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Social Media Strategy

With the help of social media everyone has the ability to share comments, criticism can spread much faster than before. It is therefore extremely important for a company to listen to what customers are saying about them.

One way to avoid bad rumors is to implement customer service on social networks. Thus, you give each of your customer a good personal support. In addition to resolving the problem, you can show your prospects that you are available for help. And you can also develop as a sustainable relationship with them.

Check out this pic which I found on flickr (@thefreshpeel).

Social media strategy

In short, you need to think and take action. Then PLAN!

10 ways to Develop and Grow your Business through Social Media.

1. Develop the awareness of your brand.

Using Social Media to grow your business and develop brand awareness is a key objective for marketers. Millions of people discuss and share content on social networks. And this is precisely what benefits their businesses. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. draw attention to a brand. And they generate more traffic to a website. Social platforms allow to showcase expertise while providing access to a wider audience.

2. Don’t underestimate the power of video.

Take the time to create a YouTube page for your company or product. Content can range from simple user manual with a detailed description of your products. This really helps to grow your business.

3. Include events in your social media strategy.

Social media is particularly effective in promoting all types of corporate events. Social networks allow you to grow your business by telling people about your in-store promotions and events. You can also involve friends, fans or followers who are not on-site by sharing content, posts and comments.

4. Show your presence on social networks.

To grow your business you need to gain more fans or followers. And this help is done by social media. You just need to let people know that you are present on social networks. You can use marketing channels such as your website, your newsletters, sales literature or sales outlets to get contact with them. Tell your targeted audience where they can find you and why it is interesting to follow you.

5. Regularly reward your Fans and Followers.

The first step to grow your business is to acquire new fans and followers and offer something to them for free. Then you need to encourage them to stay, and offer them regular coupons, discounts or contests.

6. Promote and advertise your business.

Test different ads on different networks. Advertising on social networks can help to promote your brand or products. Advertisements are effective and an interactive basis for the success of your advertising campaign. Different channels offer different possibilities for this and helps you to grow your business.

7. Use social media as a sales channel.

In addition to developing awareness and loyalty, the main objective of business is obviously the sale of products and services. Much of your prospects spend some time on social networks.  Therefore, it is important to be present with a business page to arouse the interest of users and encourage them to purchase. Recommendations, feedback and reaction to other customers can positively influence the buying decision of other users. Try offers with limited time, to create a buzz marketing effect.

8. Measure the effectiveness of your activities.

A key challenge for companies on social networks is a measure of the performance of campaigns and activities, which is why analysis softwares were created. This helps to check the growth of your business.

9. Use social media for product launches.

It is obvious that every brand wants to launch its new product by attracting maximum attention on the market. In most cases, product launches are very expensive and require significant resources. Social networks are totally appropriate for the introduction of a new product on the market.

10. Extend the efforts on social media sites.

In addition, you can “extend” the efforts on social media to other communication channels such as email marketing, TV commercials or advertisements. Social networks increase your reach and allow you to reach audiences that you would not necessarily have been able to reach through other channels.

About the Author:

This post is written by Sonia Jackson. She is a guest blogger and a freelance writer. She writes about social media and recent trends.

Editor: Avi Jit

Music Lover. Blogger. Dreamer. I've co-founded → 10 ON 10 DESIGNS. Talk with me on Facebook | Twitter | Google+.

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  1. Hi Sonia,
    Social media is a huge part of Internet today so any online business with a carefully planned social media strategy definitely is missing a big share of the cake. This is good material to encourage and guide them.

    Enstine Muki recently posted…Little known method to ATTRACT popular bloggers to your blogMy Profile

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  2. Social media has become the most powerful way these days to make an effective growth.These are some really good strategies you have mentioned here.Thanks for sharing
    abhishek recently posted…Top 5 Smartphone Brands In MarketMy Profile

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  3. Social media plays a major role in growing our business easily and fast too. i’ve already experienced avout the advertising on facebook is so great it can easily make a good growth.

    thanks for the wonderful post.
    Rajkumar Jonnala recently posted…Top 5 Fitness Apps for AndroidMy Profile

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    • Ads on Facebook can help your business in the best way)

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    • I still haven’t used social media advertisements but have read some good reviews about Facebook advertisements. I will try to give it a shot in near future.

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  4. This is such a great blog post! Really Social Media can help us to grow our business. Appreciating the hard work you put into your site. It’s an awesome blog.

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    • You’re right. Social Media Power. Thanks for your words about my blog…

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  5. Thank you for this advice! I have currently been trying to grow my traffic through Facebook and Twitter. It is definitely a process. Thanks again!
    Maegan recently posted…Eat Well Travel OftenMy Profile

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  6. Nice tips i can add one point here, try to provide different types of free service to your followers on social media. This will help you in developing better relations with them.
    Vivek recently posted…Micromax A116 Canvas HD OveriewMy Profile

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  7. Social Media is the key in today’s blogging
    If you can’t socialize,then rather quit blogging .

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  8. These are some really good strategies. I have to admit that i am not following everything mentioned above but then things should be done when you feel it’s the right time.

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  9. In today’s business world Social Media is playing a huge part in effective growth of a business. The strategies that you have mentioned above in your blog is really very useful.

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  10. Awesome tips sonia…Videos are one of the best tool to get tons of visitors.

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  11. I am just starting to leave how social media can grow my blog. I love the idea of giving away something for free. I try to have a monthly givewaway on my site. It has not been as succesful at keep my readership like I would want it but I think that in time, it will help me. I have to remember that my site is still really young.
    Cynthia recently posted…Why is there so much uproar about my rights and my breast?My Profile

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  12. I have learned a few more things from this article.Yes I too believe Social media can be traffic route as well.And it can truly help in branding.Thanks

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    • Just social media has helped sites like 9GAG to go higher. It depends on niche, different topics are to be played differently.

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