15+ Ways to Repurpose your Stale Content into a Traffic Generating Machine

Have you been wondering how to turn that egg rotten content into a coke refreshing one, that would make your readers ask for more?

Are you scared of doing guest posts?

Are you looking for simple ways to prevent a decrease in  your page rank and establish your blog as an authority?

Look no further because this article will provide you with simple tips to increase your back-links without you needing to sweat like mad.

As we all know creating completely new content can be so demanding for bloggers with writer block on the way like the famed Yokozuna. In order to beat this, some bloggers have gone the way of guest blogging which is a valuable means of building a steady stream of content for your blog. But only if the content of the guest post which you’re accepting is great.

This is why it’s important that before you accept a guest post you should ensure you take your time to scrutinize the content and determine that the content isn’t actually a previously published post on another blog, or a post that has been rewritten. This you can determine by using copyscape.

In order to create new content that can go viral while also attracting readers it is important you present it in a new and interesting way. Doing this involves a simple strategy of repackaging stale content through new media. This strategy not only drives traffic to your site, it also increases your blog backlinks.

The question now is; what medium can I use to repackage my stale content and present it a way that even a drunken man would say this is awesome.

What content marketing strategy can I deploy to breathe new life into an old blog post?

Don’t worry you have it all here, just read on.

Awesome Ways to Revitalize your Old Content, that will Make King-Kong Green with Envy:

1. Slide share.

Slide share is such a great way of converting old content into new content. There is this excellent post by Ana Hoffman that takes you through the nitty-gritty of creating awesome slide presentations. Within 20 minutes after reading the article you would be boosted up to create your first slide share. You could even take a look at one of her awesome presentation below.

Before you think of running away you need not pay to come up with a great slide, as slide share is actually free.

Because of its ability to attract audience, big organization are fast using it as a part of their content marketing strategies.

2. Video Blogging.

Another way of revitalizing old content and converting stale post into new once by inserting either a you-tube or vimeo video you’ve created; hence rendering that content new.

It also helps you attract audience who prefer video content to text content.

3.  Repackaging Old Content into PDF.

Another way you can create fresh dripping content is to look out for your best articles and convert them into E-books.

This will however require a little editing on your part and you are good to go.

The e-book so produced can be used as subscription bait. Sure you know that people love e-books that provide excellent value for free. This is a good way to build your subscription base.

4. Infographics.

 This is another way for you to repackage your old stale content into wonderful link bait.

Am not good at creating infographic but this is an awesome platform to drive traffic to your sites especially if you can create one with an awesome design.

Virtual.ly is a free platform that allows you to create infographics if you wish.

5. Integrate Comments.

Have you used twitter or face book to ask questions concerning a blog post in the past that generated many comments?

If you haven’t, this is a great opportunity to freshen up that old content and give it that fresh breathe by integrating the comments into the blog post.

6.  Add more content.

Sieve through those post which are just 300 words long and look at ways to add new or fresh perspective into the old post. You can look for articles published by other authors that may have treated the same subject or a related one. Pick up some ideas from there and that make your post better. If the article is from an authority site you could also quote the article not forgetting to add a back-link.

In addition send a DM on twitter or a tweet telling the author that you just mentioned him/her in a post and would be grateful if he/she could retweet the article. Don’t forget to use the @mention symbol for example if you quote me use @compellinadvert before the tweet.

7. Change your Intro.

Have you learnt how to create eye catching intro that hook your readers like mad, that gives them a thirsty spell? If you haven’t, you’ve got to. You know why? It’s because the first five seconds a reader lands on your blog is so crucial that I don’t mind spending 30 minutes rewriting my intro.

It’s almost all in the intro. By changing your intro (if possible put in the relevant keyword) Google will love you while you end up creating a more dynamic content.

8. Tie your Intro with Something Special.

Look for a way to weave your intro into the world hottest news on the planet, or the most controversial topic. But be careful that towing this line doesn’t harm your reputation.

9. Headline Hacks.

If you have a dumb headline no matter how captivating your article is-your article is as good as a dead man buried under 250 ft of sand. Ehe!!!  Yes!

You know why? It’s because nobody is going to give a damn about that awesome post because your title killed it. So why not scroll through those archaic out of fashion, dead goose headlines and do something very fast about it.

10. Do a Sting on a Forum.

Browse through popular forums in your niche and provide quality information. However, do one thing-in the information provided create an information gap that will act as a hook that forces the reader to get back to your site.

11. Cross Linking.

This provides you with the opportunity to drive traffic to stale content. According to Vaidhya, in an article she wrote for Search Engine Watch  cross-linking  involves linking to internal pages within your site wherever necessary(this is commonly termed internal linking).

In order to use cross linking as a great strategy ensure you link your content to popular articles.

13.  Use Pininterest.

Publish or Share photos of your stale content on pininterest. Just ensure you put short but interesting write-up on the pics. This would make your pictures clickable

14. Use Quora.

People are already familiar with using Quora as a way to generate tons of ideas for your blog post. However, if wish to use it to re-purpose an old content you should consider browsing through the question categories. Once you see a question that matches with your blog article-write a detailed answer while also creating an information gap; then insert a link to your post.

15. Use Yahoo Answers.

Yahoo answer works in a similar way to Quora. You can find more info about a topic or find answers to questions and add them up in your posts.

16.  Use Twitter and Facebook.

When using twitter use hash tag # to drive visibility. Another way to drive interaction and to ensure your content moves from stale to hot is for you to tweet the sub headlines of the stale post. I sometimes number them and have seen this increase my twitter following.

These were some ideas that actually work in repurposing your old content. You can try them or find some more ways to repurpose old content. If you find some new ways then do share with us.

photo credit: Cut To Pieces

20 thoughts on “15+ Ways to Repurpose your Stale Content into a Traffic Generating Machine

  1. All good ideas here. Repurposing content is something I have not done very well, but really need to get more involved in. Thanks for sharing these great ways to get me started. Have a great day!

    1. Tom thanks for taking your time to reading the article. It just takes determination and you would see result.

      It is best you start with one method before moving to the next.

      Hope you find the time to re-purpose your article in order to drive more traffic to your site.

      If you feel there is anyway I can help-don’t fail to contact me

  2. Peter Patterson you have represented a wonderful ideas here. I really like it . Stale content can be transformed into meaningful ways. PDF is best way to entice subscriptions. Quora, Yahoo answers & other websites are useful for creating great traffic for your blog using old content.

  3. Hi Peter,

    Nice write up mate. For me, the easiest way to create slideshare, infographic and even videos. Gone were the days where we uses wall of text only. It is basically the era of technology (Pinterest + social medias).

    Now, the market had changed and we got as well.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. ReginaId, I agree with you that we need to use new content marketing platform to drive traffic to one’s site that why slideshare is great, as its back-link is do-follow link.

  4. I have now started working on Infographics..
    It has great power to make our readers understand easily :)
    Pinterest is God for it..Infographics gets great shares on Pinterest.
    Thanks for the points buddy..

    1. Pritam as you said infographics is a great way to drive traffic as man is a visual animal.

      Since it requires investment it’s important you ensure there is a market for the infograph you wish to prepare. So that when you decide to pitch it to other bloggers or influencers-they become easily accepted

  5. Hi Peter,
    I really appreciate you on providing these ways to help me repurpose my stale contents. And then build backlinks and get more traffic from them.

  6. Hello peter kanayo
    I personally use Stumbleupon and Slideshare to generate traffic for my blog.
    We can’t ignore social media which generate a lots of traffic.
    A valuable post
    Keep it up

  7. Mostly I use Pinterest to drive traffic and social media is one of the great platform to get traffic with new social friends. I was just heard about the SlideShare but wondering hot to start. Now I got an idea and that is because you explain it at very well. Thanks for your sharing.

  8. You’ve basically set a new paradigm for content marketing strategies. I’ve never personally implemented my old blog posts or old content into an ingredient for CM, but nice and innovative technique.


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