Internet Download Manager Free Lifetime Key: Enjoy 5X Faster Downloading

Hello! All… :)

You might have already figured out that this post is a giveaway of the popular download manager IDM.


Yes, it’s the giveaway of Internet Download Manager Free Keys.

Before too we gave away Internet Download Manager Free Keys and now we are going to do that again. But this time this giveaway is lot more exciting as we are going to give Lifetime key of the software but not just 1 year valid keys.

Probably IDM is the only software which is so easy to hack?

You might have encountered Internet Download Manager Serial, Internet Download Manager Crack, patches and keygens in various pirated and illegal sites, and many are also using them; but the bad news for them is that IDM Team will soon release newer version of the software which will be unable to activate in an illegal way. Yah! true…

  • The newer version will only be available for the buyers but not for Internet Download Manager Free users. So even hackers will have to pay for it. :P
  • The software will only be able to activate online only and no offline activation method will work then. This will stop the piracy as offline keys will not work.

These features will come in a future time and this will stop the piracy of this awesome software. So if you’re using an illegal key then it’s time you get a genuine one by either buying or taking part in this giveaway.

Yes, IDM is the world’s No. 1 File Downloading Software.

  • Super Fast Downloading Speed and User friendly Interface makes IDM the most popular internet download manager in the world.
  • It’s currently the #1 file downloading software in the market with an affordable price and free future updates.
  • It downloads files at a 5X speed and you can even download YouTube Videos at that high-speed and enjoy the internet.
  • IDM makes playing with the net easy and enjoyable, and that’s what keeps it ahead of other Internet Download Managers…

You can read my full review on Internet Download Manager here.

Why I like IDM? Why it’s so awesome?

I’ll highlight the best features of IDM over here…

Easy Downloading and Super Fast Speed.

When you want to download something and click on the download button IDM automatically takes it over and downloads that file for you at more than regular speed. It increases the downloading connections and downloads the file 5X faster.

Quick Way to Download Anything…

Have you saved some download links of videos or zip files to download later? You can now download them just by pasting the download link on IDM. It’s damn easy to download anything with IDM.

Downloading YouTube Videos with a click.

I know that you like watching YouTube videos but ever wanted to download them? Now with IDM you will always get a “Download this video” button while playing a video. And just by clicking it you can get the video in required resolution and enjoy it on your media player.

Support and Compatibility.

Support and compatibility, yeah the best thing about IDM is that it supports all the popular browsers. And also that it can download almost all types of files, it may be music, video, pdf, doc, image etc…

Other features that I genuinely love.

  1. Pause downloading and resuming later.
  2. Shutdown PC after downloading.
  3. Scheduling downloads.
  4. Grouping every kind of files etc…

So, in my opinion Internet Download Manager is the best download manager, and now it’s your time to buy it or get Internet Download Manager Free through our giveaway…

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Below is the way to download Internet Download Manager Free Version. You can try the software for 30 days and buy a key after that. And if you win a key from us then you can use that key to activate your version.

You can win Internet Download Manager Free full version keys by entering the giveaway.

or Install Internet Download Manager Free version (30 days) now.

Collect more points and grab a $29 worth of key for free.


So what are your views? Are you going to Install Internet Download Manager free version now?

Update: The 1 Year IDM License Key winners are:

  1. Rahul Chowdhury.
  2. Saikumar.
  3. Fahim.
  4. Alex.
  5. SamKar.
  6. Jay.
  7. Jignesh.
  8. Jack.
  9. Mukesh.
  10. Jijin.
  11. Nizam.
  12. Son Nguyen.
  13. Sibin.
  14. Rajeeb.
  15. Abhijit.

And the lifetime license key goes to: Subrata, Tblogger.

I’ve increased the no. of 1 year key winners from 10 to 15 because we had many contestants. I’ve already send the keys to some of the winners, will be sending others soon. If you’ve any queries then feel free to ping me on Facebook.

Congrats to everyone. Enjoy IDM. :)

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Editor: Avi Jit

Music Lover. Blogger. Dreamer. I've co-founded → 10 ON 10 DESIGNS. Talk with me on Facebook | Twitter | Google+.

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  1. Wow! Amazing post and excellent giveaway. Indeed, IDM is the world’s No. 1 file downloading software and all these features are well represented and described. Well, I too very much like pause/resume feature of IDM. I have entered the giveaway and hoping to get lifetime activation key. Thanks Avi for this awesome giveaway and tweeted :)

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  2. Great giveaway! I always install IDM after install Windows OS. I have entered the giveaway and hoping to get lifetime activation key.

    Thanks Avi!

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    • EXACTLY, it is great opportunity and i got a nice idea for my blog from here. Thanks admin.

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  3. I love IDM so much. The most interested thing in IDM is 16 connections at the same time. I hope to win one life time key as a reader of skyhitblog :)

    Thanks you so much for this giveaway :D

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  4. I like this software because i used this software to download YouTube videos and other online videos. It support almost all video sites. It is fast and powerful.I need one

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  5. Ohh woww !! This is what i wanted too..I can say IDM is Best Download manager ever compare to other download managers and its all features is just cool and amazing ! Hope that to get it! Thnx

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  6. Ah! Finally the much needed IDM giveaway! Thanks Avi for bringing this up. And hope I win. :)

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  7. Nice Giveaway. I used to use illegal keys. Hope I win this giveway

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  8. Hey Avi,Nice to see you coming up with new giveaway’s.Count me in ..

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  9. Woohoo..a very nice giveaway for a ComputerJunkie like me..Thanks Avi..

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  10. IDM is undoubtedly the BEST download manager I have ever seen. It’s amazing that it never disappointed me in harnessing the maximum speed possible from my internet connection & one click stable resume support. Also I love features like youtube video auto grabber & link replacing. Please count me in for this great giveaway. I have done all the steps you told accordingly. Hope I will win!

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  11. I like Internet Download Manager because it has useful features like fast download speeds auto resume functions. I need to download large files for my personal and project work and this program is just what I need to improve my daily tasks. Thanks.

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  12. Hi, thank you very much for this giveaway, IDM is one of my favourite softwares, but I’m still using a cracked version, I’ve been eager for a legal license key for a long time, I would be grateful if you could count me in, thank you for bring this for us!

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  13. Hey Avi Jit, Cool Giveaway bro. I really love IDM which is one of the best File Downloading Software. Fingers crossed. Thanks a lot for the Giveaway :)

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  14. Nice giveaway, I hope to win a key, IDM is really great.

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  15. I love this cool download manager.It will be a really amazing giveaway for me to win A LIFETIME IDM license key.So Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim :)) I hope to win Insha’Allah !

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  16. At First For An Unknown Reason I Did not Liked This Program , But While I started using this Then I Started Loving , Cause is Very Simple , Easy TO Use , Advance And Great Features .. Obviously iT Has Blazing Speed , I am Damn Sure NO Other Download Manger Can Compete with This, I cannot Describe This in Words ,

    BTW, Its Obviously An Exclusive Giveaway Forever !! :-) With Hope Entering Third Time in a give Of Skyhitblog.

    Thanks To you Avi.

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  17. Nyc Free IDM LifeTime Keys.. Really Was Looking For it

    Again Thanks

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  18. WOW, what a nice offer, I’m hoping to win the license key, as i am currently using the trial version of IDM.

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  19. the best downloading tool in the market. Unbeatable !!!

    Count me in !

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  20. Previously i have been using internet download manager but now i have other software using to downloads. I stopped this download manager because i lost key of that software … Now i got it from this website thanks a lot!

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  21. hello sir … thanx for sharing this post… i really need this becoz you know to download latest movies from internet we need IDM so please send it on my email id … i will be thankfull to you for this….. :)

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  22. Really IDM is a must have for every internet junkie. Certainly the best download manager out there!!

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  23. Thanks for giveaway IDM easy to download any thing on the internet and i am using this and my IDM license is going to exp so i don’t lost this good downloader count me in

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  24. “You will not get a lifetime key anywhere else, not even if you wish to buy it from the official site.”

    Get your facts right mate. All purchased key are/will be valid for lifetime.

    The only catch with lifetime IDM licenses are that you will not be able to update/upgrade it for lifetime. You will get 1 year of free update/upgrade and you will continue using your last updated version for lifetime.

    Whereas for 1 year licenses you will only be able to use it for 1 year (with full update/upgrade support within that span). After that the software will stop working, unless you buy or enter a new key.

    Hope now you have understood how IDM licenses work. And ohh please don’t count me for this giveaway.

    Good luck to all participants.

    Post a Reply
    • No Mate. This is a lifetime key and all updates are free for lifetime. But 1 year keys get expired. I think you should contact the Team and clear your doubts. The lifetime key is specially for SkyHiT BloG readers. :)

      Post a Reply
      • I am sorry if I sound rude.

        Look friend this is not a special case. I have seen atleast 100 IDM giveaways in my life and I know everything about it.
        Firstly check the link below to know what exactly is a lifetime license and why its not so special.

        As I have mentioned earlier, its clearly states that all purchased licenses are lifetime. It also states that you’ll just get 1 major update. So it again proves my point that you’ll not get lifetime update/upgrade on it.

        I would also like to break the myth here that you are the only site getting a lifetime license. No that’s not true actually. Every blog/blogger get a lifetime license for reviewing IDM. But they are selfish enough not to put that in the giveaway. I must thank you for your generosity in putting that lifetime license in the giveaway.

        Lastly you might ask how I know so much…. because I
        -am a blogger
        -am a software reviewer
        -hosted atleast 9 IDM giveaways
        -has got atleast 4 lifetime licenses and 8-10 1 year licenses

        Post a Reply
        • It’s ok.. I use IDM lifetime key and facing no issue. I’m getting all updates, support and features. I’ve not seen any major update yet so can’t say about it. But lifetime means lifetime activation, whereas 1 year keys stop getting updates or become useless after a year.

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  25. What I like with Internet Download Manager is the unique technology that they implemented while downloading the file. It dramatically speedup your download that noticeable to your eyes.

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  26. IDM is the best in its class. I never owned an IDM license key but I loved it in my brief trial usage. I could utilize the entire bandwidth of my internet connection and download files at blazing fast speeds and download my favorite videos from YouTube. I hope to win a key here so I can use this gem forever. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

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  27. Wow !
    My opinion : Internet Download Manager is the best download manager
    Thanks for giveaway :-)
    Please count me in !

    Post a Reply
  28. I like this software because it has many advantages compared to other software, its merits are with the feature to resume a file downloaded so very userfriendly

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  29. Fantastic news, this program is great, I want it to be and take part in the competition

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  30. I really like this really great software! The best of the best! thank you fir this nice giveaway and chance to win a lifetime license for this useful, powerful and needful software! IDM – forever! Thanks Skyhitblog!

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  31. I like IDM for faster downloading and pause downloading and resuming later

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  32. Hi, thank you very much for this giveaway, IDM is one of my favourite softwares, but I’m still using unlicensed version for a long time, I would be grateful if you could count me in, thank you for bring this for us.

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  33. Hi.
    I have long wanted to get the “Internet Download Manager”. I am glad of the opportunity to.
    I think the program needs no introduction, it is one of the best programs for downloading files, but nevertheless.
    What I like in IDM?
    Various methods of acceleration of loading, dynamic file segmentation and simultaneous downloading of several parts. Built-in scheduler for scheduled connection, supports firewalls, proxy and mirror, FTP, and HTTP. The integration of the major browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, and so on. Increases the speed of downloading files. Allows you to download videos from YouTube, Google Video, MySpaceTV.
    Best regards!

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  34. I like it because of it’s ability to capture video file directly from browser.

    Post a Reply
  35. Hi Avijit ,
    IDM the scheduler feature is the best

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  36. Personally I like this software because it SIMPLY WORKS, I havne’t seen other applications that actually grab all the links properly without getting stuck into redirections, .html downloads…

    Post a Reply
  37. Nothing to show more because this is a great promotional giveaway program ever!Internet Downloader Manager is a program to download the current good in the world, it can download most of the files, or any one thing that users want a super fast speed …. In shortit’s great!

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  38. i would like to get a key for my use as really IDM is a gem in present market for downloading any stuff from internet..

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  39. Hi!
    Wow – great giveaway – IDM is the best manager.
    Count me too …
    Thx & Good luck to all …

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  40. Hello

    This is a real great giveaway of IDM…
    I like IDM because of it simplicity and effectiveness…

    Good job at little time…

    I really need a key for IDM

    Please count me in


    Post a Reply
  41. Thank you for the givieaway! It looks like IDM offers all the features a download manager should have – multiple connections while downloading, download resuming, youtube video downloading, scheduling etc. I would like to win a free license for it.

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  42. IDM is the best download manager that I have ever used. Its user interface is the friendliest when it comes to manging downloads and it allows me to download media including video from sites easily. I love the multiple connections it makes to increase the speed of the downloads. Thanks for the giveaway.

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  43. Very cool. You gotta love the faster downloads and better management of downloading and downloaded files.

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  44. This is the best download manager. I hope to win. Thanks for a contest.

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  45. IDM is the world’s No. 1 file downloading software and all these features are well represented and described.
    I really like this really great software! The best !
    Thank you for this nice giveaway and chance to win a lifetime license for this useful, powerful and needful software!

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  46. IDM is easy to use and I treasure the ability to pause/ re-start downloads. My internet connection is very patchy with many disconnects. IDM is a lifesaver, especially on anything over 100MB.

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  47. I would like to use it as my main downloader software. Because I like downloading
    many things from the internet. So I think IDM is the best choice for me to compensate my wish..:-)
    Please count me in too Dear Avi.
    I wish to win this Giveaway.

    Post a Reply
  48. Great giveaway, I would like to grab the lifetime key!!

    Post a Reply
  49. Wow. one of the best download manager. count me. currently using the free version

    Post a Reply
  50. IDM had improved significantly over the years especially its speed, which is unbeatable, incredibly fast.

    Post a Reply
  51. It’s one of the best download managers, I think. Thanks a lot. Count me in, please.

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  52. IDM is very fast and Very much effective,integrate all browsers and very helpful for downloading by resuming…

    Post a Reply
  53. I think IDM is the best download manager out there. The combination of its parallel downloading, queueing, batch grabber and many more make it very very exciting. It’s easy to use and I’ve known many people who liked IDM even with just the trial. :D

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  54. IDM is the best download manager I’ve used, it’s amazing the speeds I get when I’m using it. A lifetime license is really tempting, I’m sure there’ll be hundreds of persons trying to get it.

    Post a Reply
  55. Thank you for this promotional giveaway.

    Thank you for the opportunity to possibly be a winner of a “Lifetime License”.

    I know that IDM is second to none in download managers.

    The only thing I can say about IDM is; fully functional, efficient and fast.

    IDM is definitely multifaceted in it’s operations; integrative with Internet Explorer (IE8) which thankfully works like a gem with that browser which is my default.

    If you have IDM you will never need to be concerned about another.

    I will keep my “THUMBS UP”!!!

    Post a Reply
  56. Thank you for the giveaway

    Please count me in

    Post a Reply
  57. I have tried numerous download managers- both free & paid- but none could beat IDM in case of download speed. for the same network, configurations, speed & link- IDM somehow gives the max speed. Wonderful.

    I would like to win a license for my use.

    Post a Reply
  58. Nice giveaway, I hope to win a key, IDM is really great.

    Post a Reply
  59. It’s one of the best download managers, I think. Thanks a lot. Count me in, please.

    Post a Reply
  60. Thanks for giveaway.
    Internet Download Manager is the best download manager.

    Post a Reply
  61. Great giveaway avi :)

    Post a Reply
  62. Nice giveaway, I have used IDM in Win 7, I would say, its an amazing software.

    Post a Reply
  63. IDM is the best down loading tool is the market…..i like it
    Specially its pause n resume functionality………

    Post a Reply
  64. IDM is the best software and popular download manager. great giveaway!

    Post a Reply
  65. i won!!! Thanks skyhitblog!

    Post a Reply
  66. Woohoo..thanks Avi,a surprise to me,,

    Post a Reply
  67. hurrreyyyy !! I won. its totally surprise to me ….

    Thanks Avi and SkyHiT BloG….. (Y)

    Post a Reply
  68. As, I’m now regular reader and visitor of skyhitblog, I will do my best to achieve next giveaway of SHB.

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  69. Aw, this was an incredibly nice post. Finding the time and actual effort to generate a great article… but what can I say… I hesitate a whole lot and never seem to get anything done.

    Post a Reply
  70. Wow..
    Great giveaway / contest.
    I hope I can have similar giveaway like this too.


    Post a Reply
  71. hey please my idm is only 30days activation after one month is as serial key.please help

    Post a Reply
    • Sorry! the contest is over.

      Post a Reply
  72. my idm ask serial key after 1 month .is not working,please help

    Post a Reply
  73. I’ve already puchased IDM.there appear an ‘update now’ option i click that after some moment IDM registration ask for serial number that i forget.Price of IDM is not possible for me to pay again.Plz advice me what i do plz

    Post a Reply
  74. Hey… my IDM was expiring with in just few days after the installation.. i was used every version and every build for the lifetime activation but i can\’t do it… so i decided to install IDM 7.1 in my PC and download its Serial Numbers, so i search it on google and i found it one site. so i download it and install it in my PC… I am feeling very pleasure to say that this try is happened my last and i got it for lifetime.I think this serial number is reliable for every version of IDM, so i recommended to all those people that are looking for IDM Serial Number for life time… they should download IDM 7.1.Regard maniCool

    Post a Reply


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