Abhijit Matak

Computer Engineer and Co-founder, Alchemy Pixels.

I’m a mix of tech and art.

I’m a day dreamer. Probably I day dream more than I should. And you will always find me working on new ideas!

Ok, having said that I started my first venture when we were still in Engineering. It was about brand design and corporate solutions. Then the next just before graduation. That one was a whole foods delivery service.

I then joined as a co-founder at Alchemy Pixels, a film production house based in Northeast India. We work with artists, festival organizers and on documentaries.

I’ve always been very passionate about technology. I was in class IV when I first got my hands on the school computer and I knew then and there that this is it, this is my life.

I believe technology is the closest thing that we have to magic in this modern world. And now with blockchain tech things are just getting started.

I’m a Bitcoin enthusiast and a big Musk fan. I believe in going off-grid & decentralization.

I’m a big fan of good design, Math, Chess and Catan. And my love for good stories, music and food is endless.

I’ve been through so many experiences, working with some really amazing people. The journey has been great so far. :)

Also I’m sorry if you were here for the blog. It’s long gone, but will be back someday. But I write scribbles from time to time. You can check my tumblr if you want.

Want to collaborate and build apps for the web and mobile? Drop me an email and I’ll catch up.