8 Need-to-Know Tips for Every Full-Time Freelancers



Freelancing -I hope you’ve heard this word before. Freelancing means simply doing any kind of online jobs for others in return for money. Some becomes freelance writer, some becomes freelance designer and some becomes freelance DJ. There are many such jobs out there.

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Now if you’re going to become a full-time freelancer, there are many things that have to be taken into consideration before taking the plunge. It really doesn’t matter what kind of service you’re offering up, as it’s not easy to become a successful full-time freelancer in any field. But, here we have some tips which may help you to get in to freelancing.

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Some of the tips that may help you to become a successful freelancer are:

1) Keep a Schedule.

So you’re working at home now and there isn’t anyone telling you what to do. But just because you’re at home doesn’t mean that you can wake up whenever you want, take extended lunches, and stay on Twitter all day long. This is where a schedule comes in handy. Create a routine that helps you maintain productivity and stick to it. Feel free to “reward” yourself throughout the day with breaks, but make sure you stay on your original schedule. Otherwise a distracting snowball effect can occur and ruin your whole days schedule.

2) Multiple Jobs.

You want to make sure that the pipeline of incoming job prospects is always healthy and full. The fewer clients you have, the more that they can negatively impact your business if they leave you for any reason. Essentially you are insulating yourself with clients so that you don’t feel a “hit” as hard when someone leaves or cancels.

3) Look Before You Leap.

Before you take the leap into becoming a full-time freelancer, you need to make sure you know what you are getting into. Have projects already lined up before you completely quit your full-time job. The last thing you want to do is burn all of your bridges and not be successful.

4) Taxes.

Taxes are different when you are a freelancer. Obviously you’re not under the umbrella of employment, so you’re going to have to be organized with financial information that affects your business when tax time rolls around. All receipts and expenses need to be tracked on a regular basis to make sure that nothing gets out of control over the course of the year.

5) Paperwork.

You need to keep very good paperwork and records. The details of your business will need to be tracked in case disputes of any kind come up later. Hours logged, client contracts, proposals, and tax information, are all examples of paperwork that you’re going to have to be religious about keeping up with.

You won’t always be able to avoid a confrontation; but if disputes do come up, as long as you have all the necessary paperwork (contract, emails, etc) you can typically show the person that they are in the wrong with the evidence you have, or even defend yourself in court if needed. One word of caution: if court action is a possibility, even if you know you’re in the right, make sure you research court costs before going to court. It may be worth it to take a monetary loss if it’s less than the estimated cost of court.

6) Networking.

Since you’re on your own now, you need to get out there and network. By networking you are able to possibly spread your services to other businesses that need the work you provide. This is also a great way to build relationships in the industry that can be fruitful later. You’re not employed anymore, so you don’t have that strength in numbers advantage. You’re going to have to lean on people eventually, and going to networking events is the perfect opportunity to meet people like this.

7) Plan for Slow Times

Every business has down time, it’s natural. When you are a freelance worker you are also going to experience slow downs in your workload. Make sure and plan for this by setting a regular saving schedule.

8) Stay Active.

You can literally sit in front of your computer all day as a freelancer. But I’ll suggest you to take some small breaks. You can spend time by getting outside, working out or doing a different activity. This will help break up the time and keep you highly productive.

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There’s no question about it, being a freelancer is a full-time job. Working for yourself has many administrative aspects that don’t have anything to do with the work that you’re fulfilling for the client. All the same, it’s important not to overlook these factors as they are a critical part of your business. Hopefully these tips will help you avoid common pitfalls that first time freelancers fall into.

Got some more tips? Let me know in the comments below.

About the author:

Jared is the co-founder of Heroic Search, a Dallas Area SEO agency.

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  1. Jared had said very well in the post stating the tips and tricks to be followed by the each Freelancherr like maintaining schedule, filling taxes and many other important points.

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    • Yes, maintaining a schedule is really important. Thanks for commenting…

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    • Every works need regularity.Scheduling and making strategies while blogging is important from my point of view as there are many things which has to be done during blogging.Thanks for this…
      Ashmita recently posted…Tottenham Hotspur Kept Their Dream Alive.My Profile

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  2. Avi this is a very unique article you know…Nice written by Jared.Scheduling is important in freelancing.Yes we need some certain strategies as day by day freelancers are increasing along with new blogs.Thanks

    Post a Reply
  3. Hi Jared,
    Being a freelancer just like any other job is never an easy stuff at all neither is it a rocket science. Many people has tried and failed in the field before and that is simply because they lack the knowledge to carry them along.

    That’s where the phrase….. No one plans to fail, but some fails to plan come in. Seriously, if you know what you’re doing and how to do it the, freelancing business will be so easy for you.

    Another tip is customer relation/service. That is also one thing that needs to be taken seriously.

    Thanks for sharing man.

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    • I really do agree with that if you fail in something then it doesnot mean others who are getting success are using some rocket science. Planning and continiuous working is must in freelancing along with your behaviour towards your work.

      Thanks Nishant for posting and important topics for monetization. freelancing is also ver potential source and as important as other methods.
      asim nawaz recently posted…How to Install Antivirus on infected Systems ?My Profile

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  4. A great work Jared,
    One tip you shared here that i really agree with is about Paper work. There is a saying that the shortest paper is better than the longest word.

    This is to say that having everything properly written on paper when you’re doing any work for a client is something any freelancer should not joke with at all.

    We’ve all heard of some cases where a freelancer finished a clients work and the clients said that he did not do what they agreed and therefore, rejected the work. But the freelancer is very sure of their agreement but he didn’t write it down.

    He ended up refunding the clients money. I believe that if he had written everything they agreed on down, it would have been easier for him.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    • That’s very true Theodore. This is exactly why it’s critical to keep track of any work done, and even notes on meetings that you have with the client.

      Thanks for reading.

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  5. Triberr is really very nice for bloggers to discuss. Nice place to talk about blogging and meet some good bloggers. Thanks :)

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  6. Great advices regarding to how to manage freelancer life. These all points are important, #8 Stay Active. If you done a little work we are going to inactive stage.Who always stay active they live happy life.

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  7. Well, this is one the best posts I’ve ever read. Freelancing is not everyone’s cup of it, it has several cons as well as pros, as mentioned in earlier comments. Having multiple jobs definitely helps.
    Gautham Nekkanti recently posted…Download Highway Rider Game for PCMy Profile

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  8. One tip you shared here that i actually believe is concerning Paper work. there’s a motto that the shortest paper is best than the longest word

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  9. All good sound advice that we need to hear again and again. It is not easy, and it is a very steep learning curve starting out. I think that at this stage for us, it is the networking that is the hardest. However can never make anything of it if we don’t keep trying. Regards, Paula

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  10. Keeping a proper schedule and networking with others are the best things you should do as a freelancer. I have tried freelancing but never got the hold of it so I started focusing on other things.
    However this post is superb and will surely benefit the freelancers :)

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  11. Hiii Jared,
    Thanks for sharing these Ultimate tips and tricks for Full-Time Freelancers. We all know that freelancer is a full-time job and full-time job means all the works should be done in a proper way and within fix time schedule. Above mentioned all the points sharing a unique thought about work of Full-Time Freelancers. i learnt many thing from this article. thanks again Jared…!!
    Amit Kumar recently posted…Do You Know About These Google Products and Services?My Profile

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