Abhijit Matak

Computer Engineer and Co-founder, Alchemy Pixels.

I’m a mix of Tech x Art.

I’m a day dreamer. Probably I day dream more than I should. And you will always find me working on new ideas!

I’m a big fan of design. I like math, chess and catan.

I’m also a bitcoin and blockchain enthusiast. I really believe that blockchain will help decentralise some highly centralised ecosystems.

I love writing, producing films with my team and also developing new apps and businesses.

And my love for good stories, music and food is endless.

I write scribbles from time to time on my tumblr.

I’m a mix of both worlds - creativity and technology.

I started my first venture when we were still in Engineering. It was about brand design and corporate solutions. Then the next just before graduation.

I then joined as a co-founder at Alchemy Pixels, a film production house based in Northeast India. We work with artists, festival organizers and create documentaries.

I’ve had amazing experiences working with some awesome people. The journey has been great so far. :)

Want to collaborate or build apps? Drop me an email.