Abhijit Matak

Blogger (well, I used to), Thinker, Dreamer.

I’m a dreamer.

Yep, I love dreaming. I do that a lot, not during sleep though. I’m a day dreamer actually. 😃 As much as that, I love working on new ideas and trying out new things.

I’ve experience as a Webmaster, Content Creator and Digital Marketer (SEO, SMO) and have worked with several companies, like Bitdefender, Amasty and Imonomy.

Before passing my high school I started making thousands of dollars online with Google Adsense and ClickBank.

I’ve created ads for brands, like this and that.

I love making videos with my buddy, Hirak. We have shot two videos for Don Bosco University together. One about Campus Life and another about Innovation.

I’ve also worked with RoughItOut and Metropolis Asia teams. Go check out their Insta. You will love them. :)

My works have reached millions of people on Facebook and some have been featured on popular pages like TVF, CampusDiaries, HellBoundBloggers and FamousBloggers.

I was also one of the top 20 influencers on Triberr according to BloggingHouse and BloggingSpell.

Right now, I’m pursuing Engineering in Computer Science and IT. My academic projects have been on Cloud Computing and Traffic Analyzing with Raspberry Pi.

“Programming is Magical”, I believe.

I build apps with Ruby on Rails & React Native.

Presently, I’m working on my new startup. And I’ve got in to Google Startup Launch program.

I’ve gained experiences from many amazing people. And the journey has been great so far. :)

Rest assured, my future is not that dark after all. 😉

Want to ask something? Drop me an email and I’ll catch up.