3 One Year GoDaddy Domains Worth $30 for Tech Niche #Giveaway

Godaddy and Hostgator GiveawayThis is a yet another exciting giveaway from SkyHiT BloG.

Want to buy a good domain name for tech niche?

We have something cool for you over here.

3 .com Domain Names with 1 Year Validity.

All the domains are registered on GoDaddy…

Sorry you can’t choose the domain names but the names listed up here are very cool.

The domains listed here has great advantages:

  1. They are Brandable.
  2. All are .com domains.
  3. Really good for tech niche.
  4. They are easy to remember.


This is a good domain name from GoDaddy. It is for those who want to start a new tech blog.

Honor means the quality of being honorable and having a good name. And TechHonor is surely gonna rock if you keep posting quality articles…

Best for:

  1. Writing software reviews.
  2. Sponsore posts or giveaway.
  3. Bringing up posts on tech developments.


Fever is not good nah? but TechFever, the way fever gets on to you, TheTechFever will get on to your reader’s mind and will not leave him so easily…

Best for:

  1. Reviews on Latest Devices.
  2. Latest Tech News.
  3. Hacks, tips and tricks.


Are you good in writing articles? Hmm… MyTechArticles will rock then. You can help people by writing good articles. You can provide tips, solutions, lessons etc…

Best for:

  1. How-to articles to help readers.
  2. Comparing Devices and writing reviews.
  3. Ofcourse, hacks, tips and tricks.

Note: The giveaways I did before were all done after partnering with the genuine owners of those products. But, this giveaway is not sponsored by GoDadddy.

This giveaway is sponsored by Yogesh Vashist, CEO and Founder of FtechBlog.

Giveaways attract people and I wanted some attraction. My main reason behind organizing the GoDaddy Domains giveaway on SkyHiT BloG is that it’s an awesome blog by Avi Jit. SHB has a lot of targeted visitors and quality content. When I see the previous giveaways held on SHB it just makes me feel amazing. Great giveaways and great contestants. Thanks to Avi Jit for giving opportunities to other bloggers for writing on his blog and allowing them to feature themselves on his blog. -Yogesh.

Thanks for your words Yogesh…

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Now the main part,

How can I win this giveaway??

To win a GoDaddy domain name: As always, you have to grab points to win the giveaway. There will be 3 winners and each will get one domain name.

  • First winner will get to choose 1 from the 3 domain names.
  • Second winner can get to select 1 from the left 2 domain names.
  • And the third winner will get the 3rd unclaimed domain name.

It’s as simple as that..!!

To get 25% discount on hosting: Well, for that you don’t need to collect points. Hosting will be from HostGator and you can get 25% discount on your purchase by using the coupon code SKYHITBLOG25.

Other coupons specially for you…

  1. SKYHITBLOG1CENT will allow you  to try HostGator hosting at just 1CENT for the first month.
  2. SKYHITBLOG994 will give you $9.94 discount on your first month.
  3. And as said above, SKYHITBLOG25 will give 25% discount.

OK. Now start grabing more points to win the godaddy domain name of your choice.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So it’s a great chance to start your blogging career or your new blog at less investment.

Good luck to each and every contestant… :)

64 thoughts on “3 One Year GoDaddy Domains Worth $30 for Tech Niche #Giveaway

  1. Wow..!! This is so much interesting… I want to join…
    Your blog is awesome, this is the first time that I saw your blog… I like it…

    Blog: MoreBlogTools

  2. no more buttering, no more anything else just from one word “your site is awesome really”. It’s having helpful articles. I want to win the domain name for technology and if I win then I can be proud that I won a giveaway from skyhitblog. Count me in !!! Hope i will win this.

  3. I like the domain name MyTechArticles would love to write more articles if I get this name. Nice giveaway to Bloggers who are just starting their journey.

  4. Great, Great, Great! It’s the First time that I have commented with my real name. I want this free Domain no. 3. But I really wish everyone to win too. Good Luck Guys. :)

  5. I like all the 3 domains. By the way domain name matters but not that much. All it matters is the regular hard work and patience to reach heights. And I am damn sure I will work on the one for sure with my full power and time if I will be lucky to win the GiveAway.

    As I am also entering in the SEO Pressor Plugin GiveAway and for sure I am also regular for this GiveAway. Hope I will be the winner for one for sure.

    Thanks Avi for awesome giveaways they really help us out in blogging arena. :)

  6. TheTechFever.com is the domain name I like most among the three. It’s because I believe tech-enthusiasm is not a professional but is all about feeling an urge to know MORE! Such a passion can only be compared with a Fever having a single cure- techie information! Therefore, I would love to win this domain & write about latest news, share tips & tricks to the followers.

    Giveaways like this certainly motivate people like me who wants to do something but can’t afford to for the lack of required funding. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing me this great opportunity to win & turn my desires into reality.

    Hope I will be one of the lucky winners. Will be eagerly waiting to find out..

  7. I think TheTechFever is a great domain name. Technology itself is a fever which gets viral on every person who tastes it for just once. I think thetechfever is the perfect name for spreading around the kind of electrifying feeling which a new technology or your newest discovery brings in you.

    If given chance i would use the name to spread the recent innovations , the spectacularly amazing inventions and re-inventions , share tips, advice and guides to carve your way out of the net. I can very well use it spread the electrifyng feeling which i get and get it viral .

    Just two words can describe the give away in best ” HATS-OFF”.

    This give-away is again one-of-a-kind and are gonna set precedents for all of us out there trying to spread message through blogging. It just does the thing right i.e”connect with the readers for all times” and let them not just read you but a chance to stand by you . Its always not possible for all to setup a blog with a good domain and this is because of all kinds of reasons starting with cost and ending at support. This give away does the right thing of giving them a platform, a direction and a encouragement.

  8. Hi Vashit ,Great Giveaway bro..I like TechFever.com is the my favourite domain name bro,,,Hoping i may win this Giveway ..:)

  9. Most useful Give Away of the year, I must say…This great giveaway would be very useful to me my Favorite
    thetechfever.com Thanks to Yogesh Vashit and Avi Jit :)

  10. Wow!! Super Giveaway, I favorite domain is ‘thetechfever’ :) Nice name.
    Hope you come up with other such giveaways for other niches.

  11. Hope this giveaway i take away. :)

    Really looking forward for the winning results.

    Btw this is a very good attractive giveaway.Good luck on your blog.

    Keep Blogging :)

  12. Ok this is great. Just came to know from Facebook. Opened the site, surely good one.
    Now will you rich guys have any problems if I win this? Hopefully all of you will have. Not a problem lets see.

  13. I would like to have TechHonor.com. Thanks for the giveaway Avi. I would like to ask something to you:

    * Is this a random giveaway?

    * Are these domains already registered? If yes, then are they dropped?

    1. Hi! Naser. The high scorers will win the giveaway. And the domains are new and are already registered. As the results are out, I’ll transfer them to the winners. What do you mean by ‘dropped’?

  14. Yesssss I have Won.. I Got TechHonour.com :)

    Thanks For the Giveaway :)

    Special Thanks to Avi jit,,Yogesh :) Thanks a lotttttttt 😀 😀

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