Abhijit Matak

Computer Engineer and Co-founder, Alchemy Pixels.

I’m a day dreamer.

Probably I day dream more than I should. And you will always find me working on new ideas.

I’m a Computer Engineer. I’ve always been very passionate about computers and tech in general since my school days.

I believe technology is the closest thing that we have to magic in this modern world.

I’m a co-founder of Alchemy Pixels, a film production house based in Northeast India.

I’m a big fan of good design and I love Math, playing Chess and Catan. And my love for good stories, music and food is endless.

I’m also a Bitcoin enthusiast and a big Musk fan. I believe in going off-grid & decentralizing things.

I’ve gained a lot of experience by working with some really amazing people. The journey has been great so far. :)

Also I’m sorry if you were here for the blog. It’s long gone, but will be back someday!

Want to collaborate? Drop me an email and I’ll catch up.