Abhijit Matak

Computer Engineer and Co-founder, Alchemy Pixels.

I’m a day dreamer.

I day dream more than I should and that inspires me to work on new projects and new ideas.

Basically I’m a Computer Engineer and a Film Producer.

I work at Alchemy Pixels and we have worked with clients like Pinkathon, The British Council and Don Bosco University.

I used to do Blogging and Freelancing; and now I’m more involved in Product Development and Filmmaking.

I love math, playing chess and building apps. I’m a Bitcoin enthusiast a big Musk fan.

We produces films at Alchemy Pixels.

In my life I’ve gained a lot of experience by working with some really amazing people. The journey has been great so far. :)

Want to collaborate? Drop me an email and I’ll catch up.