What Google Expects From Every Blogger?

GoogleDo you know?

Everyday thousands of new blogs are created. Yes its correct.

So where we stand in this heavily crowded world of blogging?

Don’t worry, here I’ll tell you what Google expects from every blogger; and you’ll definitely get noticed if you follow them. :)

First lets study what exactly Google expects.

1) Add Blog To Webmaster Tools - 

This is a great service provided by Google to all webmasters out there. This tool helps you to get all the details of incoming search queries. Also helps you to get the idea of clicks you are getting for particular keyword.

The most important advantage is, it lets you know if Google bot is facing some crawler error or can’t fetch any information.

We can add many sites to webmasters. Once you add your site, verify the ownership by uploading a verification file in your root directory. ( procedure is simple ).

2) Submit URL For Indexing - 

This is a very good practice. When we think of getting real organic traffic, then indexing of site is very important.

When you’ve finished with adding site to webmaster, just submit you URL for index.

3) Create Sitemap - 

Another most important thing that Google expects from every blogger is a sitemap of the blog. Sitemap is nothing but the collection of pages from your site which you want Google to index. You can install the XML Sitemap wp plugin to create a sitemap.

4) Use Google Keyword planner Tool - 

Keywords are backbone for every post you write. Selecting a correct keyword is also an art. The simplest way is to use Google Keyword planner Tool.

You must use this tool by selecting the keyword with more searches and having less competition. That’s it !

5) Maintain Robots.txt File - 

This file allows you to restrict search engines bots from crawling the specific files. You can edit it via webmasters.

This should be your standard robots.txt file -

User-agent: *  Disallow: /wp-admin/  Disallow: /wp-includes/

 You may find all these points quite technical, of course they are :) Here it is not over, Google expects some general things also , let’s study them -

General Expectations

 1) Write Meaningful Content -

You have been reading blogs which coach us how to blog, then you might have read many a sentence ” write fresh content” but they don’t tell us what should we write then ?

The answer is rich and meaningful content which your readers a reason to come back.

Read – 10 Reasons Why A Blog Is Not Read.

2) Have Clear Navigation - 

This is something very useful and Google expects from every blogger to have a clear direction for the visitor.

Visitors must easily seek information and navigate through  your pages.

3) Website Design - 

Some of my friends are blogging from last 6 years and when they applied for Google Adsense, their application were approved very easily. But now its very tough now.

Google now-a-days also sees our site design before approving our adsense application and to rank up in the search result.

So how should be the design ? Your site be must be with white background and black text on it. Try to add menu in the header, use responsive theme.

4) Minimum Page Loading Time - 

New advance search algorithms of Google checks the page load time. The webpage with minimum load rank up. So if you have to be in competition, decrease page load time.

You can use W3Total Cache or WP SuperCache plugins which will do the work for you.

5) About , Contact , Privacy Pages -

Now these 3 pages are compulsory if you want your visitors to trust you. Moreover, if you have any plans for applying for Google adsense then these 3 pages are very necessary.

This tells Google you are  a professional and will be providing quality content to your readers.

The Last Words

Friends, I have tried my best to give you the idea of what you should do and what Google expects from every blogger.

So if you haven’t done this, hurry up ;) . Hope you like the post.

Please feel free to ask any queries, comment section is all yours :)

Cheers !

photo credit: Thomas Hawk

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  1. Good and simple navigation not only help with google but also make your blog easy to surf through, and google analytic is also a good tool to work with because it helps a lot in tracking your blog performance.
    You’ve listed it all…Thanks for the info.

  2. Good Post! Finally an indication I’m doing something right & not just what I’m doing wrong. Thanks!
    rose invites you to read…5 Management Tools I Used to Become a Better ParentMy Profile

  3. Pritam, great list of things for bloggers to check as they produce their blogs. #5 is often overlooked by new bloggers. But those pages are so important! #1 is not so easily defined, we see it everywhere but what is it exactly?
    Lisa invites you to read…Be Awesome And Buffer Your Shares Til The Cows Come HomeMy Profile

  4. Great article buddy! It is very necessary for a blogger to get his blog into Google’s good books! Recently, I’ve been concentrating on boosting page load speed. When it comes to blogs it goes like this- the faster, the better :)
    Arun Kallarackal invites you to read…How to get Huge Traffic to your Blog from FacebookMy Profile

    • Hi Arun ,
      You’re going the right way. The advanced algorithm by Google now focuses on Page Loading Time.

      Many times its been seen that the top results from search engines are the pages which has minimum loading time.

      Bonus tip – you can use W3 Total Cache , but its configuration is quite complex. You can also go for WP Super Cache .. Both are Best !

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  5. Hello Pritam,

    Great list you knocked down!

    I am up to all of the things mentioned here but really missing the one important part; Content writing. This is the thing I should care enough for to see more of the good data in Google Webmaster Tools.

    For “5) About , Contact , Privacy Pages -” and being only a personal blogger (I mean not providing professional services), will it be essential/compulsory to have these pages up for those type of bloggers ?
    Adeel Sami invites you to read…Themed Link Building for SEOMy Profile

    • Thats very good question Adeel ,

      Let me explain , Google is becoming strict day by day ,these pages are necessary if you want to use Google ads on your blog.

      And when you use Privacy Policy , its the sign that you’re a Professional blogger..
      About page is for when people reads your content and they like it , they might want to know who is the person behind this.

      Contact pages can help readers to contact you and you can build relations with new bloggers and friends :)

      Hope this helped you , if you have more questions please feel free to ask..

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  6. Bro sorry,but i HAVE already followed everything you mentioned in this post on my blog.But adsense application is still unapproved.Well if could do a review of my site.than i will be happy.I m using chitika..ads right now,they some time aslo show adsnese ads.but how to get approve with adsense.
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  7. Google loves quality content. You need to ask yourself the following question: are my article personalised?

    When you start introducing your own story, you will find yourself writing articles that would hardly be slapped by Panda.

    Secondly, you must do research from more than 3 sources before you publish your articles.

    When you use someone else content don’t forget to cite it by linking up to that site. When you start doing this you will discover your content would be of higher quality and google loves this

    from time to time determine if someone has duplicated your article you can use copyscape to do this. If you’ve been slapped by google as a result of someone duplicating should use the google diavow tool to tell google that a particular site caused you to be penalised.

    On a final note don’t over optimise a word you wish to rank for on search engines. Use the same exact keyword about twice then use other alternatives. This way you would be google’s good book and google will love the content.

  8. Well written Pritam!

    Google Keyword Planner is a great tool if you know how to use it correctly. For starters, it is more challenging to use compared to the previous version but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be using it.

    Keep it up mate!
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  9. Nice post,
    But I have some trouble to manage Robot.txt .can you help me ?? please inform me that how to manage robot.txt ….
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  10. Good suggestions and I agree they are the must steps for any blog to expect any organic traffic.

    I wonder why Google changed the Keyword tool to Keyword Planner. I feel the earlier was quite convenient and useful than the way Planner displays information. Miss it too much.
    Suresh Khanal invites you to read…Is Your Blog Now Ready to Be Monetized?My Profile

  11. Sugam Kumar says:

    Hello Pritam,
    You have clearly explained the Google expectations. For sure Google need Quality Content. The points you have shared are necessary to start the blog.
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  12. Muhammad Hussain

    Very great but when i read the article I didn’t understand the meaning of it, but after reading i will get all information from the article. nice very nice
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  13. sandeeparron

    Now iam thinking to modify My robots.txt file, Thanks for your Suggesion dude
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  14. Really Quality Content is King and Pageload time matters a lot if you focus on these 2 things then you will get noticed by Google :) Right Avi ? :)
    Sanket invites you to read…How to Search Engine Optimize Robots.txt File to Get Organic Traffic.My Profile

    • Hi Sanket ,
      I am confused , do you ask this question to Avi or Me ( author of this post) ;)
      Anyways , you’re absolutely right. Pageload as well as the design of website is also counted now.
      You may check my latest article regarding the ” Importance of Website Design “.
      Hope this help you buddy :) , Hope to see you again.
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  15. Hi Pritam,
    This is worth reading for me and post title is really attracting which persuade me to see what is inside in it. Now Google is more focusing and compelling us to use Keyword planner. This is just my opinion you can disagree. Because to run adword campaigns. Thanks for sharing your ideas.
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  16. Yes, using about, contact and privacy policy pages is very important. As an affiliate I also have a disclosure page that I think is important too. This is a list that every new and old blogger should take a closer look at. Thanks Pritam.
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  17. That was an awesome blog post! I made a google site map with google and bing. I think it is very important to try to do as much as you can to get your blog accessible to people. Thanks for sharing this with us!
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  18. Hi Pritam,

    Thats a cool article for new bloggers. These are important things to get website’s good rankings on Google. Minimum page load time, website design and content is the most important thing for a blog.

    Keep writing this kind of article. :-)
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  19. Again an informative post, this time by Pritam. Really sir, your information of submitting your website, Robots.txt are really important. Without this, Google will surely not consider our website and we can’t expect fast indexing too. Really good one. Thanks.
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  20. These are the simple tactics that every blogger mostly follow. But good mention that somehow there few bloggers who forgot one or two thing to do while they start new blog. It is good Pritam that you mention all the point in single article. Keep it up.
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  21. Hi,

    I agree, It does expect us to follow all the webmaster guidelines and deliver quality content. On the bottom, it expects us to earn more, leverage traffic, SEO and i’m talking about Google Adsense publishers because, most of the revenue is from it’s ad network.
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  22. But expectations of Google are increasing day by day with new algorithm updates.
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  23. Hello Pritam,

    Glad to see you at Skyhitblog, Well according to be google expect only quality content which shall be shared for readers not for search engines.

    Thanks for the tips.
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  24. Pritam you come up with fascinating write-ups. Yet another good article. Tips are good and to match up with Google’s latest updates like Humming Bird, Panda or Penguin 2.0 you need to feed Google with what it wants…Keep up the good job.
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  25. Hey Pritam awesome post , all the things mentioned are really important and we should really abide by those things to be loved from Google :)

  26. Thanks for the appreciating brother.
    These are now a days very important to be in the race :)

    See you around !
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  27. Hey Pritam,I have two doubts regarding my site :
    1.) What to add in robots.txt if you are on blogger
    2.) And even though i have a prvacy policy and other pages,Adsense has rejected me once.So,can you give me
    a possible solution

  28. Why always google expects from Blogger. Bloggers also have some expectation from google.
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  29. Good solid advice, I would add a few elements that have worked well for us…

    1. Add relevant images and/or multimedia – you can ad “alt” tag information that helps your page rank for given keyword or keyword context AND we have found that visitor stickiness (another measure of google is bounce rates and on-page times) improves dramatically

    2. Use of bullets, headings, white space again to improve on-page times helps considerably

    3. Bookmarking your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, (build communities around your content and your personality), Digg, Reddit, and Delicious

    4. Syndicate your content once in a while – you want to get your content out onto other credible sites linking back to your blog content…this gives your content (particular blog posts) substantial clout in the search engines.

    And finally, learn to tell stories and draw your readers into the conversation…we have found our posts that get ongoing comments (user generated content) continue to rise in the search engines – in some cases for years after the original post.

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