How to Make Your Twitter Profile Stand Out in the Crowd?

Optimizing-twitter-business-accountOne of the most recognized social media site for SEO, recently ranked 4th in Google Search is Twitter. So we have here the article which will help you to optimize your Twitter Business Account.

With only 140 characters, you can communicate your thoughts and ideas more easily and effectively on Twitter. Because it’s concise, people can update and stay updated with their connections without any hassles.

To be in touch with your favorite things is simple with Twitter, which is why more and more people explore its benefits in promoting themselves; be it opinion, information or business.

With that being said, it is becoming more of a search engine as well. So we need to optimize our Twitter Business Account so that it becomes more visible in search engines and twitter search results.

Now how can that be done?

How we can optimize our Twitter Business Account and drive heavy traffic?

Here are 8 useful tips to help you to optimize your Twitter Business Account and become more visible for a certain keyword:

Tip #1: Put genuine facts about yourself/company in your profile.

Your name, username and your bio are actually keywords which you can use to optimize your Twitter Business Account. Because of its advanced search feature, searching in Twitter now has person-related and location-specific search. So, putting in truthful details about you can make you more visible. If yours actual name is highly searchable and unique enough for people to click, then use it with caution. You may also include identifiable words (associated with you or your company) in your bio which are most likely to be searched.

Tip #2: Make your tweets more appealing and fun.

Grab the attention of the Twitter population by tweeting interesting details about you. Use catchy and keyword-rich language in your tweets in order to optimize our Twitter Business Account. If you are a vintage car dealer, you can tweet something about the recent events like “Pres. Obama’s victory is like a classic car Jaguar E-type—sensational and a great investment.” People looking for classic cars or searching for great investments will directly land on your page because of the words you used and the event you are riding on in. And just like any website, the content still is fundamental so compose a worthy tweet for your followers to read.

Tip #3: Do the right use of #Hashtag.

Boost your presence by using hashtags. Hashtag —where you place the symbol “#” (hash) before the word is a new system introduced by Twitter to categorize certain topics and promote them as well. Invite your followers to a discussion about a certain topic (it may be a word associated to you or an event) by creating a hashtag for it. When your hashtag has gained enough tweets, it may actually create a trend which will optimize our Twitter Business Account.

Tip #4: Maximize Your Twitter list.

Through Twitter list, you can add Twitter users and sort their discussions in particular clusters accordingly. Add users that are similar to your circle so that you can connect with the conversation, thus linking up to them. Create a name for the list with simple yet distinctive words identified to the group and use the same words, but with more elaboration, to define it on the description part. Then make the list available for everyone to see and follow.

Tip #5: Construct the opening of your tweets with intentional words.

Put your keywords at the onset of your tweets because the initial line appears first in Twitter’s search engine results page (SERP) and it is what seizes the users as well. This also raises the SEO value of your tweets and thus optimizes our Twitter Business Account.

Tip #6: Be generous with mentions and retweets.

Mentions and re-tweets actually increase followers and enhance your links. The interaction with your followers will expose you better and it is more likely that they will mention and re-tweet you too. The more mention and re-tweet you get, the greater Twitter presence you gain. You can also use twitter marketing tools like EasyRetweet to get more followers and retweets.

What is EasyRetweet?

EasyRetweet is a cool site where you can find thousands of same interest people who will follow you and also you can follow them. You can get great traffic, sales, subscribers, followers and exposure with the help of this site. EasyRetweet can provide you 25+ retweets of every post on your blog everyday. It can give you 1K+ followers in a few days. Currently they have thousands of bloggers, writers, social media experts and other business man in the site. It’s just awesome. Try it.

Tip #7: Double check your settings.

Yes, it is basic but most people overlook this. Even if you do Tip numbers 1 through 6, your Twitter Business Account may not be visible on the Twitter search tab or Search Engines if your Tweet privacy is set on “Protect my Tweets.” Just the same, if you are using an official Twitter Business Account, it is important that you verify your account by linking it to an authentic website. This will set you apart from the bogus accounts and make it easier for users to find you.

Tip #8: Establish the purpose of your Twitter page.

When you have determined what your Twitter Business Account is for, you can come up with clear and precise keywords which will direct people to your page and make it popular. By understanding your Twitter’s purpose, you may carve a niche for yourself in the Twitter world.

My Final words…

Only time can tell if Twitter will become a leading device for SEO with its continuous evolution to create effective methods. But why wait when you can already optimize our Twitter Business Account? Just improve your online presence today by following these simple yet helpful tips and slowly with time try to learn how to market on twitter…

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  1. nice article buddy…….good tips because its very hard to grab traffic from twitter
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    • Hi HRMEhrotra!

      Nice Anchor text you got there huuh! just kidding..

      We’ll yea it is really hard to get some traffic from twitter but with the right methods it is possible.

      I know some tools that really drive traffic to blogs.
      It’s not an over night job, it takes time and effort.



  2. Optimizing our twitter business account we can get traffic to our tweets and then to our website. That’s great…:)

  3. By optimizing our twitter businesses account we can not only get more exposure but also more twitter followers and blog traffic. Thanks for the post.

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  6. Having an optimized twitter profile can really help in branding and give us a lot of exposure. Again we cannot forget the quality traffic that we will get from there.

    • Hi Gaurav,

      You’re indeed right! Thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      A lot has changed with Twitter, now you can have that awesome cover photo that can also drive traffic to your blog.

      Good luck on your effort.

  7. paschal

    I’ve been trying my best also to grab some traffic from twitter but I found it difficult. Thanks buddy for this post.
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    • Wow! it is indeed hard paschal! Me too I’ve been really having a hard time using twitter but yea there must be a way.

      Try some of the above tips, I’ve been getting results with them.

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  15. Personally I have lack in Twitter followers as well as retweets. So, definitely gonna use the tips for my twitter page/profile to get best results and genuine followers as it is really important for now to increase your social media presence.

    Thanks for sharing the tactics bro :)

    • Same here. I don’t use twitter a lot and thats a result i don’t have that much grip in twitter will be using all above ways to optimize myself on twitter.

  16. Your tip regarding managing lists is fantastic! I had no idea that functionality existed. I often get frustrated that my twitter feeds have all sorts of content in them. But with creating lists I can now better manage what updates appear where.

    Great post!

    • Oh great it seems you are like me who don’t use twitter a lot. For your knowledge the functionality of lists came into existence in twitter since long. But its very less popular among all.

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    • Yup twitter has got really high potential but it all needs proper management of power . that is we need to manage our twitter account and posts on it in better way,

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