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Getting support and attention on social media sites  seems to be an awesome thing if you’re running a blog or an online business. This means that you’ve some people around you who knows your work, gives you feedback and praises your work. I’ve literally seen many people (like some start up singers and musicians) who first made their base with the help of various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or some other sites like SoundCloud and later rocked the world with their work. So having a name in social media and promoting yourself on social sites turns to be a great way to go forward and catch the height of success.

Here in this article I’m not going to write much about this topic but will share an infographic which I’ve found on Pinterest.

Before that let me share some good points with the help of which bloggers can get more out of social media.

1. Join the popular social networks. You don’t need to be a member of every network out there.

2. Connect with like minded people and make good relations with them.

3. Join relevant groups so that you’re always updated with what’s going on around you.

4. Be sure to update your profile with all important informations.

5. Also do update your timelines with something spicy and informative which your followers and friends would like to read and give their views on it.

6. Respond to people. You may be busy at times but be sure to respond to the important messages. Who knows, you might make someone’s day. :)

7. Don’t spam the cool social sites. Promote in such a way that people like it and gives their thoughtful opinion about it.

8. Don’t waste much time on social media sites but complete the pending works you have.

Now here’s the infographic by which I found on Pinterest but later caught up on their blog. This infographic will tell you how to utilise your time and get full benefits of the social sites. It will teach you how to rock social media in 30 minutes a day.

Rock Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day [INFOGRAPHIC] - An Infographic from Pardot

Embedded from Pardot

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Editor: Avi Jit

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  1. I spend a lot of time on Facebook but always it goes in vain, Now I’ll use time and promote my works in a well manner. Thanks Avi for this cool article and also for sharing the infographic.

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    • Nice that you learnt something from my article. I appreciate your support. TY!

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  2. Nice article and info graphic. I liked it. Spending more time on social media is a good habit but wasting is not. Here I got to know how to utilise my time. Thanks

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    • Hey! Rahul. I’m glad you liked and commented on my article. TY!

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    • Very Nice and important content on social media.As i gain a Sports Site,social media is my key option..So the explanation here was outstanding and speechlessly classic tool for traffics.Thanks a lot

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      • I wish your sports blog become very BIG one day. Thanks Neek.

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  3. Thanks for the tips Avi. Usually people often waste time on social media specially bloggers who are in their early stage of blogging. Even I had gone through that but as time passed I learnt lot of the things and now utilizing it in proper manner. Though it convert now into productive as it was before not.

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    • hmm.. Wasting time is a bad job. And so here I wanted to make it possible for everyone to utilise time. You’ve got everything I wanted to say. I’m glad that you liked my article. And as you said, you wasted your time but learnt many things and also utilised that in a proper manner, that’s a great thing. I’m happy for you. Will see you around. :)

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  4. Hello avi jit
    Great written article, great tips shared I missed some points and over done others. Now to make full use of social media..

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  5. Hi Avi,

    As you described at the beginning of this post, it is not necessary to join all of these sites. I abide by this statement. What I follow is the ROI policy.

    Basically, we all are investing our time on these sites. So, I make it a point to use only those Social media sites, which offers good Return On Investment (like likes, shares, exposure, referred traffic etc).

    And it was a good and useful experience, going through that Infographic.


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    • I mean the same. Thanks for supporting me lol. It’s true that we should spend time on those things which provide us more ROI than the other things which don’t provide any value. Thanks for reading my article. :)

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  6. Wow Avi love these tips. I am a One Night Stand kinda social guy lol! I hit each site quickly, chat, then off to the next one.

    Be efficient. Respond, engage, and share some value, then off to the next website.

    Thanks for sharing!


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    • That’s cool. Even I do the same in case of reading articles. You’re right we need to efficient and engaging with others and check out everything we can. I’m glad that you liked my short article.

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    • Great! good to know that you found it informative. I too learn a lot of things from the social sites.

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  7. Social Media now a day is the prominent part of SEO and online marketing and we must use it efficiently to get its benefit for the business, this post provides a right guideline to use the social media we must follow it as suggestion is really important to consider like we should not use any social site for marketing and SEO purpose in such a way that it appears as spamming it really effect the reputation of site and also our business strategy.

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    • Glad you find it a useful guide. I agree with you. If we know how to use social media efficiently we can gain a lot of benefits for our business.

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  8. Hello Avi,
    I have seriously find joy in promoting my blog post on Facebook because it draws in a lot of traffic if used well. The next social network i find success in is Linkedin. The clue about these social networks are, join as many group as possible.
    Thanks and do have a blessed week ahead…
    Babanature recently posted…How To Change Your Facebook Date Of BirthMy Profile

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    • I’ve also tried FB for promotion and it really works. Thanks for sharing your views. You too have a rocking week ahead.

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  9. That’s a really nice Infographic. I’d like to add my 2 cents in the G+ part, try using G+ communities, you will see experience valuable exposure there.
    thetecnica recently posted…Top 10 Finance Management Apps For AndroidMy Profile

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  10. Social Media is the one of the major source of traffic for me and I am able to drive almost 2k visitors per day form social media sites only.I have done it and would suggest others to be active on social media and boom.!!
    Mohit Raj recently posted…Valentines Day Cards 2014My Profile

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  11. hmm nicce post i create upto 100 social account and i will manage it very carefully because socializing is also help in SEO

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    • Techodix You create 100 social profiles??
      Please share what are these websites.

      It will be helpful for us.

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