Go Viral on Twitter: JustRetweet 3 Premium Packages Worth $115 #Giveaway

Posts go viral on Twitter using JustRetweetFrom the name itself we come to know that JustRetweet is a tool that can help to get retweets on our tweets. This tool not only provide retweets but also helps our blog posts to go viral on twitter. But wait, it’s not just limited to this…

Check out the benefits you can get:

  1. Of course a lot of retweets to your tweets.
  2. Good Traffic & Quality Visitors.
  3. More exposure of you and your blog.
  4. Best way of promotion on Twitter.
  5. More niche twitter followers.
  6. More connections with fellow bloggers.

Isn’t it cool?

What more a blogger needs?

JustRetweet is providing everything, from traffic to connections, exposure and ways to go viral on twitter.

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How to become popular on Twitter?

Initially you can use JustRetweet to promote the posts on twitter. Then the Big bloggers on Justretweet will retweet your post if it’s good and then your posts will achieve acceleration. The posts will get more quality readers. They will be tweeted by many and then the posts will bring quality traffic.

Impressive, huh?

Some more cool things about JustRetweet:

  1. Simple way to join the site. You just need to sign in with your Twitter account.
  2. On joining you will directly get 100 credits for free. Means, 5-10 retweets in the starting…
  3. If you post a tweet, the retweets will come from bloggers in the same niche. A Plus point.
  4. You will not only get a good dose of traffic to your site, but will also gain new Twitter followers.
  5. Earn credits by retweeting tweets of other members. Then submit yours to get retweets on your tweets.
  6. You can also see at a glance who retweeted your tweets, who followed you, who viewed your site and how your credits have been spent.

How to use JustRetweet?

After singing up, you will be taken to the Dashboard…

Posts go viral on Twitter using JustRetweet

See I’ve red marked the important areas.

To get More Credits you can do 2 things:

  1. Retweet others tweets: To retweet others tweet click on “Schedule Retweet”.
  2. Follow other twitter users: Go to “Twitter Followers” tab next to Dashboard and follow other users there to get more retweets.

How to Get More Retweets on twitter? Check this:

Click the “Submit Tweet” tab next to “Twitter Followers” and go on with my post…

Posts go viral on Twitter using JustRetweet

  1. In the 1st box add your post title and also the link to your post. You can also use hashtag to highlight something.
  2. In the 2nd box allocate the no. of tweets you want to use for the whole campaign.
  3. In the 3rd box set how many retweets you need.
  4. Here you can get to select if you want more +1 or like in your post.
  5. In the 4th box you get to enter who can retweet your tweet. If you set 1000 then the users who have over 1000 users will only see it and only they will be able to retweet. And if they retweet then you will get more traffic as they have more followers. But, setting the figure may not help you as well as all big users will not retweet your tweet. It depends on the quality of your tweet as well.
  6. Most Important part. If you go wrong here then you will get nothing. Wrong selection of category will ruin everything as you will not get any interested user for your tweet. SO, select your niche correctly to get targeted traffic.

To get More Followers on twitter, check this:

Click the “Twitter Followers” tab next to “Dashboard”. Go there and set how many credits you want to give others to follow you. The more you set the figure (max. 10) the more followers you get.

Last but not the least, to know all your activity…

Who retweeted your tweet?

Who followed you? Etc…

Go to “Activity Summary” tab next to “Submit Tweet” to get all the details you want.

Important Point: Just using JustRetweet will not help your posts to go viral on twitter. You’ve to use unique ideas of promotion. You’ve to promote only the quality things. You’ve to write awesome tweets so that the bloggers retweet it. Otherwise they will just ignore you everytime…

So that’s all…!!

I hope this review and guide will help you to understand what JustRetweet actually is and how to use it.

Now let’s come to the most exciting part…


  1. 2 week VIP + Website Featured + 5,000 credit package ($65)
  2. 3 day VIP + 2,500 credit package ($30)
  3. + 2500 credit packages ($20)

How to enter the contest?

You would need to collect more points to win this SkyHiT BloG giveaway.

1. Collect points by doing the given jobs in the below widget.

2. Share your unique link “http://ptab.it/your ID” that you get in the end of the jobs. Bring more genuine contestants through that link and earn more points.


The giveaway will run till 20th of January and we will declare 3 winners as listed above.

Results are out:

2 week VIP + Website Featured + 5,000 credit package ($65) goes to Shathyan (@shathyan).

3 day VIP + 2,500 credit package ($30) goes to Neek (@sportsophobic).

+ 2500 credit packages ($20) goes to Bashir (@ajnabiicom).

And 3 more 2500 credits package to >> Nishant (@geekblogtips), Joseph (@blogtipstoday) & Abhishek (@abhishek25).

Why 6 winners? I told 3, right?

I had some talks with Chris, co-founder of JustRetweet and finally increased the no. of winners to 6 because I wanted some more contestants to take the benefit. Yes I wanted to give it to many more but that was not in my hand…

Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone for making this giveaway successful. :)

If you didn’t won the giveaway then don’t worry, just go to JustRetweet and enjoy. Share others posts and you will simply earn lot more points. Just follow my above guide to get more credits…

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