How You Win Even After Losing a Contest?

contestI’ve always loved to take part in those interesting contests and giveaways  going around because, they really turns me on. I really love them as they entertain me and makes me happy with the gifts attached with the contest. :D

Why you should join a contest going around?

  1. Exposure.
  2. Connections.
  3. Exciting gifts.

Yes, taking part in a contest give you great exposure if you do some unique things to win the contest. Many people take part in those contests and so you come into the notice of many people.

Again, you also meet many new people there with whom you may be able to build some kind of relation. It’s always good to build relations in blogging and working as a team.

What if you win a contest?

Oh! What then? You will get a lot of exposure, people will appreciate your work and they will also thank you for doing something unique. Again, you will also win those exciting gifts. :D

What if you don’t win a contest?

Oh!  Now what? You lose and won’t get anything? No, you still gain many things. You still get some exposure, get a platform to present your work, get to know what people think about your work, get some tips on how to develop yourself and you also meet some new people. It’s not that you just wasted some time by taking part in the contest. You really gain some good things. So you still win a contest even if you didn’t get any rank there. Now you can work hard and again try to win some other contests, and hopefully you may win the next time. That’s life, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Winning is a good thing but loosing is not always a bad thing as you get to learn many things and prepare yourself to win a even harder contest in a future times.

Failures shouldn’t make you weak but should make you stronger. You shouldn’t sit back if you lose, but should try harder to learn from your mistakes and give a tough fight in the next time.

Today, why I’m writing this article?

Because I’ve took part in a guest blogging contest and according to the contest rules I’ve to write a post regarding that contest on my blog to gain some points to win the contest. The contest is that, the one who gets a lot of points on his article wins. And the points will be given according to social votes. (Facebook Like, Tweet, Comment etc…)

So, am I seeking help from you to make me win the contest?

No, It’s not that actually. It’s totally up to you on helping me or not. So is it that I don’t want to win? No, I want to win. Who don’t want to win? Who don’t like to enjoy the moment of winning? But it’s not that I’ve to win. There may be some other contestant who may be better than me or there may be people who don’t like my concept. So it’s not always that you’ve to win. But, it’s true that you should enter the contest to have some good moments.

What if you want to help me to win the contest?

I’ll be glad to hear that you want to help me. Well then, you just need to check out my article and read it. Then like, tweet, stumble and comment on it.

Here’s a snippet of my guest article:

Here’s Why a Blogger Shouldn’t Help Everyone

No, I’m not against helping people and I’ll never be; but sometimes I don’t help others. Yes, it’s absolutely true. I don’t help everyone. Sometimes, even if I want to help someone I don’t help. I don’t give him any kind of advice and I also don’t help him to get his work done. But why? [Continue Reading…]

I know you’re keen to know why I wrote an article like this where I suggest bloggers not to help everyone. To reveal the fact you’ve to go and read the full article as it’s only a teaser and you will not get the actual reason why I said so.

Ok then, I’ll take my leave today. I hope you liked this article. And I hope you like my guest article as well.

Editor: Avi Jit

Music Lover. Blogger. Dreamer. I've co-founded → 10 ON 10 DESIGNS. Talk with me on Facebook | Twitter | Google+.

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  1. Hey Avi I completely agree with you that these Contests make you a winner in yourself.The main optimistic thing here is you make connection and showcase your work.Thanks for sharing

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    • Totally, you got me. Yes, they make us an winner in ourselves and give us more power to charge up ourselves. :)

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    • Great article Avi.Contests are really very important and useful for every sites.And it too gives confidence and good mood to work hard if you win where about 2-5k peoples takes part.Thanks

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  2. The grand prize of a contest…get your website mention. Thanks for sharing

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  3. Taking part in a contest give you great exposure if you do some unique things to win the contest. Many people take part in those contests and so you come into the notice of many people.This is really right!!! winning the contest is important!!!

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    • Yes it’s good to win but it’s not that you’ve to win because failures sometimes teach us more than what we could have learnt if we would have won. :)

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  4. “Failures shouldn’t make you weak but should make you stronger. You shouldn’t sit back if you lose, but should try harder to learn from your mistakes and give a tough fight in the next time.”Yeah!! this is right!!! failures could be the way toward success!!!

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  5. Taking part in contests is good as we get exposure and a platform to showcase our work. Loved your article and the quote.

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    • You got it right. I’m really enjoying the contest now. Thanks for your words.

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  6. All the best for the contest Avi. You’ve posted a great post here and as well as there. :)

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  7. really, your thoughts are amazing . thanks for this motivational post .

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    • I’m glad that you liked what I shared. Thanks Bhanu. Cheers. :)

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  8. These are great tips for anyone who needs this kind of advice. I especially liked the part (in your contest post) where you said you helped people, but you didn’t expect anything in return…great stuff!

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  9. Hi Avi, taking part in contest is a good thing. It allows you to know your worth. This is because you meet directly or indirectly the top bloggers in your niche. You build a very good relationship with them thereby giving you some explosures.
    I have been to the post at bloggingcage the second day it was published and i have commented. I wish you best of luck in the contest.

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    • Yes, contests really give us many new contacts and exposure. Thanks for your support. :)

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  10. I like the spirit, Avi!
    And coming from someone as young as you are, those are very wise words. :)
    Am impressed by your maturity of thought as well.
    When 10 people compete for a race, they know there is going to be only 1 winner. Now, 9 more people running the same race as I am is no reason for not running at all.
    You summed it up perfectly. Great if you win. But even if you dont, you have nothing to lose! :)

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    • Thanks Ambika di. I appreciate your support. I’m really glad that you like my works and agree with my views.

      You said it right. We never lose and if we lose then, we should learn from our mistakes and try to succeed in life.

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  11. Hello Avi,
    I loved your post in BloggingCage and did all the things to help you win.
    Hope you win !
    Keep Blogging :)

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  12. Hello Avi,

    Don’t worry man, You post at bloggincage is awesome, you’ll win it surely.. And suppose if you fail you will have more opportunities in future to win big prizes.


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  13. Thanks for this article Avi . You got the points there . Gotta share your thoughts to my friends .

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