Here’s How Pinterest Can Elevate Your Marketing Game

With businesses using at least one social media site for marketing purposes, the use of said platforms for online business marketing is not a new concept. Facebook is the obvious platform because it is by far the most popular. But as many businesses are finding out, it’s not necessarily the most effective social media platform. The most responsive way to connect with today’s internet users is through photos and for this Pinterest is perfect.

Here’s how Pinterest can elevate your marketing game:

1. Connects with customers.

These days consumers want to feel a closer connection to the brands and companies that they do business with.

Why Pinterest?

  • It is a perfect way to do engagements on a more personal level.
  • Helps to build a personal and trustworthy brand.
  • People obsess over gaining insight into the inner workings of those around them and this can work to your advantage.

How to take more advantage?

Develop a strategy where you pin around 40% motivational and inspirational pins, 40% educational pins, and 20% direct brand marketing. People will not stay interested in your profile if it has 100% marketing pins, but if you spend a large amount of time proving useful information and guidance on your specialty area, they will learn to trust and respect your brand. :)

Juicy!! 😀

2. Creates Maximum Impact with Unique Visuals.

People spend less than 4 seconds browsing over a page of information before deciding whether to bother reading it. This is why creating eye-catching pictures with key information is essential to success on social media sites. Sometimes the simplest designs are the best, so long as they grab the viewer’s attention.

Did you know that 80 % of pins on Pinterest are actually repins?

This means that by creating your own unique visuals, you are giving other users something new and interesting to look at.

3. Makes Sharing Your Content Irresistible.

Having the right marketing strategy on social media sites is essential to your success. When you share with your friends, fans, followers, then their circle of contacts will do the marketing for you. The key to this system is creating sharable content that people will want to share with their friends and family. This should be the purpose of any pin you create. Before making a new pin, think carefully about its purpose and whether it is something that people will want to share. The best pinterest marketing strategy is to create unique and sharable pins which will be repined again and again. Having Centurylink DSL is a great place to start your marketing approach with Pinterest as upload speeds are never slow!

Here is an interesting and awesome infographic which will tell you top 10 ways to use Pinterest for your business effectively:

top-10-ways-use-pinterest-businessFor content to be sharable it needs to be visually appealing and emotionally engaging. You want someone to see your pin and immediately think “I’ve got to show this to.”. When your content is sharable people are automatically spreading the message about your company without you even having to do the hard work. :)

Businesses have never had it so easy. With the correct marketing strategy in place, Pinterest can offer an excellent platform for connecting with potential customers, building brand image and trust, and marketing products and services.

39 thoughts on “Here’s How Pinterest Can Elevate Your Marketing Game

  1. For me, pinterest is the best social site to find buyers, cause I can showcase products and they can go viral in that network!!!

  2. Actually, I don’t use pinterest that much, I only prefer facebook and twitter but these tips are great and I hope its going to help me. On my way back to pinterest, Great post Avi :)

  3. Pinterest is indeed one of the best social networking website where you can find buyers…for effective marketing , on pinterest , there’s no doubt that you’ll have to build a great marketing strategy and work hard for your marketing campaigns.


  4. Thanks for sharing Avi Jit :) I have been reading your blog ..But can’t find if you have written something about .How we can drive traffic from Pinterest to our blog??? I’d love one if you share..
    Thank you !

  5. Avi Jit it seems that you have started your marketing game using Pinterest. It seems that you are going to explore all the social media sites and create a big online influence in this blogging world…

  6. avi jit thats an awesome article. Now that we know that pinterest is a good marketing tool we would also like to know how to use that effectively

  7. Pinterest is an awesome marketing tool. I have been using that for quite some time. The posts can go viral more easily as compared to facebook or twitter

    1. I’m glad to hear that you’e getting great results from pinerest comparing to Facebook and Twitter. Great! Keep it up,,,

  8. Avi, interesting how many pins are repins on Pinterest. I recently did a post and was amazed how old some pins are – no tweets or FB posts last that long. Pinterest has some real staying power for social media. Once you begin there it’s easy to spend just a few mintues a day and get results.

    1. Yeah! that’s great to know and it’s really true. On pinterest your outstanding content is always in reach to people and it doesn’t get lost in the crowd.

    1. Yes, it may be any social site, if you’re sharing unique engaging content then you’re sure to reap the benefits.

  9. I was seriously not aware that Pinterest can be so useful before reading this post , thanks Avi for writing such a quality post it will surely help people to promote their images!!

  10. If only Pinterest starts supporting GIF, the traffic to the site will rise and hence marketers will be using GIF for promoting their brand. Coz a moving picture is better than a picture.

    1. That’s something which may come in future. No idea if people will like them but pinterest can give it a try, what say?

  11. Hi Avi,
    Some people are getting amazing results on Pinterest. My friend Cynthia has dedicated an entire podcast to the topic. You should check it out, It’s called Oh So Pinteresting.

    Thanks for the post and the Infographic.

  12. Social media is important for our business, and Pinterest is one of the best places to market our business, whether it’s a product or our blog. Really awesome infographic is shared here for ways to use Pinterest for our business effectively.

  13. yes no doubt pinterest is the great source to engage valuable sources and bring good traffic to your site. i really appreciate it.

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