Why You Need a Personal VPN for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows Devices?

Personal VPN for iPhone, Ipad and MacNet surfing is the most prevalent activity among most people these days, especially teens and young adults. Therefore, it’s important to maintain your personal internet security by accessing the internet via a secured network.

What’s VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a foolproof solution to the problems of privacy and security that come with browsing the internet on unsecured connections. VPN is basically a software that once installed, creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and its internet gateway to ensure a secured transfer of your data.

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Do you own an iPhone?

Yes, you can get personal VPN for iPhone.

You can even also get personal it Windows, Mac, Android and iPad.

Personal VPN for iPhone

Recently we planned a vacation, and one of my major concerns was whether or not I would have access to safe networks to browse the internet on my iPhone while traveling.

I’m always aware of unencrypted Wi-Fi connections in hotels, malls, airports, etc. These networks are not secure because of snoopers and hackers who linger on them and try to steal confidential information that you transmit. They can easily still your passwords, banking information and empty your bank accounts. :(

Accessing the net over unencrypted connections is really harmful to you.

Personal VPN for iPhone, Ipad and Mac

Then, a colleague of mine suggested me to use VPN for Iphone. He told me that he uses vpn for iPhone in his office to unblock Facebook and while on vacation this free VPN for iPhone software helps him to secure his web sessions.

I have also wanted something similar that would allow me to access my favorite websites privately and securely. And when he told me about Google Hotspot Shield VPN for iPhone software, I really felt tension free. It turns out to be the best internet security solution that I could have ever found for my iPhone.

Benefits of VPN:

Based on my experience, I would sum up the benefits of a VPN Software:

  1. It creates an encrypted tunnel between your iPhone and its remote server in the US. This secures all the network traffic coming in and going out of your iPhone as all the data now flows through this secured tunnel.
  2. Hotspot Shield VPN anonymizes you online. It hides your actual IP address and gives you the IP address of the VPN server you are connected to in the US. So, whether it’s the administrator of a website, a cybercriminal camping on a Wi-Fi network, or your Internet Service Provider (ISP), no one can monitor or track your online activity.
  3. What I like the most about Hotspot Shield Free VPN software is that, it allows you to access Geo-restricted websites. Yes, I was able to access Netflix outside the US. Hotspot Shield assigned me a US IP address of its server and I was thus able to watch my favorite movies on Netflix while on the vacation.
  4. You can also play online games, chat with friends on Facebook, unblock Twitter, Gmail, and YouTube on your office computers. The VPN allows you to bypass internet filters and firewalls to give you uncensored access to all the content you want.
  5. It can save your money by compressing your data traffic to give you up to 2 times the bandwidth you get with your existing data plan.

I hope you got to know the benefits of the software now. If you own an iPad 2 then install the Free VPN for iPad 2, if you own a Mac then go and get the Mac VPN Software and if you use a Windows PC then get VPN for Windows 7. All are free to use and so you don’t need to spend a penny to get yourself secured.

Try it by yourself…

It’s absolutely free. Just go to the link to this amazing VPN software.

Enjoy the Internet. Try it and share your views with us about this useful and free VPN software. I’m using Free VPN for Windows 8 and I’m enjoying it. :)

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Editor: Avi Jit

Music Addict. Blogger. Editor & Founder, SkyHiT BloG. Co-founder, 10on10 Designs. Catch me on Facebook , Twitter & Google+.

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  1. Nice Article on VPN software and it’s benefits. Such a gret information. :)

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  2. Thanks @Gautam & @adiya; Soon I will share more TECH info with U :)

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    • Welcome Buddy….

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  3. nice article bro, what i think VPN is important for all the smartphone users not only iphone.

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  4. Hey avi ! a really informative article. I don`t have a smartphone currently, but surely i`ll use VPN when i get it :)

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  5. Using a VPN is great and Hotspot shield works brilliant. Make sure the VPN you are using is not slowing down your internet speed. Thanks for the tips, it’s easy to forget that a smartphone also is a computer.

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  6. Hey Avi,

    I didn’t know what VPN was for.
    thanks for the heads up!


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  7. i am confused why we use vpn when the tor browser is easily available and provide 100% superiority of anonymity
    by this we can tunnel the network and undetectable .
    so please help me about it

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    • You are right but We use VPN to gain a particular country IP address. Hotspot Shield free version provides US IP address but its elite version provides a dedicated IP address and also we can choose a particular country.

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  8. As you said in your writing: Some bad guys will steal online banking encrypted packets when you connected through public wifi hotspots and then empty your account, yet this vpn service provider uses older technology to connect user to internet i.e. 128bit encryption or no encryption at all when banking using 256bit.

    Do i realy need paid vpn when stealers doing their job not at public cafe wifi, but all over internet pushing you bullocks about security with bunch of links on blogs?

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  9. Nice article about VPN’s. I would suggest adding VPNBook.com to the list. VPNBook provides free PPTP or OpenVPN service and has servers in three countries. As PPTP client is included in most operating systems and OpenVPN is an open source project, no propriety software is needed.

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  10. The decisive factor is not only a mobile phone plans for bad credit,
    but all the goods and services. Some Bluetooth devices require special
    four-digit pass codes before pairing with your iPad.
    We have constantly developed expertise for Android for every new version
    that Google comes up with.

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  11. Hello Avi, you’ve provided very useful information about virtual private network for windows and iPhone’s. I was wondering what’s the alternative system it could be against VPN service, because just recently I read in an article mentioned all VPN services has been blocked by telecom services. Now what’s the next technology we can use having similar facility like VPN service. Please let me know!!!
    Sierra recently posted…IPVanish – Review of Features, Speed, Reliability, & ServiceMy Profile

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