What are the Benefits of SMS Marketing? #Overview


Today we are going to talk about the benefits of SMS Marketing i.e. how short SMS (Short Message Service) can help  marketing campaigns. They are very short but very easy to market a service or product at the same time if done correctly.

The benefits are very note-worthy:

  1. Reaches the Audience that you target.
  2. Compatibility Issues are absent because of text medium.
  3. An sms can be replied by a customer at any time.
  4. Open rates of sms is higher than emails as the phone is always with the customers.
  5. SMS campaigns are easy to make.
  6. Messages have high conversion rate.

Now-a-days, company’s marketing budgets are not what they used to be and consequently, any channel of communication to be used must compulsorily produce benefits and a solid return on the investment. This is why the efficiency of anything from straight mail to bulk SMS marketing is being put into question.

So we have listed here the top benefits of operating with an SMS marketing promotion.

A key to immediacy.

If it is a fact that text messages take less than ten seconds to deliver and that the greatest part of smartphone users in the world do carry their mobiles with them, that means that marketing SMS messages will reach the target within a considerably small period of time after having been sent. Reports show that almost 70% of smartphone owners will check their devices right after waking up while for the rest, there is a gap of just 15 minutes between that instant to the moment of checking. This clearly makes SMS an obvious winner when immediate communication is at stake.

Clear open rate.

As for the email, 28% is the average open rate while direct mails pride themselves on a much more elevated one (90% on average). But SMS is still the leader of them all, with an average rate of 97%. Now this definitely makes a difference. It is more than clear that when a business aim is to ensure that receivers do open the bit of marketing they are planning to advertise, text messages will almost always openly succeed.

Restricted personal details.

Clients having opted for SMS marketing may normally choose to pass over as little (or as much) information as they want. In fact, not all are interested in receiving the standard discount texts or information of future sales from their favourite retailers on a regular basis. In these cases they may always have the choice to merely supply their phone numbers or maybe, their names. Conversely, other customers might be interested in the receipt of tailored information about the business of their choice and this is when they should be able to source additional personal details. It is the kind of elasticity that will prove rather alluring to prospects since, in this way, they will feel they have command over the marketing business. SMS is said to be the medium with a lower impact on the environment (even lower than direct mail) since stamps, paper or envelopes are not needed any more. Statistics say that almost fifty per cent of our planet’s trees get chopped down with the sole aim of making paper. We don’t want to contribute to that waste so why not go green through text marketing?

Bigger engagement levels.

When enterprises start considering that mobile marketing associations have been warning about the fact that the public is five or more times more receptive to SMS marketing than to direct mails, then those numbers will for sure add up to a quite unique outcome. Companies should start implementing their marketing policies through bulk SMS taking good advantage of the fact that no one will be obliged to move from the place they are in and, what is best, that delivering an answer to an SMS takes just seconds!

About the author

Andy Morley is a UK blogger and small business owner, he also works part time for Esendex. Andy has a keen interest in marketing and business. You may connect with Andy in Twitter or Google+.

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  1. Have heard of Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing but this is a new thing: SMS Marketing. Haven’t read the post yet. Will read it now! Cheers ^_^

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    • Hope you will enjoy the article. SMS marketing is very profitable for new startups if done in the right way. Do share your views with us.

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  2. Hello,
    SMS marketing is one of the best strategy yet.. But, there is one problem in this marketing, Indian govt doing some sting to disable those number who are doing aggressive sms marketing.. If you are from India, you should not use your personal number to promote your products…. :)
    Himanshu recently posted…10 Best Free & Premium Restaurant WordPress Menu PluginsMy Profile

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    • Correct. Businessmen will have their work numbers through which they will be able to make ams marketing campaigns.

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  3. I think SMS marketing has been dead in India because of its offer usage. Real Estate & Financial Services has ruined it. Although the writer is from UK so it may still be working there,
    Tauseef Alam recently posted…Godaddy SSL CouponMy Profile

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    • It’s still working everywhere. Jus the thing is that the content must be of good quality. When great products are promoted they always make sales through this process.

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  4. SMS marketing one of the best offline marketing tactics, will give immediate results to our marketing efforts. But it annoys people if used to spam by frequently sending the promotions that lead to trouble for marketers.

    Naveen recently posted…ClickBank Product With What Gravity That Actually Sell?My Profile

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    • Spam is a complete no. Content must be of good quality and only then users will be going to like it and will be interested to use it.

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  5. I just took a little break and this post has made me aware what else SMS can do other than keeping the connection live…..marketing via SMS at time cause a tinge of irritation but its really having a huge reach and can have a great appeal among the mass than other mediums.
    MoumitaDasgupta recently posted…5 Ways to Engage Audience through Blog CommentsMy Profile

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    • Yes you’re right. But the thing is that a campaign must be planned in the right way for the right audience with right content and only then the campaign will be successful.

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  6. I think SMS marketing is very old. The world is moving to Whatsapp and Wechat Marketing.

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    • I see more new services and marketing techniques are coming out but still SMS marketing can reach a wider audience.

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    • Correct. Facebook is a great place to have your marketing campaigns. :)

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