Internet Download Manager Full Version Download For Free #Review

I know that you are already aware about what the giveaway is, and also know that you are interested in it. :)

Internet Download Manager

The giveaway is: Internet Download Manager 1 Year License Keys.

If you’re new to this,

Internet Download Manager, also popularly known as IDM is a file downloading accelerator. It’s an awesome product that helps us in downloading files from the internet easily at an incredible speed. It speeds up downloading by 5x times.

Why I love Internet Download Manager?

Here are the Top 5 Features of Internet Download Manager (IDM):

#1. Downloads faster + Pauses, Resumes & Schedules Downloading.

As I already said, IDM accelerates downloading; but additionally it can also pause, resume and schedule downloads. You don’t need to worry about unwanted system restarts, unexpected connection lost and power cut as IDM automatically pause downloading and later resumes from the same point where it stopped.

When we download something it’s downloaded in 1 connection, but Internet download manager increases the connection up to 15. And so it’s amazingly fast.

#2. Supports all the popular browsers we use today.

A great feature of IDM is that it supports each and every browser available. You may be using Opera or Safari or Firefox or IE, IDM manages to start downloading as soon as you click on the download links.

#3. Downloads video from sites like YouTube directly.

It’s an awesome feature of IDM. When you play a file on YouTube a video grabber appears on the page and that allows you to download the video directly, just by clicking on it.

#4. Supported on each: From XP to Windows 8.

IDM runs smoothly on all windows operating systems. It works on xp, vista, 7 and 8 as well. Currently I’m using it on Consumer preview and I’ve never got any issues with it. It’s running like a charm.

#5. Carries some additional awesome features.

Apart from the above features Internet Download Manager has some awesome additional features like:

  • Dials up modem when connection is lost.
  • Has multilingual support, zip preview, categories etc..
  • Downloads files with varieties of extensions.
  • Scans a file after downloading for viruses.
  • Allows to shutdown PC after downloading completes.

Now, you know all the features and possibilities with IDM. So do you want it?

How to get internet download manager license key for free through this contest??

I’ve partnered with Tonec Inc. and have arranged some keys for this give away.

The contest will run from 23 July, 12 – 23 August, 12. So if you think you can win, then start earning points. The day when contest ends I’ll check who scored more. And within 48 hours I’ll announce 3 winners (top scorers). Each will receive a 1 year license key of internet download manager through email.

Start Earning Points through the widget:


Important Notes:

There are many sites on the net that provide illegal keys to activate and get Internet Download Manager Full Version. I just want to say that we should not support piracy; rather we should buy the products and support the product owner for creating good things. We should help him to make further developments in the product by buying his product.

Install Internet Download Manager Free version (30 days) now.

Why you shouldn’t download internet download manager from pirated sites?

  1. IDM stops working after a period due to illegal activation.
  2. Internet download manager asks for genuine pro key.
  3. No updates and support will be provided.

Why you should buy IDM from it’s owner?

  1. Get complete support from the IDM Team.
  2. No problem till the date your software has registration.
  3. All updates of IDM will be available till date.

66 thoughts on “Internet Download Manager Full Version Download For Free #Review

  1. I tried IDM and its very easy to start using straight away. All the features like resume interrupt downloads, queuing, etc provide a quick way to download files easily esp on a slow net connection. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Hello I have one Question?

    I have Unlimited BSNL Broad Band connection ( Rs 900 per month – 2MBps upto 8 GB after that 512 Kbps). I usually use Bitcomet for Downloading HTTP,FTP and Torrent.If i use IDM How much Downloading speed i Get? You Mentioned above as 5 X ,If you don’t mind tell me How much become Downloading speed at 2Mbps plan

    1. If you get 2MBPS constantly then you will surely get more than 5mbps, but it can even go to 10 Mbps as IDM increases the downloading connections up to 15 (Depends whether your system is downloading anything like updates in the background or not). :) And hey, you can’t download torrents using IDM. :(

  3. Nice giveaway,
    Guess what? I couple of weeks ago I have won this giveaway from Freakify, but was unlimited license.
    Thanks for this giveaway anyway,

    Ehsan U.

    1. Great bro. :)
      Here on SHB it’s the first giveaway, many giveaways are still to come up. May be in the next you get to see an unlimited licensed product.
      Hope for the best. :)

  4. Avi, I honestly loved your blog. It proved to be very advantageous to me and I’m positive to all of the followers here! Count me too. :)

  5. One of the best give away i have seen. Such an amazing give away!
    Thanks Avi for this give away and for your happy to help help attitude.
    Hope i will win it! Thanks a lot dude. :)

  6. I am a regular user of IDM its the best tool to download videos from youtube, songs, softwares and applications and i would have to re-install my windows every month for IDM to work as it asks for serial key and i cannot afford to buy it. Finally i got a way to grab it for free….thanks Abi for the valuable information.

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