Google To Favor @Mashable Even if They Don’t Produce Good Content?

Good Content Vs Link Popularity.

Do you know? Google love popular websites. If you don’t have link popularity but have only good content then you may not be favored by Google. So, is your website popular?

Google-Favor-Blogs Having Link Popularity?

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How I came to know that google favor popular sites?

No, I’ve not used any Link Checker Tool or Site Popularity Checker but from my research I came to know that:

  1. They index them faster as they have more links from quality sites.
  2. They mostly don’t hit age-old popular blogs with algorithm update. (exception is there)
  3. The popular blogs even get high ranks for short post. (some don’t contain informative content, but yet.)

By the way, when can a site be called popular?

Is a site called popular when it has more readers? or when it has a high Alexa Rank?

In terms of search engines, a blog or a website is called popular when it has a lot of links to it from quality blogs.

Let me tell you,

Generally there are 2 types of links to get link popularity:

i) Do-follow links: Search Engines follow them and respect the sites that acquired do-follow links naturally from good quality sites.

ii) No-follow links: Search Engines don’t follow them and they don’t add any value to the websites who acquired have no-follow links from other sites.

Benefits from do-follow links:

  1. Better SEO of a site.
  2. Helps in getting Page Rank.
  3. More Search Traffic (indirectly).
  4. More Direct Traffic (as they are also backlinks).
  5. More subscribers (indirectly) etc…

Benefits from no-follow links:

  1. More Direct Traffic. (directly)
  2. More blog subscribers. (indirectly)

The above mentioned are true if you have links from quality engaging blogs. The same may not be true for new blogs.

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panda-favor-good-content-blogsNow I’ve acquired quite a good amount of links from some good quality do-follow blogs by using my skills of Guest blogging. And so I’ve a good reputation in front of Search Engines. Now does that mean, even if I stop writing fresh and informative content I’ll still enjoy the benefits from Google? My blog will not be hit by panda and penguin updates?

OK! Leave me and my blog, My blog is just 8 months old and it’s not so popular yet; but if I talk about a super successful site like Mashable then??

Will Google favor Mashable even if they don’t produce any good content, only because they have link popularity?

I think Google will not favor them any more if they stop producing good content

Some newbie bloggers think like this:

  1. First I’ll write some good SEO optimized posts on my blog.
  2. I’ll do guest posting to acquire links and make my blog popular in front of Google.
  3. I’ll joing Link Popularity Campaign Services to increase my blog ranking.
  4. And when I would acquire good rankings for my keywords I’ll start adding any post to my blog, whether it is good or bad, whether it belongs to my niche or not (I don’t care), as my  links will easily achieve good ranks on Google if I do SEO.


Point 1 and 2 are all right because there they worked hard and achieved good rank. Poin 2, I doubt if all such campaigns use white hat techniques. But point 3 can’t be appreciated.

Can we do that?

Can we just work hard for some months, acquire some link popularity and then enjoy forever?

Working hard for 2 or 3 months and then posting anything on our blogs will never help, of course not in the blogging field. You’ve to be consistent with your work in order to achieve something in your life.

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Ok! A lot of thing said. Bored? Let’s watch a Matt Cutts video…

In the video Matt Cutts is answering a same type of question we are dealing with.

Good Content versus Link Popularity: Which is important?

In the video Matt Cutts says that they really respect sites that make a lot of natural links but he also adds that if a site stops providing good content then that site will not be favored by Google.

As I said in one of my post ‘Why I do keyword stuffing?’ that:


Link Popularity versus Good ContentAnd as far as Site Link Popularity goes, it’s equally important. Google keeps a balance between good content and link popularity.

A message to the newbies who likes to buy already established high-ranking sites:

If you ever buy a website that already has a lot of sites linking to it and has a got reputation in front of Search Engines, then don’t think that you won’t have to work hard.

Buying a good quality website does not mean that you will achieve good ranks for all of your new links automatically. For me it only means that you’ve a good website favored by Google and you are going to keep it and work more to Increase Link Popularity. You are not going to lose the respect that the search engines have shown to you but will work hard and maintain the position. You should not devalue the position that the site have earned through years of work and some Link Popularity Over Time.

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So, what do you think about this whole matter? Do share your thoughts on Link Popularity & Good Content…

45 thoughts on “Google To Favor @Mashable Even if They Don’t Produce Good Content?

  1. The points you mentioned in your article are really appreciable. Actually may such misconceptions are spread by some less experienced bloggers. I hope the newbies don’t get on those misconceptions.

    Hats off to you. You have put a lot of effort into this post. :)

  2. I think Google should not support blogs having low quality content. But Mashable and techcrunch are very good with high quality content.

  3. Great post that says quality is the most important thing in a blog. I just want to tell you that I’m beginner to blogging + site-building and I’m absolutely savored by your website. I’m likely to bookmark your website . You amazingly have beneficial articles. Bless you for revealing your website.

  4. Great article Avi. The way you are working to end up the myths that exist in the blogosphere is really awesome. I really want to say that along with good quality links we need great quality content. Otherwise who will link to us?

  5. Awesome article….you really cleared some of the misconceptions regarding link building and good content.

  6. Great post overall. I think Google will not favour sites like TechCrunch and Mashable because of their authority. Mere page rank doesn’t bring necessary authority for that. If we build a million manual HQ backlinks then that doesn’t mean we will get more favour. Google takes content as the main thing.
    If we don’t have good content people will start disliking our blog which will result in decrease of direct traffic as well as increase in bounce rate.

  7. Hi Avi,
    Well explained about misconceptions, specially for new bloggers who think that by buying a high quality domain they will get good alexa, page rank and good SERP without any effort. Thanks for superb post avi.

  8. I did a lot of link building works, going to work more on my content now. I conceive your website holds some rattling superb information for everyone.

  9. Naturally, your blog is awesome. This Mashable article rocks. It says one thing that we should work on our content as well as in link building simultaneously. I will surely come back again.

  10. Exceptional article, quite enlightening. Taught me to concentrate more on my content and build backlinks side by side. Thanks and wish you success in the later years. I’m sure, you’ve got a good readers base currently!

    1. Yup, a small readers base but comprises great minds. I really like my readers as they support me and give me suggestions to blog better. Thanks for appreciating my work. :)

  11. Amazing issues here. I’m very happy to see your post. Thanks a lot for telling that google wants us to keep a balance between content and link building. I am taking a look forward to touch you. Will you please drop me a e-mail?

  12. Some words are correct. But i can ensure you that if i have two or three good content writers, and ensure i can produce 12 article/day, definitely i can bring my blog to below thousand rank in the world. Google definitely give priority to top running blogs because of trust of millions. that is not a wrong thing.

    1. I agree. It’s not a wrong thing for Google to give priority to top running blogs who provide lots of informative content regularly. But what if they stop proving essential posts? Should Google favor them by then? I don’t think so.

  13. I went over your whole blog and I believe that you have a lot of superb info, saved to bookmarks. :)
    Avi, I know that we should not just depend on links, we should also produce great content to dominate Search engines.

  14. Great post Avi. I would agree with you on the older sites. I’ve seen that a lot. Their keywords density is high and beyond what Google recommends yet they continue to be on page one of Google. So age of a website or blog does play role in popularity.
    Good quality seems to count more for the newer sites but maybe they will catch up the older ones soon too.
    I can’t believe how many people still think they can pay for links, I get emails asking for links for money all the time still. Amazes me.

    1. First of all, thanks for the appreciate. I believe that bloggers should continuously produce great quality content, with time they will automatically get links from good quality sites; and thus, favor from Google. And inspite of paying for links, they can try to earn links through guest posting…

  15. nice post Avi. i agree with you i have also found that site like IBN 7 & ndtv are producing small content post but at regular time that Google index them in a min and site with much more content and are ranked below them.. Google should change there algorithm on this one.

  16. Google shows no favoritism (but not 100%), even if your site is standing and already popular, and you start posting rubbish, gradually, you won’t know you are already getting whipped by google. Continuous hard-work is the key. I respect CNET writers for that. Good job here Avi. You just touched all area of concern. keep it up.

  17. I am really surprise that i seen lots of site they not write quality content i think that they rank #1 in google because they have lots of page index in google and have huge social media support.

  18. faster INDEXING of sites with quality back links is not a favour
    I think Google crawlers are made in that way, If my site have a good number of quality back links they will index my site also in fast.

    1. But content is equally important. Only link popularity should not help sites to rank. And Google don’t favor all of them, they also see the content. They are contnuously working on ranking the best quality content. So my post says, you may get favored by links, but content is equally important. And one day will come when bloggers working only on link building but not on content will get a big kick from the SERPS.

  19. Good post,I have know a lot of Google.I agree with you on the older sites. I have seen that a lot. Their keywords density is high and beyond what Google recommends yet they continue to be on page one of Google. So age of a website or blog does play role in popularity.

  20. Yes quality content is must along with OFF Page seo.
    but what to do if a site is not getting more visitors.?

  21. After the Google Panda update, my blog traffic has gone down considerably and I’m not able to recover from it. I think it happened all because of the newbie aims that I had. Is there anyway to get back my traffic?

    Offtopic: Avijit, I noticed that in your post there many links to your other posts. This is why your blog so addicting and I hope you get a lot of pageviews because of it. I’m going to implement it 😀

  22. Really thats tru Avi all these points are 100% accurate.Quality Content + High Qulaity Backlinks = Success as Google just views these 2 things so if we focus on these 2 things then no one can stop you from making your site popular :) Nice Post bro I loved it :)

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