10 Awesome Ways to Build Links for your Local Business #LinkBuilding

Ways to build links locaallyThis is an internet world. For getting information everyone depends upon an internet search. So for every business it is very important to have a website or a blog. When you create a website for business, typically you get sales soon, because a website reaches worldwide. But for small and new business it is vital to first target the local market.

If you have newly built a website but you are not getting search visibility in Google then this might affect your business and moral.

Thus, it is always good to have a local visibility so that your business don’t get affected. That is the reason why you should use some ways to build links for your local business…

Why I should think of ways to build links locally?

  1. Local links can bring traffic to your website and increase your business.
  2. Local links can help you to improve network and develop your business.
  3. You have very good chance to find clients, employees and business partners.

If you want to grow your business in neighboring areas then it is always a good idea to have a link with local websites.

Some awesome ways to build links for your local business are:

1. Local blogging will definitely help you.

It can be one of the best ways to build links. It will help you to improve your local link. People like to read blogs and reviews on different topics. So take a help of local blogger who can write reviews and make a difference in local businesses.

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2. Become Members of other local groups.

Look for other local business groups or business directories and try to be member. Sometimes for these memberships you have to pay some fee but it is worth to pay for getting business.

3. Meet more people and talk with them.

It is always good to mingle with people face to face. Be a part of local industry events or seminar. These meetings may give you an opportunity to build local link and provide new business.

4. Sponsor Events & Charities in Local Places.

You can improve your local link by sponsoring events. Try to give back to your community by doing charity and events. It is a nicest way to get popularity. You can offer scholarship to students in local university and colleges.

5. Accept Testimonials from your customers.

Most of the time testimonials and reviews of your service can help to improve local links and business. People read the testimonials and then decides whether to take your service or not. So they play a big role.

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6. Running proper search engine optimization.

Yes, you should hire a SEO consultant for your site so that customers can find your site in search results. Only then they will be able to find your site, visit it and sign up for your services.

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7. Start working on guest posting in good sites.

Look for the blogs which are ranked well on related keywords. Try to contact the blog owner and ask him if he can accept your guest blog posts. It’s one of the best ways to build links. It will definitely help you to improve business and exposure..

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8. Try to publish ads of your business in local paper.

That’s again one of the best ways to build links. Many business sites do this and they get many customers. You just need to create an attractive ad with your services and site link.

9. Always try to leave a link to your website or blog.

One of the coolest ways to build links is that, when you do any online or offline publication ask the journalists to link your business blog. Sometimes they will not prefer to do that but you can try to ask them. It will easy for others to find you.

10. Always take help of Social Media Sites like Facebook.

Social networks are great ways to build links for business. Definitely, manual ways to build links will help you to improve your social network connection so that your business gets visibility…

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So those were some way to build links for your local business. I hope they help you in growing your business.

Editor: Avi Jit

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  1. Very informative post. I think Social media became the most important aspect of business promotion & link building. In upcoming days people would like to use more social media tools rather than using typical business tools for promotional purposes. Social Media are meant to develop reliability, and improve online exposure. By using Social media we can provide details about our goods and services in the best possible way. It is like traffic generation to get some excellent sales.

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  2. well very useful tips for the person having small scale business and willing to expand his business with a less investment also making it popular among local public..

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  3. Yes, you are right! really these top ten ways will help to build the valid links for business. I hope guest post n social media participation would yield better result. Thanks for sharing the useful information.
    Nirmala recently posted…Simple beauty tips to get awesome glow foreverMy Profile

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    • Yo Vivek. :)

      Even more than links, great exposure and sales. ;)

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    • You can make connections with others and it will help you to get links, it will be more useful if the niche is same.

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  4. Guest posting is the best way to ensure strong link building and drive huge traffic your webpage. I also believe a good social relations helps alot to achieve your goal.

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  5. Very nice post bro, choosing a perfect topic is very useful to gain Customers in local business, it helps a lot to advertise on local newspapers, because by advertising on local newspapers we can get local customers and make the connection with other.

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  6. accepting testimonials is certainly a good way to build links..this will tell people that it is a recognized and well known brand/business. also joining in groups and participating in events and having conversation with real people can go a long way. thnx for the post katy…really helpful! :)


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  7. Wow, great Article for Build links. I will use your suggestion. now i will write guest post for other blog.

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  8. Thanks Katy for this great informational post. I am sure it would be very useful for people like me who do not believe much in link building. Thanks for sharing. Good luck.. :)

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  9. Thanks for this great post Katy. This was very useful. I created many backlinks but I did not get any PR. I hope I will get some in the next PR update

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