Every User Can Access the Official Twitter Web Analytics Tool Now

Twitter Web Analytics Tool

The recent inclusion of ‘Twitter Web Analytic Tool’ for all the users will now enable everyone to analyse the ‘Social Compliance’ of their tweets. Earlier, available solely for the Twitters’ Advertising customers, it helped the business users a lot to track the status of their tweets and plan marketing campaigns accordingly.

What’s the use of Twitter Web Analytics Tool?

Twitter Web Analytics Tool

With the new tool, anyone can now measure the performance of his or her tweet. Let us see what this Twitter Web Analytics Tool is all about in details:

Users now get the full access to the humungous data about other people, user groups, and brands, who follow them. The main aspect of importance is the ‘Timeline Activity’. Timeline Activity is a graphical view of the total number of ‘mentions’, ‘follows’, ‘unfollows’ that the user has received in the last month. Below the summary list, there is a detailed list mentioning about the user’s most recent tweet.

The Timeline Activity can be refreshed in certain incremental interval (for example every 6 hours). The monthly details are also available as weekly details, along with fetching the data of the same day. Before Twitter Web Analytics was made open to all, there are certain Twitter analytics tools already in use. However, the accuracy and authenticity of the data and information was a matter of concern always. Now, people can easily get accurate data on the performance of their Twitter profile as well as the tweets they make.

If we look at the benefits, marketers can make use of three major aspects –

  • Information on the volume of traffic Twitter is following in to the publishers’ website
  • Insight on the nature and intensity of engagement a Tweet button is producing on the website
  • Understanding of content sharing strategy throughout the social networking site.

Well, now another aspect of importance is how to use the Twitter Web Analytic Tool. Here is how you can log in to the tool:

1. Go to Twitter Analytics link and log in to your account.

No more steps!

Now, you can see all the data of your Twitter account.

Should I use the Twitter Web Analytics Tool?

Twitter Web Analytics Tool

Marketers and business owners have always loved to see the analytics data of their Twitter activities. This has always helped to gain better insight of their customers’ viewpoint. The social media revolution initiated by Twitter always needed an analytic tool for the marketers to better understand, plan, and execute their campaigns. Now, with the tool becoming open to all, will enable general twitter users or followers become aware of what is happening around their Tweet ecosystem. So, now you also get ready to bring that social impact in your Twitter account and make your profile socially compliant.

Here I want to tell you something important. Actually many of us were not able to view the analytics. But finally I found a way to get access to the analytics.

At first I was not able to access Twitter Analytics.

Every time I click on Analytics > Timeline Activity and I was taken to the Twitter Ads promotion page. Then I asked some of my friends if they were able to view their analytics. None of them were able to view anything except the Ads promotion page. I also read blogs like Mashabe but didn’t find any clue. Finally I tried to make it out in someway.

What I actually did?

  1. I clicked on the “Account and Billing” option at the top right and selected “Billing History”.
  2. Then I was taken to the billing page.
  3. Then I clicked on the “Switch to Advanced” option.
  4. This brought up a popup which was showing Basic account v/s Advanced account features.
  5. And as I clicked on Advanced I became an advanced account users and finally became able to view my Twitter account analytics.

Actually the thing is, many of our ads account is still in basic mode and so we need to get in to advanced in order to view the analytics. As told in the above, that only advanced users can get access to analytics and so I was not seeing analytics before when I was on basic plan. But the problem has been solved now. Wow! 😀

#Update 1: Twitter stopped this way of checking analytics, but now if you’ve Twitter Card activated for your site or blog then you can get the analytics. You just need to go to Twitter Analytics page and log in if you’re not already logged in.

#Update 2: Twitter Web Analytics Tool can be accessed by every Twitter user now even if they don’t have Twitter Cards activated on their site. Finally 😀

Twitter will always remain the original pro in the run of social networking sites. This social networking platform never lost the charm among its lovers and day by day, it is making the product more powerful and friendly for marketers and businesses of all size and all kinds.

Hope you liked the article and I’m sure you will enjoy using the Twitter Web Analytics Tool. :)


34 thoughts on “Every User Can Access the Official Twitter Web Analytics Tool Now

  1. I was completely unaware about the new feature added by Twitter. Thanks for the tips. Surely I’ll follow all the steps so that I can access Twitter Analytics.

    1. Yeah me too! I wasn’t aware that this is now accessible. I know that there should be some tool used by Twitter for them to gauge the engagement but I didn’t know where it was until I saw this post.

  2. Hey Avi,
    Great share about twitter web analytic tool i have not aware of this tool which is much needed one for all bloggers i guess hope to try this out for my promotions

  3. This is indeed a great news. Twitter has emerged as a bigger and better social media than any other counterpart in today’s time. Many celebrities and social activists are part of this great network. Getting access to the web analytic tool is surely going to benefit many people. Great way to control your business and online presence.

    Thanks for sharing the information.

  4. I wasn’t aware of this Twitter analytics.
    Thanks Avi for letting us know about these tool too. Now I will be able to track my progress on Twitter and see if I am doing good or not.
    Cheers :)

  5. Hi Avi,

    Thanks for this info. I was putting off checking my analytics but seeing your post made me take action! Don’t you just love it when people actually take action after reading one of your blog posts :)

    Good stuff!

  6. Some Twitter users have had access to this feature for a little while now but it was rolled out slowly with only some users able to access it at first. (And without any real fanfare.) It’s nice to know more users now have access to this data. Thanks to Avi for sharing this with the BizSugar community.

  7. Before read your blog i was completely unaware about the new feature added by Twitter. Thanks for the tips. Surely I’ll follow all the steps so that I can access.

  8. Finally, thanks for detailing the steps via the billing menu. I do have access for the paid accounts that I have been involved in but could not access the stats for my private accounts. But now I can!! Thanks

  9. Hi Avi!

    Thanks for this great article. Thanks God you explained everything in details as I was wondering why I couldn’t access Analytics. This is going to be a great tool for me to use as I intent to put my focus on Twitter!

  10. But we don’t have a paid account (and don’t plan to yet). So are we sunk? I went to Billing History > Advanced – it’s asking for a credit card.

  11. Great share Avi, I never really used this before. So thanks for the share. Came down this way after some time and the blog is full of awesome content. Will be spending sometime today.

  12. Do you have to be a paying promoted customer in order to use this? It seems like you wouldn’t need to be but every time I go into the billing menu it doesn’t give me the option of switching over. I just started up my website and am not quite ready to pay for promos yet but would love to use this, it seems like such a powerful tool. Awesome article, thanks!

  13. great sharing..
    These kind of update from twitter are very rare to listen..
    but you shared..that is the good work…
    keep sharing this article.very interesting to read..

  14. This is really a nice tool, Avi… Well I am using third party to check clicks on my tweets… Will check whether twitter card is enabled for my blog or not ?…. Thanks for this quick update .. :)

  15. Hello Sir,

    Another Great post, I really enjoyed it! It sounds awesome with this fabulous, which will be very helpful.

    Keep up the good work!

    Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.

  16. Social networking sites, especially Facebook/Twitter/Google can bring massive amount of traffic to our contents. I am using Twitter for a long time, but recently only I made serious efforts to increase followers strength and engagement volume. And this is a good movement from the micro blogging site as we can keep track of social media activities very easily.

  17. I want to make a twitter analyser app for any entered user name. How can I use this for making my app. Can you suggest any opensource tool/APIs to do this ?
    Thank You

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