Top 6 Google SEO Tips For Your Present & Upcoming Websites in 2013

The google seo tips 2013Search Engine Optimization has become one of the primary factors in success of any website or blog and so the time we invest to learn the Google SEO Tips is really important.

The quantity of content in modern day’s blogosphere has increased to such a great number that making your own website stand out is becoming difficult day by day. And in 2013 I will be even difficult. And so I’m here to help you.

As the image in the right says, this article will carry only those SEO tips which are really advised by Google. The Google SEO tips that we will share with you are still working and hopefully they will always be the best ways to optimize a blog or a website.

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So the top 6 Google SEO techniques which can bring a visible change to your website’s daily stats are:

1. Content is always the King!

You may take lots of advices from SEO gurus, apply all the Google SEO tips, but the prime factor that can lead it to success is the ‘Content’. Having good content is the most important criteria for any search engine while ranking your website. So make sure that the content you generate is plagiarism free, easily understandable, genuinely helpful and informative.

Google wants what readers want. So if you can fulfil the demands of the searcher then that means Google will love your blog and will rank you higher.

Important: Great Blog Ideas to create content that people love to read and share.

Follow these general guidelines:

  • Do not stuff your content with keywords as it will look suspicious and fake to Google. Maintain a healthy ratio of 1%-3%.
  • Do not rewrite any article. Look up for the top ranking articles in Google for the topic you want to write about and come up with even better piece of content.
  • Follow Google’s self-defined criteria for generating and posting content.

2. Title, Tags, Images and Description:

The title of your articles should always be catchy and searchable. This should be able to attract people from social sites and search engines. Again, use of tags and description is also important as Google check them to make idea on what topic your content is.

Read these Google SEO tips:

  • Do not write titles that don’t reflect the actual content contained in the body of the article.
  • Use Meta tags in your articles as well as in the embedded images. Try optimizing images.
  • Make sure that Meta tags are related and you do not over-optimize the content by adding too many tags.
  • Make sure that meta description is engaging as this also appears on the search engine pages.
  • Do not target more than 2 or 3 keywords for a single article.

3. Maintain Healthy Social Profiles:

Social Media has become the most popular medium for people to connect and communicate online. And lots of website owners and bloggers drive traffic from them. People also share the best things on social sites. And so Google takes Social Media as a signal to rank sites higher. So optimizing your social profiles is one of the most important Google SEO tips.

If a person with 200 friends on Facebook hits the like button on your content, it guarantees that you will get at least 4 or 5 more views on this article. With a catchy title and good content, this can make your content go viral and give you thousands of views.

Important: My Blog Growth is all because of Social Media.

Use the following tips for social media sharing:

  • Make a website page on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
  • Post your updates daily at a time when maximum users are expected to be online.
  • Engage with your customers or readers as much as you can to get more recognition.
  • If you want to share multiple links, share them with a suitable gap of at least 30 minutes.
  • If you expect a post to get many comments or likes, also post it on sharing forums like Reddit, Pinterest and Stumble Upon.

4. Make Links to, and from Reliable Websites:

Backlinking was just becoming a very spammy work. Many were creating link farms to earn money which has no value. Google thus released updates like Panda and Penguin to kick them off. With time Google has become intelligent and now it can distinguish between a natural link and an artificially created link. My suggestion is to build links with out of the box ideas.

Important: Link Building Mistakes Penalized my blog.

Follow these tips to get the best results from backlinks:

  • Do not make more than 2 links from the same domain name.
  • Try to put the link into an article rather than sidebar so that only 1 page points towards your site.
  • Try not to do reciprocal linking as this is sometimes viewed as spammy by Google.
  • Choose the anchor text to be one of the keywords your website is targeting.
  • Always link to or link from quality sites which have relevant content and good authority.

5. Use Responsive Theme or Create Mobile Website:

Many bloggers are willing to spend a lot of cash to make an attractive website but they do not care about its mobile version. According to recent surveys, the number of search queries via mobile devices is increasing rapidly. Tablet PCs and large screen mobiles are making more and more people view your mobile site and if you haven’t prepared it well, you are going to lose some following. People browse very differently on mobiles and PCs so do not think that the PC version will suffice. You will have to develop a separate mobile site that is user-friendly and targeted towards mobile users.

Important: StudioPress Genesis Themes are responsive across all devices.

Some important points are:

  • If you’re running a WordPress blog then use plugins like “WP Touch” to get a mobile version of your site.
  • And if you don’t want any hassles or plugin work then you can just apply a genesis theme which is responsive across all devices.
  • If you run a site the you can use apps or services which can create mobile versions of your site. Try Ginwiz and Langoor.

6. Work with the best SEO Optimization Tips.

Above all the Google SEO tips there are tips which people follow to keep their site ahead of others, and this part is completely essential and you also need to work a lot. But it’s not that hard. It’s very easy, or we can say that it get’s easy with experience.

The most essential tips are:

  • Do keyword research with Adwords tool to find best keywords to target.
  • Pick up the highly searched and low competitive keywords.
  • Use Plugins like WordPress SEO to work on On-page optimization.
  • For more features and better optimization use premium plugins like SEOPressor.
  • Comment and guest post on authority blogs and link from them with your anchor text to target and rank for the keyword.

Search Engine Optimization may seem to be a very expensive and difficult process but if you try to look at it more closely, it is a very simple process. You just need to learn the Google SEO tips and work with them to rank higher on SERPS and attracts more traffic to your blog or website.

If you are starting a new business, then you can try using AdWords and Pay Per Click Programs to advertise your business. This will give your website a quick start.

I hope the simple Google SEO tips mentioned above will help you make a great improvement to your website.

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Raza is a digital marketing specialist and holds years of experience in reviewing small to medium size companies. He helps them in designing and developing their online marketing strategies. You can find him tweeting about random stuffs on Twitter.


  1. I guess the summary would be, “Play a fair game and Google will respect it” Though it is as simple as that it takes most of the bloggers years to realize that they cannot outwit Google. The sooner they do the better. Must say that the article was good for newbies and if followed would deliver results. For me it was a quick revision of what I learnt through time. Would love some more insight on Keyword research using Adwords. Try if you could cover that in the next article to come.


    • You are right, one cannot simply outsmart Google by producing non compelling content. Yea, a lot of it is pretty much said already, but it is always good to come with fresh perspective. I shall try to come up with a keyword research post, but one can try Google keyword tool and Wordtracker to get things moving.

      • Word tracker? Now thats some thing new for me. Will try it out. Btw where do you blog yourself? There wasn’t a blog/website url in the author bio and your twitter profile is connected to mobile phones website (not much of interest to me!) But i suppose you might be writing on blogging somewhere..?

  2. I think fresh and compelling content plays a major role in getting ranked. If that content contains long tail targeted keywords, then we can atleast expect more.

    • Compelling sure. It is always good to write as per your domain strength, do not punch above your weight e.g a domain with DA of 30 won’t be benefiting from writing on extremely competitive keywords, this is why it is always good to start off with long tail keywords.

  3. Very informative post, I loved the tip to keep a healthy social media presence. Thanks. :)

    • Having a healthy social media presence has become an extremely important factor, if you have one then down the line you can rely on your dedicated subscribers to contribute towards your website,

  4. Well, using ‘em all but getting stuck with Social Profiles :-(. Apart from all those other tactics can anyone tell me what hard work do I need to enhance my site’s social media inclusion ?

    • Emphasize on your blog, put your social widgets on prominent places on your site so that people contribute towards your content. Also network with authority users in your vertical, share their content, communicate with them etc.

  5. Very nice article and seriously I am confused just bcoz I lost 25% bcoz of latest Google Panda Update and this article will surely help me to get my traffic back with the tactics that you shared in this article thanks again :)

  6. Good article. I love the points above because if we follow them then we will never get a Google Algo Hit. :D

  7. This is so cool i love it….gud work

  8. Hello!
    Diversify Your Traffic Sources is the main and most important tip for this year, in my opinion. However, I have failed to have a social media marketing strategy last year and must improve my social activity. Have added Google+ button and now it’s time to create Pinterest account. Cheers!

  9. I would like to add one more point is that now a days Article Directories doesn’t have much value, so we must try to focus more on Web 2.0 sites like stumbleupon, hubpages, squidoo.

    • Yes, it is better to avoid them, but you can occasionally find a decent one, but then if you find one,t hen atleast do justice with your article and produce quality, don’t use over optimized back links.

  10. To get success in online marketing. Search Engine Optimization is one of the best method to get visibility in Search engine result Page(SERP).

    I am extremely very happy to find such kind of post. Of-Course in 2013 Content is the king of Ranking factor or we can say “Content” is primary factor.

    In 2013 we have to very careful. If we will not then might be possible you websites / Blog is penalize or cache by panda and penguins. We have to follow White hat SEO.

  11. Hey Raza, very informative tips. It has always been very tough to create a rock solid content consnstenty even for pro bloggers. We hear time and again to write an original content but hardly get to see the real definition of it and ways to do that. I have just started a blog and would surely implement all the above tips.

    Hey Avi, I am back again. SkyHiT BloG happens to be the first blog where I made a comment. Now I am back again with a blog to ask you guys to keep blogging always!!


    • Hey Koj, glad that it is your first comment after coming back. I agree, there needs to be unique ideas, they got to be interesting enough to grab user attention as well. That can lead to a good piece of content.

  12. Thanks for the great tips. With all the updates google has been doing it is important to clean up your sites and make sure you are doing your SEO properly.

  13. Andrew Kelly says:

    Google has grown very intelligent with the passage of time and there is no doubt that it will keep on becoming more intelligent with time. There was a time when backlinking was really easy and even black hat SEO worked. But today, hard work is the only thing that pays off. Now, there are now shortcuts to the top. Given the current situation all the webmasters should be even more mindful about the strategies they use for search engine optimization as with time, the Google algorithm will only become more intelligent. The six tips you have mentioned are the key to success for any new blogger or website owner.

  14. Good info mate, but I think tags are more important now.
    Also meta description, Google is not relying only on meta description anymore. You can see that it`s considering content in the post.
    BTW all other points are good and very helpful if followed.


  15. “Engage with your customers or readers as much as you can to get more recognition.” Engagement is huge and only going to grow! After actively using twitter on virtually a daily basis I’ve come to the conclusion that if you don’t know how to reach customers through twitter you’re really missing out.

    And yes… content is king! :)

  16. Optimizing title tags, linking to some high value outgoing links, responsive design and publishing quality content will definitely help seo for up and coming blogs in 2013 :-)

  17. Great content without the other points listed here wont do much. nice article i must say, explicit and straight to point.

  18. Nice post and some nice comments.

    I like your statement Harsh “Play a fair game and Google will respect it” – it’s true. If you do that and keep the quality high you won’t go far wrong.

    I guess the big thing this year is the next penguin and its impact. Keep away from those link networks…

  19. Thanks for the tips. I try to incorporate these into my blog and it has certainly helped. The only one that I honestly have not embraced is to create a mobile website using a responsive theme. All I’ve done to address that is install the WPTouch plugin. Any thoughts about that plugin? My site isn’t very complex. So, to me, my site looks fine on the mobile devices that I’ve tested it with.

  20. While Reading this post me i have got some diplomatic ideas related to search engines and social media sites they are the only way to find the best I SEO thanks for the share of useful tools

  21. This is really an informative post for the beginners. Thanks for sharing. You should have to make sure that you are doing your SEO properly for your blog or website. Unique content creation & Title tag optimization are the major points for this.

  22. My site has almost lost the traffic but I am sure, this article will help me to get back on track!

  23. Nice Work!
    These are easy things to make a nice seo on your blog for those don’t have much experience on Advanced SEO.
    Anyway I miss something, quite easy, for everyone!!

  24. Very Very Informative and Mandatory news for me.. Thank you Sir

  25. I have been looking for new SEO techniques that is more effective than the usual seo strategies that we have been using since before. I’ve been hit by Google Panda and Penguin and right now I am so eager to get back on track. I’m doing research right now, reading lots of articles on how one site stay on the first page of Google. Thanks for sharing this valuable post, helps me! Cheers!

  26. I do agree with you we can get a good rank on the search engine (Google) by adopting these tips .
    SEO have becoming more difficult because of Google update its algorithm again and again .
    Your blog is very informative and helpful for me.
    Thanks for sharing good information.
    Best regards,

  27. It looks very nice tips to me and i will follow them to get better results for my clients. Some times i am really confuse about Google requirements that i know some sites they don’t follow the Google rules but they are appearing on top rankings….

  28. Sahil garg says:

    Hi admin
    Nice article enjoyed every line of it. Yeah content is always king , but need proper seo to get high rank in SERP.
    Thanks for sharing it with us

  29. I am a new blogger and I completely agree with these 6 tips. I am now using seo optimization I have kept a few of visitors.
    I haven’t tried anything like what you’ve mentioned before …just been a basic steady content focus while I try to figure out how to massively increase my traffic. GLAD I found your site so I can learn and apply this stuff!

  30. re @Mohammed Abdullah Khan : I think fresh and compelling content plays a major role in getting ranked. If that content contains long tail targeted keywords, then we can atleast expect more.

    i agree with you, and dont forget author rank is important, for SEO.

  31. Ranjeet says:

    I am agree all tips of SEO.I am also work on SEO last 3 year,this is very hard-full task for increase traffic. All traffic depend your website content,content is king of oragnic traffic your website.Use good keywords related to website product services,Create a fresh article not copied and use keyword 0.05 ratio.Use Meta tag (1 to 5 keywords),as well as use Meta description(165 words) .Google search engine search the firstly description so I advise to you create description related to website article words.

  32. I agree to all of your tips..But I also change my strategy for my website but my website not perform well…I worked on Article, Blog, SB, DS but i fail to got rank what i do..

    My website:

    Plz frnds tell me your new ideas.

  33. Do agree with this post, These Seo tips are awesome, well I believe in content is king always for all new google updates also…

  34. Hi Raza

    Thanks for the tips. I recently published a blog post with some effective and simple ways to increase Google search rankings.

    I think the key today is to be as authentic and relevant as possible. Start creating content that is more for users and less for Google, as ironic as it sounds!

    Thanks again


  35. Yeah, you are right, avoiding unnecessary and crappy content and using social media as shield is indeed very helpful. Thanks for info.
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  36. > Do keyword research with Adwords tool to find best keywords to target.
    > Pick up the highly searched and low competitive keywords.
    > Use Plugins like WordPress SEO to work on On-page optimization.

    I do agree with this . Having the right keywords helps a lot in increasing the traffic on your site.

  37. I think, effective keyword analysis using Google keyword tool is the most important part one must focus on. Once you have solid keywords, then getting back links from high PR website is second most important factor. Yes, content plays a major part too. Thanks for the tips, totally worth recommending on social platforms.
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  38. Keyword research is deadly important. Awesome post! Cheers :)
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  39. Great post ! some nice ideas and quality tips, with the change in Google’s algorithm SEO has become very critical and doing it within the policy of Google is of paramount importance as overdoing SEO also can kill a site.

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  41. Hi Raza,

    Thanks for sharing. I think what most bloggers doesn’t see it is the fact that there are so much need for mobile responsiveness. Gone were the days where we browse through laptops or computers. We are on tablets and smartphones now.

    If you want to grow your presence and go better in SEO, yes it is important to have mobile responsive.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  42. Nice Post….but my suggestion is to use responsive theme instead of creating mobile site

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  44. Raza I am totally agree with you that SEO is most essential part to increasing traffic and rank of Blog and sites. The tips that you are mentioning essential to create a quality website. We should emphasize on the first tip that is quality Content. Google gives rank quickly with quality and relevant.

  45. Great Information. I really agree your points. I Need to follow this for my website. Thanks for all your tips. It’s Really Helped Me!

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