A Primer on Social Commerce


Snapchat generated headlines last month when it confirmed it’s entering the social commerce sphere. It’s going to join Facebook and Twitter by adding e-commerce functionality to its channel on Snapchat Discover called Sweet. The mobile app may revamp social commerce once again.

Wait, just what is social commerce?

“Social commerce” has been the primary buzzword for the last several months. With social media constantly evolving and brands and digital marketers utilizing the platforms of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, social commerce has become one of the lucrative and most effective facets of digital marketing and online sales. Social commerce has pretty much become the use of social networks within the confines of ecommerce transactions, and it’s only getting bigger. (more…)

How Social Media Helps in Leveraging your Business

In a technology driven society of today, promoting your business in social media is a crucial part of marketing. With billions of users actively using social media each day, it is one of the best platforms to showcase your products and ideas. With the help of social media you get to reach the maximum of your target market with minimal investment.

Target Maximum

Social Media ranges from microblogging sites like Facebook and Twitter to social bookmarking sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Apart from these, there are a number of other social sites like LinkedIn, Reddit, Scoop.it, Tumbler, Blogger etc.  that has come up with millions of active users. (more…)

Email Marketing 3 Do’s and Don’ts to Improve Your Strategy

So you optimize your website and your site’s landing page, you try to be SEO friendly, you schedule an editorial calendar for your blog.

All of this is part of a good marketing system: it allows you to be viral, to be recognized as an expert and to be found by Google.

But do you care to establish a personal relationship with your audience?

This is what email marketing does. Email Marketing

Building a database of contacts, managing and profiling, monitoring the data and behavior, interacting and talking to them. (more…)

Blogging is Just The Start of Your New Journey

Hello! Pals. Sorry for not keeping you updated from a long time. Actually there comes a time in everyone’s life when you need to prioritise things and give your time only to those things which really matters. But being a blogger I can’t stay any longer not writing anything on my blog.

My inactivity was because I was working on a big project during these months. I’ll be sharing little bit about it today. Blogging has always been a part of my life. I’ve been blogging from last 3 and a half years. Oh, I remember now, at this time in 2011 I started writing on my first blog.

And then I started writing about blogging, random stuffs about social media and marketing on this blog. Many known bloggers like Harneet Bhalla, Aditya Nath JhaErik Emanuelli and Pradeep Kumar have appeared on my blog. Their contribution has been worth mentioning. I’ve truly learnt a lot from them.

I thank all my blogger friends, readers and the whole blogging community for always supporting my work. In these 3 years time, I’ve got to work with companies like IOBIT, BitDefender, Amasty, WebHostingBuzz and Digiarty. Since then I’ve been doing online marketing as well as giving copywriting services, creating giveaways and writing reviews for many individuals as well as companies. Everything has been a good experience for me.

Blogging is just the start of a new journey

I believe that blogging is just the start. It is just the beginning of a new journey of your life. (more…)

An Insight to Gain Actionable Customer Insights

Gain Customer Insights

Nearly half a decade ago, the World Street Journal, in one of its online reports, had emphasized on a principle; a principle that perfectly puts the argument on gaining actionable customer insights using social media.

It said,

“Don’t just talk to consumers but also work with them throughout the marketing process.”

This principle still holds immense importance in the context of the topic.

Consumers, at one end are adopting new marketers, while at the other; they are rapidly leaving the existing ones behind. In such a scenario, brand retention and loyalty become the biggest challenge for marketers, especially those who are planning to start a business. However, this move by the consumers has necessitated very urgent attempt to understand the dynamics to retain the existing ones as well as include new ones. (more…)

My Bad Review Destroyed This Company’s Business


Don’t go much deep with the title of my post because very soon you will come to know the truth. Just keep reading the article.

Let me ask. Have you bought a new laptop or a smartphone recently?

Are you engaged in regular buying or selling from online stores?

If yes, then you will probably know how much important the reviews about a product or a service are. Today, reviews mean a lot. A bad review can shutdown the manufacturing of a product, can devalue a company and can also ruin your life. (more…)

InfoLinks: An Easy Way to Make Money For Bloggers

I’ve mentioned a few money making ways on my blog earlier and today I’m going to talk about Infolinks, which is a text-based advertising company and helps publishers/bloggers to make a revenue from their blog.

Generally, bloggers opt for Adsense and platforms like BuySell Ads to make money but not everyone becomes able to get in to those as the TOS of those platforms are very strict. But infolinks is very easy to use and that too without any hassles.

money money

Also check out Teliad: Where Bloggers Can Make Money (more…)

How to Earn Big Dollars From a Niche Website in a Week

create website

Niche websites are doing great right now. People are earning big dollars in really less time, and most of them with less effort. To know how to earn big dollars with a niche website in less than a week, first we need to know what a niche website really is.

A niche website is one which is focused on a specific niche (topic), it works on the principle that you make a website with laser sharp focus on a specific topic which provides targeted content, and voila your niche site is done. (more…)