Mind Blowing 3 Steps to Achieve Online Marketing Success

Online Marketing and Blog SuccessIn today’s world everything is changing so rapidly that it has become hard to wrap our head around all the information fed to us on a daily basis. So, in order to be heard, seen or remember, we need to come up with unique and engaging ideas; otherwise our voice won’t be heard. And we will never be able to make any impact.

Today the competition level is very high and challenging, so the marketers constantly try to come up with unique ideas to keep their brand ahead of others. Some even create an online marketing blog to get more exposure and stay in touch with their customers. They also take many online marketing challenges and try to complete them.

I have been pondering around this particular aspect of information overload and thought of a couple of ideas which can help marketers plan out their next marketing strategy…

So here are the 3 steps to achieve your online marketing goals and get success:

1. Build Emotional Attachment with Your Customers.

We often hear about brand loyalty! That is, Apple fans fighting with android fans and no one settling down for an alternate regardless of better features and quality the alternate product has to offer. There is a logical reasoning for it. People often build emotional attachment to a brand, product or service.

If you look at how Apple runs their online marketing campaigns and eventually translate everything into great user experience, you will understand why user build such an emotional attachment to their products.

For Apple products, from opening a box to switching on your gadget is kind of unique experience which other brands had been unable to deliver. So, delivering quality and building a unique user base on such experience can help the customers to build emotional attachments. It can compel customers to buy their products again, recommend the brand to others and even fight with others to defend the brand. So, working on online brand marketing is very important as a brand gets more exposure than others.

Now-a-days online business sites are doing things like:

  • Using online e-mail marketing.
  • Working on online brand marketing.
  • Analyzing the cost of online marketing.
  • Creating online marketing reports to see the results.
  • Building an online marketing blog to get more exposure.
  • Using low cost offline marketing ideas and promoting business.

These online marketing activities can really help a business to takeoff. And if you’re in a business then you should take those steps.

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2. Overcome the Obstacles that comes in Your Path to Success.

We all know that when we work hard on something for its betterment, obstacles come in front of us. It’s a true fact. So we will have to overcome them. Some obstacles are:

  1. Lack of online marketing support.
  2. Lack of online marketing help and funds.
  3. Poor Execution.
  4. No Trust and Desire.

A true entrepreneur is one who executes his plan regardless of what limitations he/she has. One thing which should be learned: “Entrepreneur’s drive to achieve success.”

The Entrepreneurs face a lot of obstacles, they change their ways! What they don’t change is their goal. This is what I like about them.

If you have a great marketing idea, but no support or lack of funds to execute your strategy, find an alternate way to execute your marketing strategy.

  • If it is your personal business, then getting short term loan or taking support from friend or family can kick start your campaign.
  • If you are working for someone, engage colleagues for idea generation.
  • If you lack funds to execute your plans, talk to managers and explain them about the importance and how this can boost the company’s brand and or increase sales.

3. Implementing Live Chat on Your Site and Create an online marketing blog.

Online Marketing Blog SuccessThis is not a kind of unique idea any more, but I feel this topic needs some attention. Having an online marketing blog and live chat functionality can really increase some awareness about the importance of this functionality.

Following are some encouraging reasons to implement live chat functionality and creating an online marketing blog:

  • Engage with your users directly, listen to what they have to say about your brands and answer their questions they have about your product, brand or service. This will improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
  • Profiles Creative, which is an agency in London recently implemented live chat and increased their lead generation by a significant margin. Recruitment is a difficult niche, if one can improve their client and candidate base just by implementing live chat to their job site, you can imagine how it can improve sales and leads in sectors like eCommerce.
  • Having live chat, you can see instantly generated results. If you have a live chat on an eCommerce site where you sell products, you can prompt a chat request with users who are navigating through products and help them make their decisions and land a quick sale.
  • Having an online marketing blog gives more exposure. Visitors can know more about your business from that online marketing blog. You can also regularly update it and add new services and features of your business. You can really get more customers with the help of an online marketing blog.

The list to benefits is not limited, it all comes down to how intuitive marketer you are. There are endless possibilities with live chat, you can find more creative and beneficial ways by using this functionality.

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These 3 above steps are not the only steps to your success. You need to apply your own ideas and techniques to achieve more success in your field. You need to stop thinking about selling all the time, and concentrate more on helping your customers. This will eventually translate into brand loyalty, sales, profit and help you to achieve the tough goals.

Lastly, I would love to know your personal creative ways of marketing. So, do share your marketing ideas with us…

36 thoughts on “Mind Blowing 3 Steps to Achieve Online Marketing Success

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  2. Hi Raza,
    I totally agree with your 3 points. Point #3 is a killer secret most online store owners are yet to uncover. I implemented it on one of my ecom sites and stepped up sales. It’s wonderful!

    thanks for sharing and may you have a splendid weekend

    1. My Pleasure. I have implemented it on a recruitment portal and we are already seeing some improvements. We are figuring out ways to further improve our clients and candidates interaction, i hope it works out. Thanks for liking the article.

    2. Hey Enstine bro. I think that with the help of live chat people can directly contact the company for support. In this way the customer gets help and the company get more exposure as the customer will spread the good with his contacts.

      1. Yup live chat makes customer feel good. Even they feel good and when their problems or confusion is sorted out in live chat they surely think off doing business with the firm implementing it.

  3. I am agree with live chat, Hostgator eat their competitors through mind blowing live chat support. Newbies love it. even they solved problem in the real time. It also saves time to write email and wait foe reply. I really like Raza’s point, Overcome the Obstacles as well, i saw many online businesses,but they closed soon,Staying on one is the best choice.

    1. i agree, Hostgator is a great example, they are one of first few who started live chat and i must say it was a great marketing plan. It was a concept which helped them bank a lot of new clients.

    2. Hostgator is uber cool when it comes to supporting newbies with live chat but when it comes to paying affiliates they are uber uncool.

    3. Actually every top hosting service have live chat functionality. The reason they are successful is because they follow the 1st rule. I personally use Hostgator and was really impressed with their support.

  4. Raza,

    Exclusive post mate, thanks to the article,

    We should satisfy advertisers or sponsors by first impression to convert them in to regular clients, for this, these 3 tips are indeed one to attract the people who inquire about the products and to prove our effectiveness and loyalty.

    1. Yea definitely, if you are trying to attract advertisers, place the live chat widget on your contact us or advertise with us page and i am sure it will start to convert better!

  5. The idea of live chatting looks somewhat new phenomenon. This can be the most convenient way of engaging with the audience. Thanks Ahmed Raza!

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  7. Live chat is the one which requires to spend on 10-15 people hired people, even more if you have huge traffic. They need to be skilled and its a costly affair. Though, a must if you are not looking to work under budget.

  8. Yeah, building interlinks with customers, audience and also blogger friends is one of the most factor which is really useful for yourself.

    One must have to trust another in blogging arena and ready to interact regularly with other blogger friends. There is a huge long list for it’s importance so not gonna share that here. But seriously it’s really important.

  9. I was planning to do online marketing for some product from click bank. but really felt difficult in finding out what exactly can be done. Thanks avi this post will surely help me out.

  10. Thinking out of the box is what is needed in this online age of digital media. One company used live chat, and there was another with a twitter app that made the oldest living woman join twitter…

    1. Well said, bringing something unique and useful on the table is the key to success, actually that’s what Apple did by bringing iPhone and started an era of smartphones.

  11. Great post! I also believe that forums can also play a vital role in achieving Online Success since they allow readers and customers to share their views and interact with each other.

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