How to Build a Good Relation with Top Bloggers in Your Niche?

Building-RelationshipsWe all know that everyday thousands of blogs are being made and a newbie blogger starts his journey to become a top blogger in this blogosphere. Though a blogger start his journey with full passion and dedication, only a few of them reach up to the TOP. 

To become a successful blogger one need to think and act in a unique way. He need to develop his work and do some good networking to stand out and get noticed online.

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Some Facts:

If you’ve a good audience then you will get quick success as they will spread your name all over. And another fact is that, if you’ve a good relation with a top blogger in your niche then you will get noticed very easily as he will help you with your works and to get success.

But before this we must know how to impress and build good relation with a top blogger. So this post is here to help you.

1. Be professional and also friendly.

Before going to connect with another blogger you must develop yourself and your blog. You need to become professional and should own a professional looking blog. You can work on it’s design and get a good custom domain for it.

2. Always be consistent with your work.

Now this is the part where most of the bloggers fail.  You need to be motivated and keep on searching for good blog ideas to write posts on your blog. If you are a kind of person who wants to make quick money online, then blogging is definitely not for you. You need to write quality post consistently to get your work acknowledged and appreciated.

3. Start with blog commenting.

I do remember some of my friends in my class, who complemented our teacher for marks. In blogging, same tactics can be followed. It is a human tendency to reflect the good or bad. If you leave good comments on a blogger’s blog, he will surely appreciate it. So the next time you visit a top bloggers blog, do check out his post and appreciate his work via comments. Continue this so that one day you get noticed by him.

4. Write a guest post for their blog.

Now this is a very important part as you need to follow some good points. First you will need to connect with him through a social site or via mail. Then such you need to ask him whether he wants to accept a guest post from you or not. You can even ask for some ideas from him about the title of the guest post. And if it gets published, promote it well so that the post receives a lot of traffic. Always remember that your post must be unique, very informative and helpful for his readers. The better your post, the more traffic it will get. And the blogger will be impressed with your work. I too did the same before submitting this article to Avi’s blog.

5. Connect on Social Networks.

Most of us use Facebook and Twitter for fun, but they can even be used to improve your blogging connections among the top bloggers. All you need to do find the top bloggers in your niche and get connected with them. Regularly share their posts and mention them to get noticed. And finally build a good relation with them. Always remember that social media can really help you to grow your business. In the same way it can help to get good connections and followers.

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6. Interview or feature them.

You can ether request them to take out some time for and interview or give them some questions to feature them in a list of top bloggers. If they agrees, you can ask them about their inspirations, about the way they got started with blogging. You can finally ask them how they got success in their niche. This will definitely help you build a good relation with them.

7. Send traffic to their blogs.

Share their articles on platforms like BizSugar and BloKube so that they get free traffic. Also retweet for them and link to them from your blog so that they notice it and appreciate your sharing.

8.Connect offline when you get that golden chance.

Now this would be a major step which would make you stand out from the other blogger trying to do the same steps given above. If you get a chance to meet a top blogger in real, never miss that opportunity. Talk with them and make them your friend. They will then surely remind you. Who knows? They may also help you get even more success in your field.

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Its all about making connections. Networking is very important in blogging. And when you’ve top bloggers in your network you’re just some steps way from success. If you work well and get support from top bloggers then you can do great in blogging.

Over to you…

What do you think are the benefits of getting in touch with a top blogger? Do you’ve any other way to build good relation with successful bloggers?

About the author:

Kunal Ganglani is a passionate blogger who loves to write about cool PC tips, tricks and upcoming tech news at KGTricks. You can Follow him on Google  | Twitter | Facebook.

22 thoughts on “How to Build a Good Relation with Top Bloggers in Your Niche?

  1. Hi Kunal, i love your post. You really explain this subject matter in depth. Becoming successful in blogging is not an easy task but with passion and every other things like building good relationship with top bloggers in one’s niche. This is what i have been working towards for months now. I have been able to apply most of the methods you listed above especially in the aspects of commenting on their blog, writing guest posts for bloggers, connecting with bloggers on social networks e.t.c.
    I hope to become successful one day. Thanks for the article.

    1. @oloyede, Thanks for your wishes. I just explained the tricks that worked for me. :) , I hope that you get success in the blogosphere :)

    2. Yes it is one of the important thing we should make in blogging,i.e; Good relations.It helps you to take you and your blog to a high fast.We can learn from them specially important for newbies.Nice article thanks..

  2. Hey Kunal I believe that a successful blog requires the 3 P’s of Planning,Passion and Patience.For networking with other bloggers you can also make use of Networked Blogs.Keep up the good work

  3. Well building relations with in our niche is essential and we must build relationship with bloggers to build our online reputation. And i believe connecting them offline in some bloggers meets would be a very great idea.


  4. nice post it will help me allot, as i am new blogger and want to build good social relation this tips will be good to start with.
    thanks for sharing

  5. Blogging is not an easy task one has to do constant effort and build a relationship with the top bloggers. THis is what I am doing for months now.

    1. Social networking platforms are really the best platform to build relations online , whether it is with peer bloggers or finding girlfriends 😀

  6. Very well written article kunal :) Yes, content is always king…write good content and obviously you will catch the spotlight of various other bloggers of your niche, adding them on social networks, writing guest posts on their blog is always good :)
    It’s necessary to maintain good relationship with other fellow bloggers within your niche and must have mutual respect for each other’s content.

  7. Its very important to have friends in the Blogging industry who are highly successful and experienced.

  8. Excellent Post. For the reminders that people are still people and how we treat others is how we’ll be perceived and remembered. Some things never change.

  9. True indeed, building strong relationships with the top bloggers help a lot. It helps build a good reputation and also, you earn respect and get your work noticed. Amazing to be here and read the tips. Great help.

  10. Those were some really great tips! It’s nice to be able to connect with successful bloggers. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hello Kunal,
    I read through your article and found that it is really beneficial. Connecting with other bloggers is very useful for a good blogging career.

  12. Hi great post, as a newbie in the blogging world. i am keen to develop healthy relations with other bloggers and will act on all the point you have mentioned here, Thanks for excellent share!

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