Key Factors to Make a Successful Blog in a Short Span of Time

“Time is the biggest factor in building a successful blog. You can never get success in a day or become famous over night. It’s your continuous works that will bring success to your life. Making a blog is easy but developing it and turning it into a successful blog is real hard. A blog always needs some sufficient time to become popular and gather a readers base. But sometimes it takes more time which it wouldn’t have taken if you would have followed some important points. And this post is all about that.” -Avi

Sangram, one of our new guest authors will tell you how to get a successful blog in a short span of time.

Whenever we launch a new blog the most important thing is to promote it in a daily basis and use correct techniques. If you don’t promote your blog and the articles then no one is going to find it. There are many thing you can work on in order to promote your blog.

Key factors to get a successful blog in a short span of time:

1) Relevant sharing:

Writing relevant tweets or status is the most important thing. Many people make this kind of mistake which can hit you back resulting in that many people will unfollow you on twitter or ignore your updates. Writing relevant tweets and status is directly proportional to getting more no. of readers. Sharing articles on social networking sites is key to getting more traffic. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to spam.

2) Content that goes viral:

  • Writing content that goes viral, what people actually want.
  • Writing list posts or post which has some real and successful experiments.

People love to share articles if it’s worth of sharing. You might have seen articles on StumbleUpon getting up to “100K Thumbs Up” as soon as it is posted there. So it’s very important to write content which can go viral in no time.

3) Building reputation for blog:

  • Helping people on forums (Leaving a sign is must).
  • Giving credit (No sarcastic comments).
  • Giving useful suggestions.

Earning reputation for a blog takes a lot of time. However, if you follow the simple points given above that will surely help you because many of the other bloggers don’t do that as well.

4) Giving people a reason to love your blog:

  • Building relations with your readers and increasing engagement.
  • Solving your reader’s queries or providing the answers to their questions.

I should have mentioned this earlier but as you know, we should always respect our readers because, without them we are nothing. So whenever any one asks you a question as a comment on your posts it’s very important to reply back. If you follow these simple technique people will love to keep coming back to your blog.

5) Submitting articles to best directories and guest blogs:

  • Good directories like can help you to get more love from google.
  • Guest posting in authority site will help you in many ways.

This comes under link building. Submitting articles to high quality directories can help you get indexed in search engines in no time. Guest blogging on good blogs can helps you to earn links and also a good readers base.

6) Writing consistently:

  • Searching for new blog ideas and writing about it.
  • Posting articles in a regular manner.

Consistency is the key to a successful blog and blogging career. Many would agree with me over this. Writing consistently will result into more people coming to your blog. Readers should get some new posts to read from time to time.

I hope these techniques will help you in the long run of your blogging career and make a very successful blog.

40 thoughts on “Key Factors to Make a Successful Blog in a Short Span of Time

  1. Sangram, which blog directories would you recommend? I haven’t done a lot of those and would be interested in which are good today. I know they have changed over the past few years. Dmoz is very hard to get on. I read if you volunteer for the site it may help. Thanks for your points on getting your blog successful in a short time period.

  2. Hi Lisa thanks for commenting. Here is a list of some of the web directories you may try:,, Hoe that helps. :)

  3. This article gives very good info. Thanks for sharing this. And can you give mme a list of directories where i can submit blog link? Thanks in advance …

  4. Write a post on “Making a successful *post* in a short span of time”. Waiting for that kind of article. Cheers :)

  5. Great posts Sangram. Something I needed at a time when I’m building a new online Marketing Blog from scratch. Consistency and quality content is king to build a successful blog. Something I just covered in couple of my recent blog posts.

    Also I wanted to know about why is it so hard now to get listed on have you recently managed to get listed on

    Any Strategy to get links from it? Also have you heard about the new technique “Guestographics”? which helps to get more backlinks without begging or buying.

    Check it out, It’s a the definitive guide to Link Building and build a thriving blog.

    1. Thanks for commenting :),
      I will answer your question in 2 parts
      A]I have had bitter experience with DMoz I am still pending approval,many here would agree with me it’s difficult to get listed on DMoz,however that doesn’t mean you would never get approved.

      B]I have heard about Guestographics which is an advanced technique used by many prominent Internet Marketing Experts,yes it’s a foolproof technique to get quality backlinks .

  6. I loved this article. Clear and succinct and definitely the information every blogger needs to know in order to get ranked. I’m relatively knew to blogging but have done well so far. One thing I’ve never done is submit to article directories. I’ve heard such bad things about approvals and how hard it is that I’ve strayed away from them.

    I think I’ll give it a try now. I wish you had mentioned more reputable directories to submit to but will try Thanks so much.


  7. Hi Moumita,
    Dmoz is a web directory which can help your web pages get indexed in search results ,since it is considered to be high authoritative site,it boosts link juice and helps to increase your page rank.Once you submit your website to DMoz you are more likely to rank higher in major search engines.Getting featured on Domz is difficult because it is managed by group of volunteers and so they review sites manually ,which is a reason why Google has given high priority to DMoz because Google feels that people can find trustworthy information there.I hope I have answered your query :) Cheers!

  8. Agree with your lines ‘ Creating a blog is easy but developing it is hard.. ‘. Very nice article. God bless.

  9. Hey Sangram
    nice and well written article.
    I have applied all tips u mentioned above and i got good result in my 3 months of blogging journey.
    It was not easy to get reputation. You have to do a lot of work, you have to spent sleepless night.
    Thanks for sharing valuable tips

    1. Glad to know you’ve got results within 3 months it may even take more time ,I completely agree with you in order to build a reputation for our blog we have to promote it like hell :) which is not an easy job to do anyways good luck with your blogging career!!

  10. Some very high quality information is updated here and this blog post is killer to help me build a better blog in short span of time, no doubt I’m serious and now moving ahead with these type of honest advices.

  11. Hello Sangram,
    Very well-written article bro :-)

    Well, I believe that social media’s play a key role in the success of a blog nowadays. Social media can help bloggers interact, engage and share experiences with each other and hence also help in increasing the overall reach of a blog ! 😀

    Keep Writing ! :-)

    1. Hi Akhil thanks for posting your comment , couldn’t agree more with you bro social media is the best place to nurture your blogging skills and people appreciate your work if you are doing good job :) Good luck with blogging career ahead :)

  12. You just hit the nail with this post dude ! All the points are genuine and one can learn a lot from them …Hardwork is the key to success…Hence , you should work hard till you take your blog to a level that satisfies you.


  13. Thanks Pramod , I appreciate your comment and yes Hardwork is key to success in long run blogging career :) Cheers !!

  14. “We see our competitors employing social media,” they say, “so we use it too.” If this sounds like your place of business or if you are just looking for a better way to demonstrate value from your social media channels, take a look at the four analytic tools to follow.

  15. Passion and character is something that readers recognize – Iа you enjoy writing a blog, it would be lovely if…. BUT not everything if you sell yourself… Passion and character – be true and honest to yourself.

    1. First and foremost if you write a quality content nothing can beat it from getting viral.In order to write a viral content you must also focus on post titles such as top 10… , or Best ways to…. these thing can help to make a viral post in no time.

  16. Nothing beats good old fashioned paid advertising to speed things up even if it is as simple as banners on BuySellAds or buying Facebook ads on a cpm impressions basis just to get things flowing.

  17. Hi Sangram! I loved your post. It clearly says how important it is to generate quality back links. I’ve a doubt , I’ve come to know that some bloggers also use theme sponsorship or widget development where they encript a back link to their blogs. It was also said that Google in its recent updates has decided to penalise such links or blogs. Could you let us know more about this strategy and consequences??? thanks

  18. Hey Sangram,
    All your strategies are mind blowing. Thanks for helping by sharing your experience. Want to see more articles from you. Thanks again.

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