How I Expanded My Reach to 250K+ People in Just a Month Using Triberr?

TriberrBuilding traffic is a slow task. It requires persistence and patience (very difficult for enthusiastic bloggers). Today I will share with you the secret of how I could reach out to an audience of 250k (all genuine) within a month. The secret is right below. Carry on…

All of us are aware of the power of social media these days. The top 2 social media platforms today are definitely Facebook and Twitter. Today I’ll illustrate how I have managed to reach a total audience of 250000 within a month using Triberr.

How I reached 250K+ people using Triberr? 

First to clear out things, this article isn’t about any spamming bot that keeps on commenting automatically or adds followers etc. This method is purely white-hat and meets all blogging ethics standards. Neither is this time-consuming or laborious.

There’s a community called Triberr out there. This is what I used in particular to grow my reach to such a huge audience.

What is Triberr?

Triberr is basically a community for like-minded people to interact with each other, read each others contents and share them if you wish to. The community is pretty healthy and you have plenty of respectable bloggers to whom you can reach out your words.

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How does Triberr work?

Triberr TribesYou don’t need to read a lot guides to know how to use Triberr. It is really simple to use. In Triberr there is a thing called tribes. These are basically something similar to the groups you make on Facebook. You can create your own tribe or be a part of someone’s tribe too.

Now say you have 10 members in your tribe, whenever anyone creates content on their website Triberr automatically displays it in tribal stream (you know news feed in Facebook?) for you and other members. You have an option to read that article and to share it on your profile on twitter if you like.

The good part being, there are no incentives like points, money etc. You share only if you feel its worth sharing.

What is Re-blogging on Triberr?

Apart from the usual sharing via tribes there is a special feature called re-blogging in Triberr. Re-blogging an article means the article will be published on your blog with the same content but giving due credit to the author who created it. (No copyright infringement worries!) This way you get meaningful content for your readers and the author gains some good exposure.

Besides, it would build a long-lasting relationship with the author. He will be more open to sharing your content next time.

Another good feature about re-blogging is that it comes with a Triberr comment box. This comment box is available everywhere on Triberr and all the places where the article is re-blogged. This way all the comments from different sources are collectively displayed. Great for user engagement!

How I reached 250k people using Triberr?

Triberr Tribal Stream

I created a tribe of my own and started networking with like-minded people. I was also invited to be a part of a couple of tribes. And within a month my tribe had a reach of 241971 with 20 active members! My personal reach combining all tribes (The ones I have been invited + the one’s I own) is 448k from only 3 tribes! Saw the power?

From Avi: Hi! Buddy.. Yes, Harsh is absolutely right. Triberr is really a cool place to share your stuffs and reach thousands of like-minded people. I’ve been playing with Triberr for sometime and I really loved the way everything has been organised over there. It will be great if you join us on Triberr. Here’s where you can find Harsh and here’s where you can find me. :)

Let’s do a quick math to explain this thing. Say you have 30 members in your tribe and each of them has around 5000 followers on an average (actually happens on Triberr!) then the reach of  your tribe is 150000! Triberr shows your reach once a tribe is created and members are added.

Currently, my tribe Work That Earns has a total of 21 active members and a reach of 289778!

Ok. Now let’s talk about at an interesting fact.

I think now you’ve already got the idea how we can expand our reach using Triberr. But do you want to know how actually this will benefit us and help us to get more exposure on social sites like Twitter? Then read on…

How being on Triberr helps you to get more exposure on Twitter?

triberrYes, you can get exposure on various social sites using Triberr. If you share something on Triberr your tribe members will see that. Each member has their own set of followers on Twitter so when they share your content it appears on the twitter feed of all of them. Now all of their followers will see that.

So in this way being on Triberr helps you to get more exposure on Twitter. And it’s not limited to Twitter, your tribe members can share your content on all the top social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Just be sure to share quality content and engage with the people out there, and you will continuously see an increase in traffic to your blogs and also the expansion of your brand.

Are you on Triberr already? Lets connect! Join the SKYHIT BLOGGERS TRIBE :)

SkyHiT Bloggers Tribe: Triberr

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Harsh is an online marketing consultant and full time blogger. He shares his knowledge on business ethics, online marketing, social media and blogging at Work That Earns. Out there he enjoys movies, coffee, teaching, writing.


  1. This is good news Harsh. I’ve only joined to Triberr like a week back and never really knew the potential even though I saw some good content shared by other bloggers.

    After reading this post I see the exposure anyone can get for their content and blogs. Thanks for the valuable content Harsh. Everyone should read this and harry up in getting there and build their tribes.

  2. Awesome article on Triberr and how we can expand our reach. I’ll connect with both of you (Harsh and Avi) on Triberr. :)

  3. Nizam Khan

    Awesome and much useful post! Well, it’s really a great place to connect with link minded peoples and to drive traffic to blog/site. I too joined recently and created my own Tribe (Tech-Blog-Marketing) and got good reach. Thanks for sharing and tweeted :)

  4. Great post Harsh,
    I’ve also heard quite a lot of good things about Triberr. I created an account with them some months ago but have never logged in again since then, i totally forgot about it.

    From what you guys said, Triberr seems to be a very interesting community and I’m going to be active there to see what difference it can make for me and my blog but, i don’t know why twitter is seeing my tweets as a spam link but, that’s when i want to tweet my posts.

    But, i can successfully tweet other peoples posts. I’m still trying to find a solution though. Let me see if i still remembers my triberr password.

    Thanks for sharing such an informative post Avi and Harsh.

    • The solution to your problem might be this : You have to be a member of any tribe for others to share your post. If you are just following a tribe, you can share others posts but not vice versa. For you to become a member of a tribe either the tribe chief has to invite you or he has to upgrade you from a follower to a member. Hope that helps.

  5. Hi Harsh,
    I checked it out and I have to say I am amazed. I will stick o this community and see what happens.

  6. You’ve done a very good job. I forgot about Triberr as I find it boring and no one really responds but now I am thinking of revisiting the site and trying again.

    • It actually works really good for networking and traffic building for your blog/website. Do try utilizing its full potential. And if at all you need some help regarding Triberr feel free to ask.

    • I do have actually the same feelings for triber. No one care about the tweets but reading this whole article i think its better to do something with the triberr.

      • @Rakesh It’s about the kind of people we come along that gives a good or bad experience. Probably when you tried Triberr, it might not have the quality audience at an early stage. But as of now, personally I am quite happy with the service.

  7. Going to try Triberr right now…and will share my experience with you people.

  8. Wow. This is interesting!
    May I join your Tribe? I got around 900 followers on Twitter.

  9. I’ve never heard of this word Triberr. Well, thanks for the explained introduction, will join it and will get some quality traffic for my site in easy way. Cheers :)
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  10. Just a small clarification Harsh and Avi, doesn’t re-blogging of articles create duplicate content issue in the eyes of google and other search engines?

    • Even i was worried about the same at first. But it doesn’t. As you are giving proper credit for the same. A content is considered plagiarized only if it is used without permission/appropriate credit. Wikipedia would have been sued by the entire world had it not given credit to its sources :p. Hope that answers your question.
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  11. Hi Harsh,

    What an informative post! I can honestly say that I had never heard of Triberr until I read this. As soon as I have left this comment though I shall definitely be checking it out! Anything that we can do to help our blogging in the right way is all for the good!

    Thanks for letting us know about this :-)

    All the best,
    Glenn Shepherd invites you to read…Five Tips for Taking ActionMy Profile

  12. Triberr, hmm first time hearing about it. looks kinda interesting one to try.

    Thanks for sharing this one.

    Robin invites you to read…HOW TO: Get Ready to Create Apps for Google Glass ?My Profile

  13. Wow 250k from just Triberr seems a great chunk of traffic from one source ;)
    I’ve never been on triberr I will certainly try it out thanks for sharing!
    anis invites you to read…How To: Make Money Online With your BlogMy Profile

  14. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    I’m yet to try out this community. Although I don’t use such types of networks much, but Triberr looks pretty much promising. I will definitely give it a try soon enough. Anyways, thanks for letting us know about it.
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  15. Wow !
    I didn’t knew that Triberr can really be a useful tool !
    Thanks for the article Harsh, I will surely try it !
    Good Post and Keep Posting :-D
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  16. Haven’t heard of Triberr ever before till saw Avi posting on his Fb profile. Looking forward to explore it. Will surely give a try.
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  17. Hi Harsh,

    Thnx for writing about us, I truly appreciate it :-)

    Founder of Triberr
    Dino Dogan invites you to read…Merging Facebook Pages – What Facebook Does Not Tell YouMy Profile

    • Hi! Dino. Truly appreciate your presence and comment on my blog. Triberr is really a great community for bloggers and a cool place to hangout with other bloggers and entrepreneurs. Hats off to your team’s work. :)

    • Hi Dino,
      To be frank I was a bit confused about Triberr at first. But after getting to know it better couldn’t help writing about it. The idea at triberr as I believe is to share everything that’s good, the same I have applied here by sharing information about Triberr itself :)
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  18. Hey there Harsh! This is a very interesting way to get cool and targeted traffic to ones Blog. I hope I have enough time to implement these tips.

    Thanks for sharing.

  19. Hello Harsh,
    Let me share something strange that happened with me after reading you post and it really made me happy. I dont really work hard on my blog but still after reading your post I joined triberr it really shocked me today. My inbox was spammed today with 60 mails all saying abc followed you and that person followed you. It is a amazing media to promote. First time I was happy with spam in my inbox. And really with just 15 mins work before sleeping got me 60 followers. Amazing share.

    And I am really active on twitter you can follow me @benettechs
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  20. Avit, I love Triberr but have yet to use the reblog feature, Does it reblog on your blog or just on Triberr? I’m a little confused by that one. I’ve been on at least a year and member of 42 tribes. – it’s truly awesome!
    Lisa invites you to read…Tips and Tricks With Technology To Save You TimeMy Profile

  21. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for stopping by. The reblogging feature adds a post to your website and not just on triberr. The comments added below for that post will be a triberr comment box available on your website as well as Triberr. Hope that helps.
    Harsh invites you to read…Top 10 best wordpress plugins for every blogger!My Profile

  22. wow great sir :D but is it true that we can get 250 k visitors

  23. That is inspiring post! But every time I read such kind of article I have a drop of hesitation how can you so easily achive so good result, only luck I guess…
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  24. Nice article Harch,
    I had joined Triberr a long time back but I couldn’t figure out how it works and how to leverage it. May be I was quite stuck with Facebook and Twitter, so couldn’t give Triberr much attention.
    After this post, I think I should too start working on it and create a tribe. I could get some real visitors and some really good friends from the platform.
    Thanks for the post :)
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  25. Parigyan Tamuly

    Going to use it now
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  26. Dorothy Barnes

    Hi! Thanks for giving useful info about Triberr! From what you’ve explained, its a great way for anyone to expand their reach! Much Success! God bless! :-)

  27. wow, how come I’ve never heard of Triberr until now, i’m going to check them out and see whats up, this could be a better alternative to Facebook.
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  28. What an interesting service! I hadn’t heard about it. I will check it out some time in the future for sure.
    Carlie Hamilton invites you to read…Understanding Your Analytics – Bounce RateMy Profile

  29. karthik

    Triberr…sounds really interesting. I’m currently in a traffic building spree and will try this for sure. Thank you Harsh for a wonderful read!
    karthik invites you to read…5 Simple Tips for Lightning fast PCMy Profile

  30. This thing seriously works mate. Triberr rocks. :)

  31. Thanks for the guide Harsh.

    Actually I had never heard the name of triberr before this. Now let me see how I can take advantage of it!

    Thanks once again :)
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  32. Ankit Dhadwal says:

    Very nice post.I’ve recently created an account on triberr and it is helping me,i’m a starter in it but soon my tribe will grow. THANKS a lot for the valuable information. :)

  33. Well, I didnt knew earlier about “Tribber” at all. Through this post, I visited this community and I was amazed to see the no. of people engaged on this platform. Certainly, It will provide good traffic. A must try for all the bloggers struggling to get traffic. Thanks a lot for sharing the information.
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  34. Hello Harsh,

    I have just started using Triberr. If you participate it can really help out your blog. I started my own Tribe and I am in the process of sending invites. I’m still learning the ropes but I’m getting the hang of it.
    Maketta invites you to read…How Using Freeadboards Can Help You Get Targeted Free TrafficMy Profile

  35. Ahmad Ali says:

    Hi Harsh,

    Loved your post and I’ve decided to start using Triberr from now. I was just dependent of Search Engines and Social Media traffic but I just came to know about your secret trick to reach other readers too via Triberr.

    Thanks for the guide!
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  36. If you ask me then before reading this article i was not aware of Triberr but after completely reading this article i am now just going to sign up.Good article written.
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  37. People when talk about social website they talk about only facebook and twitter but their are some websites like stumbleupon and Triberr like website are very good for blogger if they are used in a proper manner.
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  38. Hi harsh
    I signed up for Triberr but I am still confused, how can i add members to my tribe? Are the members added to my tribe or to my profile? How is the following strategy, do we follow a tribe or the person who created the tribe?….please let me know about my doubts, though i know i will learn it gradually…..thanx for the great info as i hope it will give me some traffic.

  39. wow I never knew that Triberr is so powerful…250k people is definitely too large and I may definitely try Triberr soon..Skyhitblog is definitely helping bloggers out to know about new online sites for bloggers…..
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  40. Wow i think triberr is awesome and i must join it.So i am going to join it.. :)
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  41. Jitendra Vaswani

    Hi Harsh, I would like to know how to share my posts on tribber I m confused using tribber
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