Why is Your Blog Not Getting Readers Response? [Here’s The Fix]

Get Readers ResponseThese days blogging is becoming one of the biggest source of income. So every bloggers is becoming serious about their blogs and trying to know if its getting readers response or not, because without readers they can’t earn that much they want.

First thing I want to say to every blogger is that, never assume your blog as your earning source, but treat your blog like your pet – care it, love it and walk with your blogs all around internet. A successful blog is the one which drive huge amount of quality traffic, engage with readers and get readers response.

A blog is nothing without readers response.

To have a successful blog you have to use some good strategies like unique content, good SEO strategies, try to get readers response and many such…

Is your blog getting readers response?

Is it getting less response from readers day by day?

In this competitive market you have to look after your blog carefully. You have to give proper time to your blog and your readers. You have to answer the quesions your readers have. And you have to provide what your readers need the most.

Secret: How I increased readers response in my blog and you can too?

Here are few reasons because of which you may be getting no readers response:

Is Your Blog A Brand New One?

Are you starting a new brand blog? If yes then it creates some problem in grabbing readers response. A new blog take several hours of your time to establish. It has been seen that a new bog takes at least 3 months to show its visibility in search engines and gaining popularity among viewers.

The FIX: To improve visibility of your blog at your end you should interact with audiences and leave useful comment on different blog relevant to your niche.

You Have Really Boring Content.

Content plays very important role in blogs. Content is something which can increase the readers and decrease them too. You can lose readers if you content is boring and let readers sleep.

The FIX: For increasing traffic to your site you should write unique and interesting content along with a catchy headline on latest niche. Make sure that reader enjoy reading your blog.

Complex Blog Design and Content.

Everyone is not same i.e. they don’t love same things. You can find every kind of reader online. It is not obvious that everyone will understand your writing. Complexity sometimes becomes a reason of losing readers. Readers these days want informative, simple posts which gets straight to the point. No one like articles which are complicated to read and carries heavy words. They simply leave such blogs. Again you should not have a blog with a very bad design as readers don’t like such blogs and so they may not visit again.

The FIX: Always make your blog simple and clear i.e to the point. You may be knowing high class english but be sure that people understands what you write. And also be sure to apply a cool, responsive and easy to browse theme on your blog.

No SEO and Social Activity at all.

Frequent posts not only work in increasing readers but also to get love from Google. It is very important to maintain your consistency on search engines. I don’t advice to post daily but be consistent with it, so that everyone gets fresh content after a period of time.

Importance of SEO: With the help of SEO you can improve the amount of audience on your site. If you would not be able to afford SEO service then you can get the SEOPressor Plugin to optimize your content for your keywords. Then if 1 post brings 100 visitors, 100 posts will bring 10,000. 😀

Blog Socializing: Social sites are big houses of audience. So put a few strategies at your end, like creating account on Social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc.) to communicate with some audience, promote your blog and listen to reader’s response ideas.

These are few reasons why your blog is not getting readers response. Read these carefully and try to work on these factors to make your blog’s visibility and get more readers response…

About the author:

This article has been written by Harshit Mehrotra. He blogs at SearchEngineMag.

43 thoughts on “Why is Your Blog Not Getting Readers Response? [Here’s The Fix]

  1. The worst thing for a blogger is to write articles and not get response from readers. It’s especially bad if visitors just drop on your blog and close the page so soon.

    thanks for providing the issues and proposing solutions Harshit

  2. The reality too is that only 1 out of 100 visitors will certainly leave a comment. I know great sites like Johnchow.com which rarely gets many comments.
    Many readers are likely to comment when they have something to and not when everything has being done and said by the writer.

  3. I totally agree with Enstine Muki, a blog without response and closing the page soon is a sad thing. Unique content and social media marketing are the key factors in good blogging these days!

    1. How you can say that it’s faced by Indian bloggers mostly? I mean, all new bloggers may face such problems if he don’t know how to engage and get readers response.

  4. You’re right, boring content never gets readers. We should always try to provide some interesting stuffs for our readers. Thanks for the article Harshit. :)

  5. Hi! Harshit. Really nice points you put up here. And the way you gave “The FIX” is superb. Awesome work. I will try to follow them. No boring content from now and more socially active. :)

  6. True, our blog must be socially active as it’s a big factor now for determining site’s quality by search engines. Good write up.

    1. Yes Mark, it’s a very important factor now. Search engines, specially google tries to check if people like to share your content or not and ranks your article according to that. So socially active is important. :)

  7. Hey! nice post. I believe that good informative articles always attract readers and we get response from them but if we don’t engage with our readers then that’s no possible. Thanks for the cool tips. :)

  8. I agree that new blogs require time to get readers response. You’re right. But making our blog engaging can help us. Again, ugly design suck. I love SkyHiT Blog’s design. Very cool. :)

    1. Thanks Chang and Harshit for the appreciate. My genesis theme doesn’t have the primary look now, I’ve customized it a lot and made it supercool and powerful with awesome plugins. 😀

  9. Yes, getting those reader reactions is really important. When that happens it builds confidence.

    I have found that once you get the process going, though, it becomes a lot easier. That’s because when people see some comments on posts already, they’re more likely to offer their own.

  10. Irregular updating of a blog is main reason of no response. AS you told, frequent updates – Totally agree with it :)

  11. First of all thank you harshit by providing this cool tips.As a newbie this is very useful for me. and one thing is how can i find the unique and intresting contents that readers should love..

  12. heard a lot about seopresser v5…you had a giveaway of the same as well! seo matters a lot and so does content…keeping up to date and quality articles can atleast keep readers coming back if not commenting!

  13. Hello Harshit,

    For a new blogger, commenting on orher blogs and networking with like-minded bloggers is very important, and maybe the only way to get readers in the initial stages. Then comes the social media factors. At the same time, the content quality has to be really good so that all the visitors get converted into readers and followers.

  14. Attention is not very easy to get. People don’t care what you’re doing but does only when they get something. Will try your tips for sure.

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