Introducing teliad: Where Advertisers Promote & Bloggers Make Money

Advertisers and BloggersWe are bloggers, The Publishers.

Some bloggers say that they don’t blog for money. They just do it to share their thoughts and experience. But when there is an easy way to earn with your blog, I don’t think you will want to miss that chance?

I blog about what I know and love to share that with my readers. But I have to admit that I love seeing my blog earn some cash on the side.

I get very happy when I see tons of clicks on my AdSense ads. :D

I enjoy the moment when I receive my cheques and payments.

I love to see my inbox filled with notifications from affiliate sales.

I truly appreciate it when product sites ask me for reviews and giveaways.

I just love it!

Everyone likes to make money with their blog. And we bloggers are always searching for genuine sources to make extra money. Even if we already make money through various channels, we should always be keen to try out new exciting ways, like the one I’ll be introducing below:


Introducing teliad: A platform which connects advertisers and publishers.

teliad is a marketplace which connects advertisers and publishers. It’s a meeting place, where publishers and advertisers meet to exchange services and products.

Publishers can market their sites by offering different types of link ads such as sponsored posts. Advertisers can promote their sites with the offers set up by the publishers.

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More about teliad:

teliad is a self-service platform where independent buyers and sellers of sponsored blogs and text links meet. teliad is the largest platform for backlinks and blogs in Europe and have been doing this since 2005. Most of their publishers offer, .com, .de, .ch, .at, .es, .fr and .it blogs. The platform is also available in 5 different languages. 

All of their publishers are independent. The integration of backlinks is done manually with HTML Code. The websites which are accepted on their platform get checked manually to see if they have genuine content and whether they followteliad’s quality guidelines or not. This is done to maintain high quality on their platform.

Why use teliad?

1. Publishers Can Make Money Online.

If you own a blog which actively shares high quality content and has a good community of readers then you can easily get your site listed on teliad’s marketplace and earn money by accepting offers from advertisers.

So what are the products through which you can earn money?

Bloggers make money

  1. Text Links: Are simple backlinks that can be offered with content. Publishers have a variety of options of how they can offer these.
  2. Post Links: You can make money by giving an advertiser space to add his own content and/or link to your existing content. He then links to his page from the extra content he adds. Having a feed and blog is a must for this product.
  3. Blog Posts: You can make money by publishing a sponsored article or review for an advertiser.
  4. Presell Pages: Presell pages are exclusively created sub-pages of a domain. In this case, an advertiser asks you to add a page to your site for one year and advertise it on your site.

2. Provides SEO services.

SEO Agency

teliad’s SEO services offer many different options to optimize a site. Their SEO agency “seonative” does a detailed analysis of a site and helps the site achieve desired results. They use different strategies for different clients depending on what suits their business, requirements and goals.

  • They work to optimize both OnPage and OffPage SEO factors of a blog.
  • They share their knowledge with site owners.
  • They also give AdWords consultation and campaign management.
  • They manage social media campaigns.
  • They also help in creating SEO Content for site owners.

3. Provides Link Building Campaign Services.

Link Building Campaignteliad’s campaign service helps site owners by doing a detailed analysis of their website and helping their site grow through their campaigns. They work with different strategies for different people, depending on the site’s specifications.

4. Advertisers can promote their sites.

Teliad Filtering SystemThe site’s marketplace lists blogs and websites for various niches which helps advertisers find the right site for their purposes. They have various filters set in place, which gives the advertisers a tool to search for the perfect fit for their advertising campaigns.

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For those who are against link selling and buying:

Won’t my blog be penalized by Google if I engage in buying and selling of links?

My view, linking to other blogs and sites is not a bad idea until you’re working with relevant sources. It’s just that you should never go out of your blog’s niche to link to irrelevant sources. Making money from Text Links and/or sponsored posts is not a bad idea. You can also nofollow a link if the advertiser allows it. 

Points to remember:

  • Always link to sources which are relevant to your content.
  • Never give dofollow links from your homepage i.e. from sidebars or footer. A better idea is to surround the link with relevant content in the content area.
  • Don’t overuse this monetization option, in fact most of your articles should not be sponsored.
  • While giving links to other authors always ask them to write a professional author bio.
  • If linking to others would have been a bad idea, guest blogging would have been dead.
  • There wouldn’t have been anything called a sponsored post.
  • It will be impossible for Google to find the best content if it stops counting links.

Now what is a professional author bio?

Normally we see the following bio:

This article is contributed by Ameer of He is a part-time blogger and loves to write about blogging, social media and marketing.

While a professional author bio will be like this:

This article is contributed by Ameer Hazarika(gplus “rel=author” link) of  He is a part-time blogger and loves to write about blogging, social media and marketing. You can connect with him on Facebook(link) and Twitter(link).

So what’s the difference between the two?

The Professional bio is giving out 4 external links while the normal one is giving out only 1 link?

LOL! That’s not the case. I hope some of you got it.

The reason I’m calling the 2nd one a professional author bio is because: 

  1. It has the full name of the author.
  2. It has author “g+ rel” link attached to the author’s name.
  3. It also shows that the author is active on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

And wait, to those who are still thinking about whether to give links to Google+, Facebook and Twitter: You already know that they are giants in the digital world and linking to them will not harm you. Their pages have more value than yours, and so linking to them will not pass your page’s juice to them. You should write engaging content and often link to your social pages from your blogs so that you can build an active community around your site.

Now let’s get back to teliad.. :)

I know that you still have some questions on your mind. So here are a couple of important questions whose answers are given below.

  1. How can publishers make money on teliad
  2. How do advertisers benefit from teliad?
  3. How can advertisers find me on teliad?
  4. How can I get my blog accepted on teliad?
  5. Which factors determine the price of my offer?

I asked these questions to Johannes, who is a country manager at teliad, you can check out his answers below. 

1. How can publishers make money on teliad?

Johannes: There are various ways in which publishers can make money on teliad. If you have a blog, you can set up offers for each link product we offer.

(Text Link, Post Link, Blog Post, Presell Page)

2. How do advertisers benefit from teliad?

Johannes: teliad has always been known for its international flair. Advertisers will find a variety of backlink products for different languages which they can use to fuel their link building, content marketing or general marketing campaigns. We also take great care of which sites and blogs get accepted on teliad – keeping the quality very high. Our self-service marketplace gives our advertisers the chance to reach blogs and sites. The complete booking process at teliad is simple and natural. There is no extra code or anything else integrated with the link. Our crawler checks the link automatically to see if it is correctly integrated.

3. How can advertisers find me on teliad?

Johannes: Our advertisers use the filters to search for potential offers on teliad. Once the correct filters are placed, a list of offers which fulfill the criteria will appear. It is important for publishers to correctly specify the category as well as give a thorough description when setting up the blog, as advertisers can’t see the URLs and book offers depending on their description and other SEO metrics. 

4. How can I get my blog accepted on teliad?

Johannes: The blog has to be unique and natural. We check the content (is it unique, does it make sense), the grammar/wording/spelling, see if the blog ranks on search engines, its history and the important SEO metrics. All the offers which are set up on teliad are checked both by our system and our support team.

5. Which factors determine the price of my offer?

Johannes: teliad has a variety of metrics which we check to decide the payment for each offer, to put it simple, the higher the visibility on search engines for your blog, the larger your potential income. However, content and history also play a key role here. In your account there is a Price Check Calculator which gives you an estimate for your return for each offer. When setting up an offer, teliad provides a price range in which you can set up your offer.

So those were the answers to some very important questions. If you want to know more about teliad then you can always drop a comment below. Your questions will not remain unanswered as Johannes himself will be replying to some of your questions. :)

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  1. Hey Avi Jit,
    I have been reading about different monetization platforms for blog owners and sites which provides sponsored posts are the most I read about. I have worked with SponsoredReviews, which didn’t convert well and then it was LinkVehicle, which was quite nice.
    So may be giving a try to Teliad won’t harm my blog in any way.
    Thanks for writing this in-depth review about the service!
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  2. Hi,

    Thanking you for introducing the new AD serving platform teliads and your well written article. As Arbaz said I too get number of leads but no paid post on sponsored reviews. So this is one kind of network, I hope this will help me.

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  3. I have worked with different sponsor review provider websites, which didn’t convert well and then it was rankslider, which was pretty good.
    Thanks for sharing article brother.

  4. @anirudh
    you mean ranksider? Never heard of rankslider…

    @Avi: Thanks for your insights about teliad and the whole link buying / link selling topic.
    You made some true statements when you talked about the points to remember in website marketing.

    I actually know teliad and also have been in contact with Johannes.
    Most of the bookings that I get from advertisers at are quite interesting and financially rewarding. I also appreciate that there seem to exist advertisers beyond the whole porn & poker stuff ;)

    If I should criticize teliad for anything, I would say to them: Please increase the first payout rate for sponsored blog posts.
    Context –>

  5. thats cool
    let me try this
    But now days traffic is the main concern , then how we make money
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    • Traffic should not be your top most concern, but your readers should be. If you can build up an audience who loves your blog then they will promote your blog to more audience. By the way, do try teliad and share your experience with us.

  6. Excellent and brief review. Well, Didn’t heard about this service, we’ll after your awesome review it’s seems to be a great platform for bloggers. However, I’m already using couple of platforms similar to this, but it’s always good to link with more resources to diversify the income. Thanks for this detailed review Avi :)
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    • It was indeed a detailed one. I tried to write each and every point in this review about making money from contextual links. Do share your views after trying the services at teliad.

  7. Great review and sharing the platform. Will have a look and see how we can benefit as bloggers.

  8. I heard first time about Teliad. I have been using SponsoredReviews and LinkVehicle for a long time. Thanks for the detailed review. Planning to give a try.
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  9. I have been using Teliad for over two years now and i have been earning consistently from Teliad and my blog has never had any problems with the links. Most especially i use some tools on Teliad to gain a deeper insight into my site analytics and performance and it is a reliable means of earning money online.
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    • Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. It’s great to hear that you’re making great money from 2 years through teliad. It’s awesome. I hope the new users will have the same experience. :)

  10. I never heard teliad until reading this article.. Can you tell me if this teliad advertisement better than a BuyAndSellAdds….
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  15. I make money with linkvehicle and postjoint, and have not tried teliad before…. I was told that my niche is saturated and may likely not get advertisers.

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