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With Google updating its search algorithm often, websites and website owners across the globe are affected differently. Some of them are improving in their website ranking, while some are sinking. No business owner would ever desire that the website that represents his business and earns for him would go down in its ranking.

In this juncture, one question arises – ‘Is the use of the website review tools still relevant?”

While Google Webmaster Tool remains the pro in this list, here we have tried to bring before you seven most admired and used website review tools of all time. This time, these are not alone analytics alone, but many aspects of modern online marketing are too taken into consideration.

Check them and give us your feedback. Definitely let us know if you know any better one.

Webmaster Tools by Google

The Webmaster Tools by Google is considered the ultimate czar in this league. Used almost by all webmasters across the world, this is the definitive scanner for your website. The motto of this tool is to educate webmasters and website owners improve their website’s visibility in Google search result. In addition, you can diagnose various issues with your website; discover the links and various query traffics. Most importantly, it is completely free.


Alexa, a subsidiary of provides commercial website traffic data. The recent data says that Alexa provides Traffic data, Global ranking information, Traffic Rank in the country of origin, Site Linking Report, and other information on 30 million websites. Founded in 1996, Alexa holds good reputation as one of the oldest website review tools.


WooRank is another trusted website review and SEO analysis tool, which provides online marketing and sales tips to better the website, resulting in more traffic to the site. This tool deeply analyses whether the website is in conformance to SEO best practices and also gives the reports on its performance against the competitors. WooRank also provides Real-Time reports.

Hobspot Marketing Grader

Hobspot Marketing Grader evaluates or grades the website performance based on various aspects, such as analytics, blogging activity, email marketing initiatives, lead nurturing, mobile responsiveness, social media activity, and the website etc. Different from other website review tools, Marketing Grader is targeted to offering a holistic solution to enhance your marketing efforts and gauge its effectiveness.

Shopify Grader

Shopify Grader is a unique site review tool specifically dedicated to grade e-commerce websites. The tool checks website whether it is optimized for search engines. Other aspects of grading include ease of use, social media initiatives, and most importantly, if there are any technical issues hampering the performance of your website.


This is one website monitoring tool that lets you know as and when your website is down. Pingdom Website Monitoring tool tracks the overall performance of the website through its multi location facilities.

Moz Analytics

Previously known by the name SEOmoz, Moz is a great tool that analyzes inbound links to the website. Moz Analytics is the one-stop solution for all the inbound marketing data, over time data visualization, competition analysis, and smart actionable recommendations. It also helps to understand how the website content is shared through social media.

Knowing more about your site and your site visitors is always a good idea. You can use these tools for that. But you will also have to check analytics and site insights socially and manually. Only then your site will see good progress in this marketing world.

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Author: Avi Jit

Music Addict. Blogger. Editor & Founder, SkyHiT BloG. Co-founder, 10on10 Designs. Catch me on Facebook , Twitter & Google.

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    • True, checking out the progress of a site by analyzing it is very important as it allows us to develop the site and make it better for users.

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    • Alexa is not accurate, actually none is that accurate. But they at least gives us data about a site. Moz is really a cool tool.

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  1. reviewing your website helps one to learn from the mistakes and enhance them. this is a great tool to check the sites potential.thanks for the list.

    Post a Reply
    • Correct. And learning the stats of your own site can help a lot to make a good future of your site. :)

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  2. Very nice content at right time Avi. Nice informative lines Avi..Thanks

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    • I agree. I’ve also used Moz tools and they are just superb. Real information of your site is up there. Enjoy.

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  3. Excellent Post! The tools you’ve mentioned are cool. Thanks.

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  4. I have used almost all of the tools you mentioned. I liked WooRank and Moz Analytics more than the rest you mentioned.

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    • Yah! they are great. I’ve also tried them on my sites. They work great and gives real metrics about our site.

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  5. Hubspot’s Marketing Grader is Excellent,as compared to alexa because it costs a fortune to run a review.
    But nice collection of Tools Avi

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    • Glad you liked. TY for sharing your experience with Hubspot’s Marketing Grader.

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  6. Great list of tools. Most of the tools are new to me. Surely I’ll try few of them.

    Moz Analytics is my most favourite tool among them. Thanks for the share.

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