Email Marketing 3 Do’s and Don’ts to Improve Your Strategy

So you optimize your website and your site’s landing page, you try to be SEO friendly, you schedule an editorial calendar for your blog.

All of this is part of a good marketing system: it allows you to be viral, to be recognized as an expert and to be found by Google.

But do you care to establish a personal relationship with your audience?

This is what email marketing does.

Building a database of contacts, managing and profiling, monitoring the data and behavior, interacting and talking to them.

This is your chance to be relevant to your target, and not just to communicate everything to everyone.

Remember that the average internet user is bombarded with a myriad of information, and as a result, he pays attention only to what he perceives as important.

In some cases, email marketing works like blogs and social media: you set targets and a strategy, put them into production, measure the results and then start all over.

It may sound easy, but it is not.

 Email Marketing

That’s why I recommend you to read these 3 Do’s and Don’ts to improve your strategy with email marketing.

[box] The Do’s of Email Marketing[/box]

1. Empathize

Put yourself in the shoes of your users.

Each of your subscribers has a specific age, occupation and culture, with different communication languages.

Be sure to remember these variables when creating your campaign.

Also, do you know you can customize your email?

This does not just mean entering the name of your subscribers in your messages, but also using different tools to be able to produce interesting information.

For example, if you are promoting an online course or you want to invite your audience to an event, you can use dynamic images with a countdown that varies depending on the opening day.

Or, you can segment your mailing list and send different media for each kind of your users.

2. Test

It seems that A/B testing, that some platforms allow you to automate, is one of the most under-utilised feature of email marketing.

This is incredible!

Analyzing the data of A/B testing can give you indications on choosing the best template to use or understanding what your audience want from you.

In this way, you will optimize your email marketing results.

3. Use Social Media

It is imperative to give your subscribers the opportunity to easily share your messages via social media.

You can achieve this by including in your newsletter the sharing buttons for the most popular social media networks.

If your users are enjoying your content, they may want to share it via their social circles.

What’s more, having strong social signals, often means your campaign is going to have good results.

On the other side, you can use social media channels to increase your audience.

You may want to add a tab in your Facebook page, which gives your fans a simple way to subscribe to your newsletter.

[box] The Don’ts of Email Marketing[/box]

1. Ignore Inactive Users

Resurrect those zombies!

Have you ever thought about a campaign for those who do not open your newsletter since a long time?

You can do this, by monitoring the behavior of your contacts.

Who is active?

Who is sleeping?

Be sure to segment users who don’t open your emails since a specific amount of time and then target these subscribers with special offers or discounts, so that you can activate them again.

Do not forget the triggers. In other words, the communications or other automatic messages activated upon the completion of a given user action.

They are designed with care, especially if we talk about transactional emails: they have a much higher open rate of all the other communications you send.

2. Cheat and Spam

Build your database honestly, through conferences, workshops, social media or your website.

Do not buy lists of dubious origin and do not use addresses randomly taken from the web: you risk to be labeled as a spammer!

You not only stake your reputation, but also spend your time in vain (and your money).

You don’t need a database of contacts who find you annoying.

One of the tasks of email marketing providers is to identify spam.

For example, some mail clients classify as spam senders who are repeatedly ignored or deleted by their users.

Of course you want to work on lower your spam score as much as you can.

With a big spam score, it will be a mission impossible to deliver your emails to the inbox of your recipients.

There are some actions you can take to improve your it.

For example, to increase deliverability, you want to have a dedicated IP.

Also, you can take a look at this page, which inform you about all the tests made by SpamAssassin on emails in order to rank them as spam or not. Be sure to remove from your messages the higher possible number of these items.

You may want to run a test and check if your message could be perceived as spam. You can easily do this by sending your content to, indicating that is a test (for instance, “Test My Newsletter”).

You will get an answer with your spam score and how to improve it.

3. Forget Mobile

The numbers of users who are using their mobile devices to check their emails is increasing exponentially year after year.

Many of your subscribers will read your newsletter from their smart phones, or tablets, or any other mobile gadgets.

So be sure to optimize your messages and use a responsive theme!

Also, keep in mind that people who read your emails in real time could be more sensitive to limited time offers.

Finally, remember to enter in the first 200 characters the most important  part of your communication.

[box] My Conclusion[/box]

I hope these do’s and don’ts will help you improve your email marketing strategy.

And be sure to produce an interesting and relevant newsletter!

What’s your feedback?

Are you managing a mailing list?

Do you have any other hints to add?

Can you share your experience here?

Please let me have your opinion in the comments, thanks!

About the Author:

Erik Emanuelli is a professional blogger and freelance writer. He likes to write about how to make money blogging on his site NoPassiveIncome.

Which is The Best Email Marketing Software in the Market?

There are plenty of email marketing tools available in the market for you to choose from. MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse and Constant Contact (just to name a few) are leading and most known email marketing platforms. In this article we are discussing about features of GetResponse, whether it is a good choice for you or not and comparing it with other platforms.

GetResponse is the world’s Easiest Email marketing service present in 182 countries in the world with 1 billion subscribers every month. It provides 24 hours a day live support and has better delivery rates and less delays as compared to other email marketing softwares. GetResponse not only helps one in maintaining the list of contact and create professional marketing campaigns but it is also useful in finding the information and tools that helps you to reach your audience in better and attractive way.


When it comes to pricing GetResponse is the winner over AWeber and MailChimp. First of all GetResponse offers a free trial of new users. You can simply use the trial version to check out its working and features. Secondly if you are using the mailing list of 1000 or more mails GetResponse will only charge you $15 as compared to it AWeber will charge $29 and MailChimp will go for $30.

1K subscribers - $29
Aweber: 1K subscribers – $29
1K subscribers - $15
GetResponse: 1K subscribers – $15
1K subscribers - Free (limited)
Mailchimp: 1K subscribers – Free (limited)

Winner: GetResponse


When it comes to Templates both GetResponse and MailChimp offers a large variety of templates. But AWeber is superior than others. And there are like 500 to 600 templates available in AWeber. GetResponse templates are just okay but little bit boring, they are editable but looks out of fashion. AWeber templates are more readable and can be used for wide range of marketing application. Talking about MailChimp, though it is difficult to decide, but MailChimp have less number of templates than GetResponse and AWeber.

Winner: GetResponse & Aweber.

Split Testing:

Split testing gives you the opportunity to try new versions of emails on different segments of your data. You can select the best version and can send it to your database. When it comes to split testing, GetResponse is a bit better than AWeber and in comparison with ConstantContact and MailChimp, GetResponse has a very clear win. GetResponse allows you to test upto 5 variants. As compared to it, AWeber gives 4 and MailChimp allows only 2 different variables.  More comprehensive split testing is offered by GetResponse and AWeber as compared to their rival MailChimp. MailChimp only allows you simple testing like testing with subject header, sender time and sender. Whereas AWeber and GetResponse do not have this kind of restrictions. Both allow you to apply different versions on your emails and select the perfect one.

Winner: GetResponse & Aweber.


If you are looking for free trials then AWeber is not going to provide you any. AWeber charge $1 to use it for a month before you get a proper upgrading plan. Whereas ConstantContact is a bit nice to you and offers you 60 days free trial for new subscribers. Similarly GetResponse and MailChimp also offers 30 days free trial to the new subscriber and after that you need to get a upgrade plan.

Winner: GetResponse & MailChimp.

Which is better? 

GetResponse, AWeber, MailChimp and Constant Contact all of them are very good email marketing softwares and have their own unique features. But I personally recommend you to prefer GetResponse over all because it is helpful in improving the effectiveness of your campaigns, it allows you the mass of email services, it allows you to create a quick email marketing service with videos,links, images and more.


The main reasons for preferring GetResponse are: 

1. It allows you to sign up to the free trial of 30 days.
2. It has better Split Testing as compared to other email marketing softwares.
3. It offers more in less price.
4. It offers variety of templates and you can also use HTML code to generate your own template.
5. Variety of records ranging from 5001 to 10,000.
6. Free access to over 100 images from iStock.
7. Learning centre with 100 of downloadable videos and guide.
9. It also offers Mobile App for Android and IOS to manage it own your cell phone.
10. You can transfer your contacts to GetResponse easily by just one click and it allows you to  explore the database for names.


In short GetResponse is straightforward in usage. It is easy and simple. It is a complete email marketing service with easy basics like, creating campaigns, importing contacts, generating auto respondents and much much more. Overall GetResponse do not have any kind of complaints about usability. It is a complete email marketing service but few improvements can make it more perfect. Improvements like Email editing. On the whole it is impressive email marketing software that is leading other email marketing services. Even in a small business or small campaign GetResponse can help to increase profit by keeping your subscribers through email service. Overall it is most cost effective service to host and communicate with your email database. Give it a try and you will see yourself.

Blogging is Just The Start of Your New Journey

Hello! Pals. Sorry for not keeping you updated from a long time. Actually there comes a time in everyone’s life when you need to prioritise things and give your time only to those things which really matters. But being a blogger I can’t stay any longer not writing anything on my blog.

My inactivity was because I was working on a big project during these months. I’ll be sharing little bit about it today. Blogging has always been a part of my life. I’ve been blogging from last 3 and a half years. Oh, I remember now, at this time in 2011 I started writing on my first blog.

And then I started writing about blogging, random stuffs about social media and marketing on this blog. Many known bloggers like Harneet Bhalla, Aditya Nath JhaErik Emanuelli and Pradeep Kumar have appeared on my blog. Their contribution has been worth mentioning. I’ve truly learnt a lot from them.

I thank all my blogger friends, readers and the whole blogging community for always supporting my work. In these 3 years time, I’ve got to work with companies like IOBIT, BitDefender, Amasty, WebHostingBuzz and Digiarty. Since then I’ve been doing online marketing as well as giving copywriting services, creating giveaways and writing reviews for many individuals as well as companies. Everything has been a good experience for me.

Blogging is just the start of a new journey

I believe that blogging is just the start. It is just the beginning of a new journey of your life.

You learn to explore.

Through blogging I didn’t just learn new things but learnt how to do new things. It helped me to change my mindset. I learnt how to be more productive and how I can spend my time in a better way.

I also got to learn many things about the business world.

Did you know? Blogging can help you in landing jobs.

Blogging is a great way to show your talents and interests to prospective employers, while adding an edge to your resume. If you blog consistently it shows your dedication, passions and creativity – all of which are key attributes employers look for in job candidates.

– Lauren Conrad

You meet people.

Blogging has not just helped me to make money out of it but also helped me to develop my skills and personality. And the best thing about blogging is that you get to meet people from various parts of the world.

If I start talking about blogging then I’ll have to write whole day. And I don’t want to make you feel bored.

Moving on.

You tell stories.

Blogging can be story telling at times. And sometimes it helps you build your own story.

Let me share my story.

Last year at this time I met two of my friends. We had this idea to start something in the designing field. But we all know that there are already a lot of graphic designers and graphic designing companies. The competition would have been huge. Then we thought of fusing graphic designing with animation. And one day we three sat down for a while to discuss a better idea. We had a plan, we talked about creativity, technology and what not. And there we came up with this idea that why don’t we start a company that brands other companies. We founded 10 ON 10 DESIGNS, a complete solution to branding your passion and profession.

Here’s our animated logo reveal video:

You might like to watch it in HD on Vimeo. It’s a bit techy as well as creative.

In the early days we tried really hard to shape our idea but we were not able to do that. There were many problems in the beginning. I think problems should be there. They teach us some lessons for life. Well, we shouldn’t create problems by ourselves tough. But truly speaking, everything changes with time. We just need to be patient.

And six months ago we got the chance to work as a team. That was a turning point for us. We collaborated with an university to work on the branding of their techno fest. It was quite a success for us; and since then we haven’t stopped working. In these six months we have worked with many other institutions, companies, individual groups, NGOs and event organisers. I think we have started our journey now.

Well Well Well. It all sounds cool but this would have never been possible if we wouldn’t have believed in our own idea, and in ourselves.

You build a better tomorrow.

Today we feel good about what we are doing, and what we are going to do tomorrow. We have convinced ourselves that if we believe in what we do then we can make a difference.

Truly, blogging was just the start for me. Not just blogging, any kind of freelancing work you do can be the start of the journey of your life.

You create jobs.

You may be freelancing today; and giving jobs to others in your company tomorrow.

Well who knows?

Who has seen the future?

If you really want to live in a future you dream of, then you can always try to build it on your own.

Haven’t you read this quote?


I believe that we create our own future.

You have your uniqueness, you’ve your skills. Believe in yourself and that will be enough to inspire others and see a positive change around you.

I think this will be enough to make you think. Do share your thoughts and ideas with me.

An Insight to Gain Actionable Customer Insights

Gain Customer Insights

Nearly half a decade ago, the World Street Journal, in one of its online reports, had emphasized on a principle; a principle that perfectly puts the argument on gaining actionable customer insights using social media.

It said,

“Don’t just talk to consumers but also work with them throughout the marketing process.”

This principle still holds immense importance in the context of the topic.

Consumers, at one end are adopting new marketers, while at the other; they are rapidly leaving the existing ones behind. In such a scenario, brand retention and loyalty become the biggest challenge for marketers, especially those who are planning to start a business. However, this move by the consumers has necessitated very urgent attempt to understand the dynamics to retain the existing ones as well as include new ones.

Gaining Actionable Customer Insights:

How does it help?

The relevance of using social media, such as Facebook, twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Digg, Delicious, and many more, has now broadened than its traditional motive of advertising to persuade consumers to buy a marketer’s services and products. The focus has now shifted to bringing in consumer involvement and engagement, enabling them to participate in the entire marketing related activities – product conceptualization, development, testing, and prompt customer feedback service. Nevertheless, the real question arises how to gain actionable customer insight.

How to Do it?

As understandable; gaining actionable customer insights is as essential as running the business itself. Different companies follow different strategies to attain that. Mentioned below are some thought provoking points in this perspective.

Keep the Eyes and Ears open to the Customers’ Conversations.

The most interesting and helpful insights come from the conversations customers do among themselves. You get insights on what features customers want in a product, what are their likes and dislikes, what should be the pricing, what are their confusions and quarries about your product. This not only helps in building a great product, but also helps in toning down flaws and demerits in it.

Encourage Consumer Participation.

Consumer engagement is driven by some incentive; however, every care must be taken not to intentionally lure them to engage. A natural feeling must carry forward to the consumers that the site they are participating is not totally about the company, it is because of their basic instinct and a sense of belongingness that must drive the consumers to participate.

For example, a baby-product selling company must create such an online community for the parents in a manner they can relate it to themselves and spontaneously flow on posts, likes, comments, and shares.

However, incentives that are more direct – cash or products rewards, and discounts on purchase for the community members also drive them to participate and spread the buzz.

Role of a Moderator.

At times, participation of the members becomes sluggish; thereby, demanding the silent intervention of a moderator. The moderator is someone who, for a long time, is engaged in observing and understanding the flow, pattern of the consumers’ conversations. He acts as a catalyst in adding a spark to a petered out communication. This not only keeps the conversation going, but also drifts it in a certain direction. The members also feel that their voices are not lost in the heavy flood of comments.

Not Marketing or Selling: Converse, Converse, and Converse.

In social media, it pays to resist the temptation to sell. Consumers do not fancy being a target audience of company’s advertisements and promotions. Many consumers pour in spectacular thoughts and ideas that become building blocks of a winning product. While it is good to converse, it is equally important to let the conversation flow freely. The role of a moderator here becomes even more crucial. At no point in time, members should feel that they are being controlled from someone within the company.

Think Beyond a Marketing Expert.

Another major question arises; who would handle the entire gamut of conversation and communication with a view to gaining actionable customer insights through social media. Experts in the field have coined a new term – ‘Marketing Technologist’, a person who brings together the strength of marketing, technology, and social conversation.

For example, companies are now building blogs so that they can engage more with their customers and know what they actually want.

It is a never-ending endeavor to completely understand the consumer psyche due to the varied dynamics of marketing and marketability involved in the lifecycle of a product or service. However, along with the thoughts mentioned above, it is very much relevant and desired to become ‘Sociable’ while you are trying to churn out the best out of your business in the social media.

Article by Mohit.

How Social Media Helps in Leveraging your Business

// The blog was not updated for almost 5 months (July-December), except the 2 giveaways. One giveaway was hosted on September and the other on October. And here I make a comeback. 😀 Not really, I’ll be making a comeback with my own article very soon. Actually there are many things going on in the pipeline and so I was not able to update it. I’ll try to update my blog frequently from now on. Will keep you updated on this. Till then enjoy this article on how you can take the benefits of social media to influence your business, written by our new guest author Emma. //

In a technology driven society of today, promoting your business in social media is a crucial part of marketing. With billions of users actively using social media each day, it is one of the best platforms to showcase your products and ideas. With the help of social media you get to reach the maximum of your target market with minimal investment.

Target Maximum

Social Media ranges from microblogging sites like Facebook and Twitter to social bookmarking sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Apart from these, there are a number of other social sites like LinkedIn, Reddit,, Tumbler, Blogger etc.  that has come up with millions of active users.

What is the Importance of Social Media?

Very obvious answer is to increase your reach in order to increase leads, which directly helps in increasing your revenue.

Increase Traffic 

Social media is a platform where hundreds of people can interact with each other. This has proved beneficial for the marketers as they can now promote their advertisement on these sites. Your products get more exposure. With interesting content, your target audience will be tempted to click on the social media links of your website. This will in turn generate traffic to your site. Try and put in your ads in multiple social sites to get maximum exposure.

Generate Fan Following

If you deliver quality products on time, you will definitely create a fan base on your social site. However, creating a strong fan base is important. Your fans will be the carrots that would further fetch more customers. This will also create a base for loyal customers whom you can count upon every time a new product comes up.

Create Leads

Your present fans will be the ones that bring in further leads or fans to your business. Hence you would only be able to generate good leads if you serve your present clients with your best possible services.

Boost your Ranking

With increasing number of fans, the CTR on your site increases too. If you use attractive contents like images and videos in your social advertising page, it would attract in viewers. If your site link gets increasing number of clicks daily, search engines would automatically rank your page higher in the SERP.

Low Promotional Budget

For any business, be it a start up or an established enterprise, promotional budget is a major factor that needs to be carefully structured. It almost always exceeds the designated budget and often fails to bring in the desired result. However, promotion in social media incurs nominal expenses. The only cost that you incur is on the creation of your landing pages. The promotional fee charged by the various social media sites are quite low compared to promotion on print media. This results in increasing the ROI.

Improve Sales

Social media is the best platform to reach out to your customers. It is also through this platform that you can connect with them. Almost all social sites provide users with the space where customers could interact with you. You also get additional information of your customers. This lets you understand the psychology of your customers better. If you are armed with the why’s and how’s of the customer, it becomes much easier for you to deliver your products.

Use of Mobiles

With smartphones and tablets flooding the market, internet access via these devices are more than through desktops. Hence you get an even larger customer base if you have a responsive website. With a responsive site, viewers can see you site on the move. Making your site responsive increases the conversion rates in your site as it is accessible at any point of time.

So you can see that benefits of social media are many and it can really help in leveraging your business.

Are you taking the help of social media to strengthen your business?

If yes, do let us know how.

photo credit: Richard_of_England

About the Author:

Emma is a freelance writer who writes informative articles about Social Media Networking Writings.

Tuneup Your PC with System Mechanic 14

We are always around systems running different operating systems, may it be Linux, Mac or Windows. None of the operating systems are so advance that they can repair every other problem by itself. And to fix these kind of issues there are several apps on every other platform. Since we are going to talk about the Windows environment today so I want to say that Windows is no different and it does get slow after a certain period of time.

There are apps for Windows which cleans up logs, fixes errors and deletes temporary files to keep the system healthy. But sometimes just cleaning up or fixing of a few errors don’t change anything and what you’re left with is a PC with slow booting speed, huge app load times and regular error messages.

System Mechanic 14, an ultimate package of tools that you need from time to time. From driver software fixing tool to memory optimizing, from SSD accelerating to startup optimizing, you’ve every tool right in one app. System Mechanic even has an Internet Security and Anti Malware feature.

In short, here are the features of System Mechanic 14 directly from the official site:

System Mechanic 14

What’s new in System Mechanic 14?


Check out System Mechanic 14 on the official website.

A brand new feature added to System Mechanic’s real-time optimization feature LiveBoost™ is PowerSense. PowerSense dynamically senses what PC users are doing and automatically switches PC power settings and processor modes in real-time to have PCs perform precisely to users’ needs based on their activity.

PowerSense™ utilizes two different modes to achieve ultimate power optimization:

  • Ultra Performance Mode – Unleashes raw, fast, uncompromised power for intense and exhaustive PC activities: gaming, creating music, video editing, programming and other processor intensive activities. Ultra Performance Mode achieves this by focusing all processor cores on the session at full power and turns off all non-essential background programs.
  • Endurance Mode – Reduces battery consumption when the top priority is a long-lasting mobile session, especially for non-processor-intensive activities such as writing, reading or casual web browsing. Endurance Mode achieves this by idling down non-critical processor cores and reduces processor power consumption.

According to sources,

System Mechanic has been used by more than 45 million people to keep nearly 80 million computers in optimal condition since 1998. It is consistently ranked as the #1 best-selling software in its category within the US, Canada, UK, France and Benelux countries.

Now the System Mechanic 14 giveaway.

Enter the giveaway using the below widget and score as high as you can because then chances of your winning will increase. The winners will be selected randomly. There will be 3 winners and each will get a 1 year license key of System Mechanic 14.

Try your luck. All the best. :)

Disk Partition: AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro

AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional is the only tool that a Windows user will ever require to carry jobs like partitioning and formatting a hard disk.

A general user searches for a software which can make things like formatting and splitting partitions easier. Many a times, windows default utilities like Computer Management, Format etc.. does not work properly or accurately and a user gets disappointed. And this tool is the way to go.

Not just the basic works but this software can also help you with:

  1. Create partitions.
  2. Resize partitions.
  3. Delete partitions.
  4. Merge partitions.
  5. Create bootable disks.
  6. Migrate data from partitions.
  7. Convert partions to different file format.

I myself use this software and I must say that it’s a great tool. A few weeks ago I tried formatting a partition which was a system partition before and then I got the message “Unable to format” while using the default format option in Windows. But AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro worked like a charm. I was able to format the partition and use it as a regular partition to store my data.

Supports both 32/64 bit: Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP.

And now the giveaway part:


It’s a long time since I’ve hosted any giveaway on my blog. But from now on you can expect some giveaway of exciting stuffs on skyhitblog. To win this giveaway is very easy. The winners will be selected according to the rate of engagement and their reactions towards this very product.

I’ll choose 5 lucky winners and each will get a license key worth $36 for free.

  • You will have to like, tweet & share the post.
  • Also let us know what’s your view about the software via comments.

Free Version: You may download the free version with limited features if you want. And do let us know your views about the software.

Ops! I almost forgot, the winners will be declared on 20th of Sept.

And keep in mind, there’s more to come. Stay tuned. :)


  1. Hahmi
  2. Jack
  3. Sapna
  4. Neek
  5. Akshay

My Bad Review Destroyed This Company’s Business


Don’t go much deep with the title of my post because very soon you will come to know the truth. Just keep reading the article.

Let me ask. Have you bought a new laptop or a smartphone recently?

Are you engaged in regular buying or selling from online stores?

If yes, then you will probably know how much important the reviews about a product or a service are. Today, reviews mean a lot. A bad review can shutdown the manufacturing of a product, can devalue a company and can also ruin your life.

“Reviews” or “Word of Mouth” of the general people is so important in today’s marketing world.

Today if you want to sell a product or want to provide a service and with time you’re able to get more and more good reviews about your work then you’re sure to succeed and go ahead in life.

So, Reviews are a big factor of Trust.

Good reviews can help you to create big businesses.

Now, a fact!

Do you know that more than 69% of consumer electronics are bought online? Why is that so?

  1. Better price.
  2. More options.
  3. More efficient.
  4. It’s damn quick.
  5. Easy to compare.
  6. Convenience of shopping.


So, people now-a-days prefer to shop online rather than roaming around shops and spending more time. And for online shops or e-commerce sites to run, good reviews are really important. If a product gets many bad reviews then no online buyer is going to buy that product but good reviews can bring more and more sales. If you’re an online marketer or run an online business then you must know the power of reviews. If you’ve a quality product to sell then be sure to market it properly and be sure that there is no manufacturing defect and is properly served to the consumer.

These are simple things but if done well you’re sure to do great in the business world.

Let me tell you the TRUTH.

Just having a good product is not enough there’s lot more.


  • How to build a great looking website to sell products?
  • How to do the marketing part?
  • How to create ads or banners?
  • How to drive visitors?
  • How to make leads?
  • How to create lists?
  • How to increase sales? etc…

Remember, there are lots of things to learn if you’re new to this line. And if you’re an old player then also you need to keep yourself updated with the marketing strategies that work and what ideas the Big Boys in your line are applying to run their business.

There’s good potential but also tough competition. So learn to play it smart & cool. :)

Here I’ve an Infographic from TrustedCompany that you might like to check out.


InfoLinks: An Easy Way to Make Money For Bloggers

I’ve mentioned a few money making ways on my blog earlier and today I’m going to talk about Infolinks, which is a text-based advertising company and helps publishers/bloggers to make a revenue from their blog.

Generally, bloggers opt for Adsense and platforms like BuySell Ads to make money but not everyone becomes able to get in to those as the TOS of those platforms are very strict. But infolinks is very easy to use and that too without any hassles.

money money

Also check out Teliad: Where Bloggers Can Make Money

Simple reasons why it stands out:

  • It is very easy for a blogger to get in to the platform and start using it to make revenue. Like AdSense you won’t have to apply for a number of times to get a letter of approval from their system. This ad network can be used by anyone who has a good blog with quality content and decent traffic.
  • It’s quick. I mean that you won’t have to wait weeks to start seeing ads. Your application gets approved if your blog seems fine (within 48 hours) and you start seeing ads within a few minutes on your blog upon approval.
  • It’s easy to setup. You just need to put a line of code and the system automatically finds out the best places and keywords to make maximum profit out of your blog. Very cool for non-technical persons.

There are many types of ads that they offer to their publishers so that they can maximise the income from a blog or a website.

Types of Ads:

InText Ads


These ads are text based which appears when you hover the double underlined words. These ads work great as the ads appear related to the word your visitors hover.

InFrame Ads


These are visual and appears in the unused screen margins and shows an ad related to the content. They are very smart, they stays stationary while the visitor scrolls the page.

InTag Ads


These are some tags, actually a cloud of some very valuable keywords which relates to the content. They grabs your attention very easily.

InFold Ads


Before known as InSearch ads, they serve ads based on what the visitors is searching for or reading about. And after some time the ad shrinks down and only the headline stays at the bottom of the page. It is also seen that these ads increase engagement as the ads are related to the content.

So you can see that there are many types of ads which can help you to make money from your blog.

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And as I said before,

There are many advantages of this ad network:

  1. Infolinks share 70% Revenue Share of the Gross Revenues with publishers.
  2. The ad units are enabled on all mobile devices.
  3. Paypal payment threshold is $50 while most others keep it to $100. So this will help small publishers.
  4. You can use other ad networks align with Infolinks.
  5. You’re free to customise the ads in any way.
  6. You don’t need a very high traffic driving site to get in to their system.
  7. Click through rates are higher as the ads are inside content most of the time.

Some disadvantages:

  1. Earnings will be less if you don’t have much traffic from the U.S.
  2. Your readers may not like a lot of text ads on the page.

I’ve used Infolinks before on my previous blog and I like the interface and how things work. Everything is very transparent and publishers can totally trust the system. I’m not using any ads now because I’m more immersed in to direct ads and affiliate ads as of now. Bloggers like Harsh Agrawal used to earn $150 a month from Infolinks when he used it along with other ad networks. And Imran Uddin, a friend of mine earns $40 per month.

So you can see that a side amount is always generated, and something is better than nothing right? And if you’ve a blog which drives thousands of U.S visitors per month then you can go even far with Infolinks.


How to Earn Big Dollars From a Niche Website in a Week

Niche websites are doing great right now. People are earning big dollars in really less time, and most of them with less effort. To know how to earn big dollars with a niche website in less than a week, first we need to know what a niche website really is.

A niche website is one which is focused on a specific niche (topic), it works on the principle that you make a website with laser sharp focus on a specific topic which provides targeted content, and voila your niche site is done.

To further know what a niche site can achieve let me take a simple example:

As we all do know that the Fifa World Cup is going on, now this is a topic that requires a lot of coverage and no amount of news can be enough for people to satiate their hunger for football. Though they can watch sports channels or visit sports websites but they need even more related stuff. As this is something of a water cooler discussion, people need to know more than others about the ongoing world cup in order to flaunt their knowledge and look cool. Now enter into this big complex equation, some niche blogs and their ability to provide round the clock updated information on the latest happenings make lots of new potential business opportunities in terms of providing updated content. What exactly drives such websites is the demand for exact content which tells us about that event and in most cases niche websites are useful for a day or for a limited period of time.

People make niche websites for ideas ranging from event specific to product specific. Here is a post by Harsh Agrawal from ShoutMeLoud on how he made awesome bucks with his niche website on Cydia Tutorials. People everywhere are setting up such websites, it’s high time you too did so.

Creating the Website.

create website

Firstly, you need to buy a new domain name which should be not too long but significant and keyword rich. Such a domain would give you better ranking in search engines and is also good from SEO perspective. Also keep in mind about the TLD i.e. the domain name’s extension. Country specific domains are good only if you are targeting an event that is hosted in a particular country for example a .us domain would serve good if you had to focus on an event that was exclusive to U.S.A. So mostly prefer a .com or .net domain. 

Now, choose the platform of your choice. It can be either WordPress or Blogger or Joomla or even custom coded website if you are that passionate. Blogger will be better if you’re expecting very high traffic. Because then there is less chance of the website going down. After you have finalized your platform you need to start with content planning and strategy. 

Divide your work into few parts, mainly content creation, back link creation and social media promotion. Apart from this, you need to get the SEO part right by building a solid on page and off page strategy. 

So let’s take it into account that you have a week before hitting the ground. When you hit the ground you gotta hit it running. 

The Content.

Awesome Content Go Viral

Divide the work of posts into days, i.e. publish at least 25-50 posts if the website has to be finished within 7 days. For achieving the rate of 25 (5×5) you would only have to write 5 posts per day, and finish the writing work in initial 5 days. For achieving 50 (10×5) posts you can write 10 posts per day and finish the work in 5 days again. Now these 5 days must be interspersed with medium to low backlink creation which you can do by commenting on high profile blogs and websites. Apart from that can do social bookmarking across as many sites as you can. Personally, I found that social bookmarking works better for properly made niche sites as opposed to hardcore backlink creation.

The Outreach.


Now for the SEO part, make sure that the On-page SEO which involves interlinking of pages, keyword rich category names and keyword density is properly set for all the pages. Other factors in On-page SEO can include having breadcrumbs and rich snippets properly set for all the pages. This makes ranking even easier when you keep in mind the rising competition in the niche websites category. For the Off-page SEO, focus only on social bookmarking and interspersed backlink creation.

This guide keeps in mind that you just booked the domain and are trying to rank within 7 days. So make sure the backlink strategy is at least up to 50 links per day for the initial 5 days. After the initial five days pass then only do 2-4 posts in the last two days and a little bit of backlink creation. Once all of these is done, focus on other On-page factors before you are ready to face a traffic deluge on your website. They include getting proper alt tags and title tags for your images and links. You must also add a disclaimer page and privacy policy page to make the site more professional and you can add more such pages depending upon your requirement.

Monetizing Strategy.

Monetizing Strategy

You can monetize your niche site either via Google Adsense ads or via CPM ads or affiliate product placements. Depending upon the niche that you have targeted the monetization strategy should also vary. For example: On a site dedicated solely to an electronic product you can place affiliate ads of the same product and expect to make a lot of money. While on any images based website you can place AdSense ads or Ads and expect to earn some decent money. 

Figures upwards of 1000$ in a day are possible with good content and proper strategy. But for a site built within such a limited period you must not get your hopes too high. Despite of all this it will still be a decent investment as the upside is good. 

Final Few Steps.

To ensure better ranking don’t forget to submit your sitemap, make customized Robots.txt file. It’s a decent practice to not tell too many people about the niche site that you are working on. There’s a specific benefit of this practice as other people might also add to your competition.

The above guide doesn’t expect you to follow any black-hat practices. Though you might rank good using black-hat tools and strategies but you risk loosing your AdSense account or CPM money if the policies are too stringent. So avoid black-hat methods as much as possible.

Success in such a tight time frame depends upon which niche you chose and how consistent was your work. It also depends upon the quality of content. Scraped content can’t earn decent rankings in a week if only white hat practices are followed.

So, did you like this post? Do comment in the comments section below. A lot can be earned if you work rightly, and for those who have more than one week to target a niche. 


About the author:

This post written was written by Aditya Nath Jha and sponsored by MyRefers, a new peer to peer referral based job search platform which helps you to earn money by referring cool jobs to your friends!

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