase my Twitter audience.
    There are plenty of ways to Retweet or mention interesting posts or tweets.

    I should add also useful resources to market your Twitter account and your blog,
    via JustRetweet and Triberr, indeed.

    Thanks for hosting the article, Avi. :-)

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    • Hey Erik!
      Glad you commented here :)
      Engaging with others is no doubt a great way to increase followers!
      Thanks for your appreciation.

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  10. Hi Avi and Vishesh,

    Excellent. By following more you can snag more followers. Tweeting value rocks and so does engaging.

    Aggressively RT other people and you cannot help but to become popular. This is a secret of me having almost 26,000 followers. I keep giving and keep getting too. Sow and reap, right? Whatever you give out returns multiplied.

    People want to follow a real person. This is why tweeting value and engaging is important on twitter. I grew my following by giving frequently, sharing value, following many back and engaging like mad.

    I also tweet a bunch to grow my gifting team, attract more readers and boost affiliate sales.

    Thanks for sharing guys.


    Post a Reply
    • Hi Ryan!
      Good to see you here on my Article :)
      Everything you mentioned is just Right :D
      Follow more, get more! Engaging, RT etc.
      All of them are useful.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  11. Yes these are the most important and best points if we follow these points we will get followers

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  12. Excellent post Vishesh! Those are really helpful tips and reminders.

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  13. OK. I am really very impressed by the ideas that are going to increase the fans of the twitter. I know that these are going to work anyhow. Thanks for sharing this useful information.

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  14. Quite a useful post. Newbies like me will certainly be benefitted from such post. Thanks.

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  15. That’s really a killer article Vishesh!

    I Strongly agree with the very first point that one should follow the users who engage and not the one’s who just tweet

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  16. I am happy with these 10 ways to increase the twitters followers. I think that this will work fast. Just can say. lets try.

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  17. Nice post man. Getting more followers on Twitter is an excellent way to drive more traffic to a website or blog. All of these strategies are excellent ways to build a framework for gaining more followers.

    But in the end, it’s not all about the number of followers, but the types of followers you are getting. Having a ton of followers that aren’t a part of your blog’s audience means little to nothing.

    Thanks for sharing this,

    Josh May

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  18. That’s an awesome post that comes with great tips! :)
    I just started a new blog with a new twitter account : )
    I’ll apply some of your tips and let you know : )
    I’m using addmefast to get more followers
    thanks for sharing this awesome post : )
    Anis recently posted…5 Unbelievable IPhone FactsMy Profile

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