Giving Your Customers a Voice: The Return of the Suggestion Box


Suggestion box, What is that?

A suggestion box is a place where customers can give their reviews about a product or provide feedback. These were once a common addition to the tables and desks of brick-and-mortar companies. The ability of customers to reach out and share their thoughts and ideas both helped the customers and the company. The customers feel connected to the business and could take support from the company at any time. On the other hand the company could get valuable feedback to develop their product and reach more people.

Reemerging of the suggestion box:

The system always offers the businesses with many brilliant ideas on how they could boost overall customer satisfaction within their establishments by taking their customers feedback. Today the suggestion  box system is reemerging as an online form to support this age of Internet shopping and virtual environments. If implemented correctly, a virtual feedback box can be a powerful business tool and a well-played customer relations move.

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Successful companies using Suggestion Box:

Among the companies that have executed the online suggestion box successfully are Dell, Starbucks, and Best Buy. What these companies offer is a stand-alone Web page from which customers can submit ideas, insight, and suggestions. 

The form is clean, convenient, and easily accessible from the company’s main page. What they do not offer is public forum boards where information can be quickly lost among the masses, or lengthy registration processes that insist customers become members before they be allowed to voice their opinions. The suggestion boxes offer a simple way for customers to communicate their ideas about the company, or the products it sells. 

So, what does this all mean?

How can you take this information and use it to benefit your own business? 

Here’s what you should know:

  1. Customers have very valuable ideas to offer. Since the main goal of any business is to keep the customer happy and build their loyalty to the product, it makes sense to listen to what they have to say. 
  2. Once customers submit their suggestions, they’ll want to know that they were heard. Plan on at least sending a friendly acknowledgment of their communication.
  3. Limit your suggestion box to customer use. It’s great to hear your employee’s suggestions too, but the overall nature of the ideas will be different and should be fielded apart from those of your customer base. 
  4. Rewards or incentives can go a long way in encouraging your customers to share their input. Consider offering a prize for exceptional ideas, or a drawing from all of the suggestions collected each month.

There are several solutions available on the Internet for implementing a suggestion box into your online presence. If you’re not sure where to start, 

  • Yodle offers a large variety of marketing communication tools and can help you gain customer awareness on the Internet.
  • You can also use simple wordpress plugins to crewe polls and know your customers views.
  • You can create polls and ask question through your company’s Facebook page.
  • You can also get your customers answers by creating an online form using google forms.

While the style of suggestion box has changed, they are still many important tools to implement it into your business. Adding an online form to your site to accept suggestions from your customers will build customer loyalty by making customers feel as though they have a voice in the products they purchase. Furthermore, knowing what your customers want will help you hone your product precisely to the demands of the people who will buy it. The result is a product or service that meets the wants of its target audience and a company that thrives due to the fact that they are willing to adapt to the demands of their consumers.

If you’ve implemented a suggestion box or simple polls to get your customers views then do let us know how it helped your business. And if not, try it now. :)

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Editor: Avi Jit

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  1. Awesome post! You are doing excellent and also thanks to Avi.

    Thanks for sharing :)

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  2. Suggestion box can help a business in the real sense. I agree with your points. Customer feedback is very important for any kind of business.
    Florence recently posted…FlorenceMy Profile

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  3. Yes it is a good idea to have a suggestion box as the customers are the main people in the business and any suggestion by them will help to grow the business more than before. Different ideas about the suggestion box will also get the attraction of the customers because anything weird or new always get great response from all rather than the usual one.
    Thanks for sharing Avi Jit

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  4. Very informative. I too believe the same. There should be a relation between the customers and the company. After all the customers are depending on them and the company must serve them well.

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  5. Letting your customers give some opinion and views of their own can be great. I’ve seen many advantages of this. Great article Avi.

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  6. Different ideas about the suggestion box will also get the attraction of the customers because anything weird or new always get great response from all rather than the usual one.

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  7. Informative article. Even I always support the companies and brands which listen to their audience or customers. It’s a great benefit for both customers ann the company.

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  8. As you have suggested, I will take a look at Yoodle. Customer needs to interact with the company and that is very important for both the customer and the company. However there needs to be a good and easy medium for this communication.

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  9. Great idea ! Too bad it disappeared these past few years as people thought email would be used more frequently for user feedback. It’s important to know what would make your clients happier in order to drive business up.

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  10. As you have well said…Lending your ears to the customer after a sale is done is very important. Whether the feedback/suggestion is good or bad it helps the product to evolve to achieve higher quality levels. In the current market scenario Most of the businesses focus just to make a sale and fail to take the feedback and the companies like you have mentioned stand apart just because of the reason the focus they give to customers before and after sale.

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